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Storm In A Teacup

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Annika loves to perform and when she gets the chance to do so with he childhood heroes and her celebrity crush, what could go wrong? Featuring MCR, P!ATD, FOB, TAI, CS

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I stood in front of the crowd, a genuine smile pasted on my face. I had never been afraid to perform, stage fright was never exactly a problem. I loved the attention. Being such a people person, being able to stand in front of all those people and to do something that made everyone look at me was fantastic. The rest of the performers came on stage and everyone stood, cheering our performance. Every second year my school put on a 'Cabaret' where all the students who want to can sing and dance all they like, as long as it was a piece from a musical. Me and my friends smiled at each other looking over all the people who had come to see us perform. The lights on my face, the microphone in front of me
I loved it.

~ Five Years Later ~

“How about this?” Jack asked, strumming a sequence of chords. My face broke into a smile
“That's perfect, I love it” I said, excitedly. We where packing for our first ever tour, while trying to write a new song
“Nik, which hat?” asked Zac from behind me, I turned to examine the Flat Caps in his hand
“Zac, we're going for nearly a year. I think you can take all of them” I laughed and he shrugged
“Your the boss” he said, turning to put them in his bag. We all lived in a flat together, since we had to hang out all day every day. We had been ever since Pete Wentz had signed us on his label. My phone buzzed and I went to pick it up
“Hello?” I answered
“Hey Annika. You guy's nearly ready?” came Pete's voice from the end of the line
“Oh hey Pete. Yeah I think we're just kinda grabbing the last of our stuff” I said, excitedly
“So, the bus will be around to get you guys around 7:30 tomorrow morning, okay? Oh and you'll be sharing a bus with My Chemical Romance, hope you don't mind” He said and my jaw dropped
“Are you fucking serious?” I asked and he nervously cleared his throat
“Im sorry... Is that a problem?” he asked and I laughed
“Pete, they are like my favourite band ever!! This is fucking fantastic!” I cried and he laughed
“Well, we are on tour with some pretty good guys” he said and I smiled
“Who else will be there?” I asked
“Cobra Starship, The Academy Is..., Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance and the best is Fall Out Boy” he said and I laughed
“Pete, you know how much I love all of those bands!!” I cried and he laughed
“Why else would I get you on this tour?” he asked and I smiled so wide it felt like my face was about to fall off
“You have no idea how much I want to hug you right now” I said and he laughed again
“See you tomorrow, the bus will be outside at 7:30 tomorrow morning, if your not there... Then we'll probably wait a while” he said and I laughed
“See you then!” I hung up and turned back to the guys squealing in excitement
“Wow Nik, you okay?” asked Jasper, who was putting boxes of bass pics in his bag
“We're sharing a bus with MCR!” I cried and they all dropped what they where holding
“Dude are you fucking serious?” asked Zac and I nodded excitedly
“Jack, you look like your about to faint” laughed Felix, who was hitting a chair with his drum sticks
“Felix, why are you killing my chair?” I asked and he stopped
“Sorry” he smiled then continued drumming on Zac's back
“Ow! Felix, cut it out!” Zac whined and everyone laughed, then continued to shove things in their bag. The Smashing Pumpkins cd they where listening to ended and Felix put down his drum sticks to change it. 'Helena' by MCR started and everyone laughed at his decision, while singing along to it. Felix mimed the drums, again hitting his twins back, Zac ignored is brother and picked up his guitar, playing Frank Iero's part, Jasper played Mikey's bass line, Jack strummed Ray's part of the song and I sang the lyrics as loud as I could. Which was very loud.
Once we were done packing, we all moved to different rooms. Zac, Jasper and Jack headed down the hall to their own rooms, Felix went to play his kit and I headed to the kitchen so I could cook the remainders of our food. We all talked excitedly about the next morning , and about who in particular we want to meet. Felix was excited about talking to Bob, Zac was excited to meet Frank, Jasper was looking forward to talking to Mikey, Jack couldn't wait to talk to Ray and I was excited to meeting Gerard and even though I would never tell them but since I first heard 'Early Sunsets over Monroeville' I had been in love with Frank, I definitely couldn't wait to meet him.





My alarm went off 6:00 and I groaned before rolling out of bed and slipping on my dressing gown that hung at the end of my bed. I went to the kitchen where I found a very tired looking Zac and a rather perky looking Jasper
“How did you get so lively, Jasper?” I groaned and he smiled
“Well it's two things really, the copious amount of coffee I just put in my body and the fact Im meeting my heroes today” he replied. I sighed and went pour myself some coffee, also getting rather excited about the day to come. Felix and Jack stumbled in much later, both pushing to try and get to the coffee first. I laughed and ran my fingers through my tangled black hair, walking down the hall to my room. I took my clothes off my bed and went into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. In the shower I thought about meeting Frank Iero for the first time, ow amazing it would be, to meet all of them. He as just... Special. I got out out and went back to my bedroom to dress in my black skinnies and tight red singlet under my tight black tee, with my red tie and red converse. Yes it was very red and black but so was the rest of the contents of my wardrobe. I drew on think lines of my trusty eyeliner pencil before putting it in my toiletry bag with my deodorant, toothbrush and the rest of my make up and putting that in my bag too. I stared at my reflection; I was tall with black dye covering the naturally light brown of my hair that fell just above my shoulders. I had bright blue eyes and a wide grin, pierced ears and two small black studs just below my lip on each side (snakebites). I had black nail polish on my nails and bitten and broken nails from my nervous habit. The door opened and Zac walked in with his eyes closed and his hands out front of him
“Are you naked?” he asked, louder than he needed to
“Zac, if I were naked you would be unconscious already and you know, when people are naked, it doesn't effect their hearing at all!” I said and he opened his eyes
“Well I was just making sure, you know” he said and I laughed
“Uh, Zac, you could just knock on the door” I said and he smiled goofily
“I could? Well anyway, are you nearly ready, it's half past seven” he said and I smiled
“Im ready, and a bit nervous” I smiled and he did too
“We all are” he smiled. There was a knock on the front door and we heard Felix's voice
“Their here, guys!” he said excitedly. I grabbed my favourite hand bag, which was my MCR messenger bag, and walked out to the living room. I looked at my suitcase and smiled before opening the front door to reveal Gerard Way and Frank Iero standing outside. My jaw dropped and they smiled
“Hey, Im Gerard and this is Bob” Gerard introduced and we all laughed
“Trust me, we know!” said Jasper and Gerard and Frank both smiled. I went back and got my suitcase
“Let me get that for you” smiled Frank, taking the heavy bag from my hands and I blushed so deeply my face was hot enough to cook an egg on
“T-thank you” I stuttered and I saw him try not to laugh. I looked over at Zac and Felix who where looking at me and laughing. I glared at them, baring my teeth and ran my index finer along my throat and they stopped laughing immediately. I followed Frank down to the bus and climbed on, my jaw dropping at the sight that lay before me. There where couched built into the walls, a kitchen, tables and benches, a further down there where bunk beds, and on the other side of them there was a bathroom and another lounge. I laughed and smiled as I followed Frank down to the bunks, passed Mikey, Bob and Ray
“Which bunk do you want?” he asked and I looked at them. There where twelve, three high and two across. I smiled and pointed to an empty on in the middle and he smiled too, putting my bag in the storage thing below the bottom bunk. He led me to the lounge where I sat down and was introduced to Mikey, Bob and Ray. They where all really sweet guys and we all talked together while the bus drove to the gas station where we were meeting the P!ATD/FOB and CS/TAI busses so we could all start our tour.

A/N: YAY!! The first chapter is a little... Well... Shit but hopefully the next one will move onto the better and funnier stuff. This is really kinda my first try at a 'happy' FF for if you read my previous one you would know that I like to kill people when I write. And I have decided that in this FF ech chapter will have a song!! The song for this one is 'Teenagers' by My Chemical Romance. Why that song you ask? Well the answer to that question is I have no fucking idea
Hope you liked it =D
xx Tilde
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