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Anyone wanna be in a story? Plot inside.

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  • Auditions?

    (#) IeroMyHeroMCR 2009-07-06 11:59:48 AM

    I'd love to be in this.

    Name (nothing totally unrealistic):Thalia... sorry if that's unrealistic but that's my name sigh

    Age (keep it teenaged):17 is that teenaged enough :)

    Disorder/why you are in the hospital:Ok so i looked this up and i thought it sounded cool Generalized Anxiety Disorder the thing below this is the little thing that explained it
    Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is more than the normal anxiety people experience day to day. It's chronic and exaggerated worry and tension, even though nothing seems to provoke it. Having this disorder means always anticipating disaster, often worrying excessively about health, money, family, or work. Sometimes, though, the source of the worry is hard to pinpoint. Simply the thought of getting through the day provokes anxiety.

    Since when have you had this disorder?:14

    Preferred partner (MCR, Bert McCracken, or original): I'd love to have Frankie but i bet lot's of people would love to have him. If not Gerard and if i don't get Gerard could i make my own character. If that happens just tell me and i'll give you the description i don't want to make this extremely long which i'm already doing hehe.

    Appearance (note that you are in a hospital; piercings will be taken out):Long black hair that is layered. I have blue under my side fringe. I'm extremely pale, i've never seen anyone paler than me and i can't tan :( I'm super short 4ft 11. I'm curvy too :) I don't have any tattoos but i would love some so if you want to add any for me you could.

    Interests:I love to play my guitar, i draw, do photography, and skateboard. I'm in a hospital though... so i don't know if any of those things would work... i think like most people on here music means everything to me and it helps calm me down.

    Additional information:I'm depressed (that's real life) i'm a little better though, i swear a lot but... who on here doesn't. My friends mean everything to me, if someone hurt of made fun of them i would kick their ass. I can't stand preps or posers. I can get really hyper at random points of the day and if i get angry i usually stay angry for a while. I'm sorry i made this really long but you said more information better chance and this fic sounds reallly interesting. I promise i'll rate and review!!!!
  • Auditions?

    (#) IeroMyHeroMCR 2009-07-06 12:01:33 PM

    Oh and i do have snakebites and earrings/cartilage but you said they would be taken out. Sorry just wanted to let you know :)
  • Auditions?

    (#) IeroMyHeroMCR 2009-07-06 12:03:34 PM

    Damn it i always forget something sorry i keep on going on and on and on and on... oh sorry. I have big blue eyes.
  • Auditions?

    (#) shehadtheworld12 2009-07-06 12:46:47 PM

    Name (nothing totally unrealistic): Lynai.

    Age (keep it teenaged): 15

    Disorder/why you are in the hospital:
    Schizophrenia, feels like she is being watched, paranoid, and hallucinates sometimes.

    Since when have you had this disorder?: since I turned 10.

    Preferred partner (MCR, Bert McCracken, or original): Bob Bryar (:

    Appearance (note that you are in a hospital; piercings will be taken out): Black tees and white skinny jeans. Hair is brown and has pink highlights in it. Ballet flats. Hair is straight, and wears a bunch of eyeliner. Brown eyes and is 5'4

    Interests: Music, dancing, poetry. Music is what keeps me calm when she is scared.

    Additional information: Listening to Flyleaf's Fully Alive makes me feel better. I'm a nice person who likes to help people when I can. Pretty random and has a favorite green teddybear named Luma,[in the story] who was given to her by her father who walked out when she turned 9.
    I'm a avid reader (:
  • Auditions?

    (#) puddangclaner 2009-07-06 12:52:57 PM

    Name: Cassadee Torrez

    Age: 18 (Just turned if that’s alright. I can be younger if you want)

    Disorder/why you are in the hospital: I have Borderline Personality Disorder. I looked up the information online: This personality disorder is identified by tremendous instability, especially in relationships and in mood. There is an intense fear of abandonment, and the individual makes constant efforts to avoid abandonment. These individuals often make many suicide gestures, and frequently engage in self-mutilation. They are extremely impulsive, and engage in many self-defeating behaviors.

    Since when have you had this disorder?: All my life but I was diagnosed at age 12

    Preferred partner (MCR, Bert McCracken, or original): Bert or Gee if possible

    Appearance: Shoulder length black/brown hair, straight, with blond color blocks and sideways bangs (start short at side part and get longer across face), very bright blue eyes with a brown stripe in the left one, I’m boyishly skinny from years of playing soccer but I have some curves, I’m about 5’5” and for tattoos I have 6 stars on wrist, and a big star that has music notes and little stars trailing behind it on right hip

    Interests: I write all the time, I play guitar and I sing. I love to read and used to play soccer. I can’t stand it anymore but it was my life when I was younger.

    Additional information: I have attempted suicide three times in two months and I’m a cutter, which along with my depression caused my parents to admit to the hospital. I don't not get along with my parents or siblings; causing my friends to become my family, but even they have abandoned me when I was sent here. My mood swings aren’t as bad anymore but my fear of being of abandoned is still something that they are working on.

    I hope this isn’t too much or you think it's to contrived. I really love the idea of this story and I hope you chose me!!!
  • Auditions?

    (#) kelly-khaos 2009-07-06 01:02:19 PM

    This sounds like a really cool idea. So I'd definitely want to be in this too.
    Here goes...

    Name (nothing totally unrealistic): Kelly. is that unrealistic?

    Age (keep it teenaged): I'm 13 but I apparently look older. My dad got a ticket once and they handed me a thing flyer they gave to drivers. Weirdness.

    Disorder/why you are in the hospital:How about Schizophrenia? I jacked it from my grandma.
    Here's some information: People with this illness have changes in behavior and other symptoms -- such as delusions and hallucinations -- that last longer than six months, usually with a decline in work, school, and social functioning.

    Since when have you had this disorder?: 11

    Preferred partner (MCR, Bert McCracken, or original): Gerard would be my first choice, but if I don't get him I'd pick Mikey or Bert.

    Appearance (note that you are in a hospital; piercings will be taken out): Medium length (about two inches past my shoulders.) hair, lightly tanned skin, brown eyes with golden circles in them (it's hard to explain), and I'm 5ft 2

    Interests: I like to read, write, make people laugh,listen to music, attempt singing, and do research on random subjects that I find interesting.

    Additional information: I'm a really wacky and fun person. I love to swear, I hate people who talk bad about other people. When I'm sad or angry I can be a real bitch. Oh and when I get really exicited about something I randomly run around or jump up and down. I used to cut and stuff, but it didn't really do anything for me. I'm really too stupid to suceed a suicide so i haven't tried.

    Okay.. I think that's it. Thanks for reading even if you don't pick me.
  • Auditions?

    (#) shehadtheworld12 2009-07-06 01:08:02 PM

    For the additional information:

    I have a scars on wrists from two years of cutting, which is covered by jelly bracelets, also on my right hip, and is fascinated with Rainbows, and glitter, and animals.
    Sorry I forgot to mention that.

    Thank you for reading!
  • Auditions?

    (#) kelly-khaos 2009-07-06 01:36:32 PM

    Oh wait, Lynai already had Schizophrenia. So maybe I could be bipolar or something. I'd say I could be extremely violent, but that -for some reason- makes me think of those kids who kill small animals. So I won't choose that.
  • Auditions?

    (#) sock_monkey 2009-07-06 01:51:44 PM

    Name (nothing totally unrealistic):Erin

    Age (keep it teenaged):16

    Disorder/why you are in the hospital: I couldn't choose which one i wanted so whichever one you want is fine. Stendhal Syndrome; Stendhal Syndrome is a psychosomatic illness that causes rapid heartbeat, dizziness, confusion and even hallucinations when an individual is exposed to art, usually when the art is particularly ‘beautiful’ or a large amount of art is in a single place. The term can also be used to describe a similar reaction to a surfeit of choice in other circumstances, e.g. when confronted with immense beauty in the natural world. Cotard Delusion; The Cotard delusion is a rare psychiatric disorder in which a person holds a delusional belief that he or she is dead, does not exist, is putrefying or has lost their blood or internal organs. Rarely, it can include delusions of immortality.

    Since when have you had this disorder?: Since i was kidnapped for a year and held hostage by a circus clown

    Preferred partner (MCR, Bert McCracken, or original): I would really like to have Mikey. Please :)

    Appearance (note that you are in a hospital; piercings will be taken out): I am short 4'10 and 1/2 and slim. I have medium length brown curly hair and chocolate brown eyes. I wear glasses and i'm very pale.

    Interests: reading, sleeping, shiny objects, boys, playing bass guitar, writing, singing, any or all music.

    Additional information: I'm VERY shy and clumsy. I have asthma and have panic attacks when i don't have my inhaler. I'm a naturally quiet person and usually somewhat depressed. I have moments when i get very hyper for no reason.

    Ok i think i'm done :) I hope you pick me but if not then that's fine and i'll still read. But i would really love it if you did pick me.
  • Auditions?

    (#) _Amy_Revenge_ 2009-07-06 01:57:12 PM

    OK, since I really feel like it, I'm gonna give you TWO ppl: guy and girl XD

    Name(nothing totally unrealistic: Ash(kind of like the pokemn guy) works for the guy AND girl

    Age(keep it teenaged): 16(girl) 15(boy)

    Disorder/why you are in the hospital: Avoidant Personality Disorder Online thing: Not to be confused with Antisocial personality disorder. Avoidant personality disorder (AvPD)[1] (or Anxious personality disorder[2]) is a personality disorder recognized in the DSM handbook, characterized by a pervasive pattern of social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy, extreme sensitivity to negative evaluation and avoidance of social interaction. People with AvPD often consider themselves to be socially inept or personally unappealing, and avoid social interaction for fear of being ridiculed, humiliated, rejected or disliked.

    Since when have you had this disorder?: All my life but it got worse when I turned 12 and entered Junior High

    Preferred partner (MCR, Bert McCracken, or original): Someone tall(like Ray or Mikey) and who can handle me(girl) and if you want a kinky guy/guy thing..yeah. I'm totally cool with that. Otherwise..I dunno. Thalia sounds pretty smexy lmao

    Appearance (note that you are in a hospital; piercings will be taken out): Mid-neck choppy black hair(dyed) its already growing out dirty blond at the top. Hazel eyes that turn sea green when I cry, and dark brown when I'm real angry(they're almost black its so cool!) I usually wear black skinnies and the occasional purple jeans. I'm a bit chubby, 6ft, and I always wear a jacket. That goes for both ppl

    Interests: I write TONS of stories, varrying from fantasy/vampies to romance. I write music, play guitar, and before I came in to the hospital I was in a band that was just getting discovered. I draw, but they're usually realy creepy and demented(like pictures of a death scene I imagined in my head; EX: a dead nurse) (both ppl minues the writing from the guy)

    Additional information: I'm generally a nice person, although I have a mild temper. Scratch that, there's no mild about it. I have HUGE anger issues, and the only reason I'm in the hospital is because I got pissed off because someone was making fun of me(called me an emo fag which is only HALF true) and I almost beat them to a pulp. And then they found out my disorder, and so instead of going to Juvie I got stuck here. I get better sometimes, but at the slightest glare from someone(even accidental) I relapse and have to start all over again. I'm really shy around people that I like. I used to cut, and that's the reason I don't uncover my arms unless I'm comfortable around someone(like Thalia lol puppy eyes) And I've also been known to start fights with the other guys, just for kicks(both ppl)

    Well I think that's it. Hopefully I helped and if you have any questions I'll answer in an email ifuluvmcr_cmon @ without spaces of course

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