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Chaos and the Beginnings of Brokenness

by ellyse_the_silent 3 reviews

Hated by his parents, what kind of future can a half daemon have? One shot "A Metamorphosis of Bleeding Hearts" side story and prologue

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Chaos and the Beginnings of Brokenness


by: ellyse the silent

Inu-Yasha crept along the corridor towards the room where his mother and father were talking about him. He could hear his father yelling angrily and his mother yelling back just as forcefully. It was always him and his problems that caused the fights in this house.

"First you give me a coward as a son and now I find out he is dumb!" His father bellowed.

"Well it's not all my fault! You had something to do with his conception," His mother screamed.

Inu-Yasha almost turned around and ran back to his room but something compelled him to stay this time.

"So he can't do what you want, that's no reason to totally ostracize him. Other people take their cues from how you treat him!" His mother screamed.

"They should! He is totally worthless!"

Inu-Yasha winced and bit back a sob.

"You bastard!" His mother threw something glass across the room where it shattered on the wall separating Inu-Yasha from his parents.

Inu-Yasha flinched at the loud noise.

"I did everything you wanted, why do you still...? I want..." Inu-Yasha's mother started.

"No, you didn't! You couldn't give me a son who is worth something." Inu-Yasha's father screamed.

"I hate you! I HATE YOU!" She screamed back.

"The feeling is mutual! I'm calling Naraku." His father snarled.

His mother gasped, "You wouldn't!"

"Its time I took him up on his offer." Inu-Yasha's father said flatly.

Inu-Yasha heard his father walk out of the room, away from him and his sobbing mother. His mother threw a few more glass things across the room and then started for the door. Inu-Yasha waited for her to come out, hoping against all hope that she would be in a mood to be kind to him.

She appeared around the door frame and she didn't seem to see him crouching below her.

"M-m-mama?" Inu-Yasha whispered, hoping for a kind word or maybe a kind touch.

His mother turned towards him, her face twisted in anger. "Your father is right! You are worthless."

Inu-Yasha recoiled, wary of being hit.

"The best part of you was left running down my legs when you were born!" She snarled and turned away, stalking out of the room. "You are the reason he doesn't love me anymore!" She tossed back.

Inu-Yasha whimpered and looked longingly after her. "M-m-mama pleas-se don't l-leave m-me," He whispered crawling into a corner dejectedly and curling into a ball.

He longed for someone to hold him like his mother used to, before he had become so worthless.

((A/N: This is a bit of a prologue to A Metamorphosis of Bleeding Hearts from Inu-Yasha's prospective. I you liked it (or even if you didn't) please review and if you are interested, check out my other story.))
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