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Inside Patrick There Lies a Secret.

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One Shot. What Patrick really feels.. according to Christie. XD

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Okay this might not be completely true I know.
But I wanna write a one shot to make up for not being able to update..
it drives me mad I swear..
So here is the idea I had. ^_^
Enjoy as far as you can.. XD

The crowd roared, screaming for us to play, tonight. And last night and the night before that, and tomorrow night. But anyway, they are roaring for us, like every night. But again, like I had been for the past few weeks. The only thing I hear are the 'I love you Petes'. No, this isn't slash. I don't love Pete anymore than a best friend. At the most. Don't look so disappointed. This is something else, this isn't a fantasy story.
I sing my heart out, play my heart out and perform my heart out. Like every other night, I turn and watch Pete for a bit, the way he plays is amazing, I have to admit. But he does as much for the band as I do, really. I don't see why they all love him. They forget me. It kinda sucks. It doesn't get to me as much as it did at first, but I'm starting to get lonely now. And my self esteem was never something worth even mentioning, and now is the same.
I keep telling myself, it's just fan girls get over it. But then Pete invites us out with him and Ashlee for a night out. And as usual, even all the waitresses give him all the attention. I can't even talk to women anymore. It is really bad. But I mustn't get jealous. I mustn't let him get to me. After the show we walk back to the bus, not before talking with the support bands for a bit, and then going out to meet up with the fans.
The fans are always so good, most of the time they don't even scream so much at meet and greets. As usual Pete has the biggest crowd trying to call him over, I go over and talk to the smaller crowd that calls me. Andy and Joe have a little group calling them also, but never as much as me, and definatly not Mr.Bigshot Pete.
"Hey." Says the fan girl I'm talking to. "I really love the band Patrick." She smiles I smile back.
"Thanks..." I smile more,
"Christie." She tells me. "Do you mind if I get a picture with you?" She asks me I nod, then put my arm around her for a picture. She blushes bright red but smiles for the picture too. I love the fans when they are really cool like this. She seems to be at the concert on her own, so she takes the picture herself, holding the camera with a shaky hand. The picture comes out smudgy and she sighs.
"I know Christie, let me hold the camera?" I offer, a few of the other fans waiting to talk to me look really impatient, and I noticed a few of them glare at Christie. She nods,
"Thank you so so so much." She grins, then I take the camera off her and hold it just far enough away to get us both in the picture.
"How's that?" I ask.
"Super." She grins as she checks the picture. "I really owe you my life Patrick." She smiles at me.
"Thanks for being awesome." I try to drag our meeting on, just to piss off the stuck up kids who are waiting behind her for an autograph. She blushes bright red.
"I guess I better leave you talk to the others?" She asks, motioning the really impatient kids surrounding her.
"If you want. I don't mind, you seem such a cool kid." I laugh, "How old are you?" I ask, curious.
"I'm gonna be twenty next month." She smiles. I notice just how old she actually looks, she looks about 19 or so really, I was only 23 at the time.
"Awesome. You're older than a lot of the kids at our show to be honest." I smile.
"Yeah. But I love the band, so my age doesn't matter." She laughs, then whispers. "And you're my favorite." I laugh too. "I better be getting out of the kiddies way." She smiles. "See ya again soon hopefully."
"Yeah. I'll keep an eye out for you when we come back here." I promise, and hug her, then she walks away. One of the kids push her out of the way.
"Patrick!" The kid shrieks. I take a deep breath and get it over with. Once the meet and greets are over with I head back to the bus, I have a lot of work to do, producing the latest Cobra album or something along those lines. I couldn't stop thinking about the fan I had met earlier. The first woman I had talked to in such a long time. Pete is sitting in the bunk area next to the back room I am in, talking loudly on the phone. I think it's another interview so I don't bother him, I quietly sneak out of the bus through a back door.
As I walks out the cold air hits my face. I lets out a sigh. I walk along side the bus, I know we aren't leaving until tomorrow so there's no fear of getting left behind. I walk out of the gates and then wander down a road, it's very dark out and to be honest it scares me a little bit. I walk for a bit longer, then see someone sitting on the side of the road up against an old shut down shop. I see they look pretty lonely, poor and upset, in fact, whoever it is, they look really down. I have a bit of money with me so I walk over.
"Alright?" I ask, the person shivers but doesn't look up. "Do'ya wanna lend some money or something? You look pretty cold and you could get yourself a blanket." I offer. The person nods. I hand them a few ten pound notes.
"Th-thanks." The person says, their voice is pretty familiar.
"You look kinda lonely." I force a smile, even though they aren't looking. "Want some company?" I know what I'm doing is seriously stupid, this kid could kill me. But they don't seem that old, so I carry on.
"I d-don't mind. If you want. Thanks." The person stutters. I sit down on the ground next to them,
"Do you live here, as in, like, out on the streets?" I ask them.
"Yuh-Yes." They shiver again, I notice the hoody they are wearing. It's a Fall out Boy one, the same one Christie was in earlier, then I notice the jeans, and shoes.
"Christie." I say, not really a question. More of a statement, really. She looks up and meets my eyes.
"Yeah." She sighs. I wrap my arm around her,
"You must be freezing. Now I know you're not a murderer and, or rapist.. wanna come back to the bus." Her eyes widen and a smile meets her lips. She nods shyly.
"Thank you so much Patrick." She smiles.
"No problem." I grin, then get up and give her a hand getting up to. It's started to rain now. I keep a light grip on her hand as we walk to the bus. Once we get there I let her in through the back door. She walks into the shelter of the messy back room and looks around at all the equipment I have out.
"How do you know?" She says, as I sit down on the bed and tap her to sit down to.
"Know what?" I ask. Curious.
"I'm not a murderer and or rapist?" She smiles. I laugh.
"I guess I don't. But either way I don't mind you being here. It's better than out there." I smile. Pete chooses this moment to hang up then walk into the back room, without knocking, typically Pete.
"Hey 'Trick." He says, then sees Christie, "Hey." He smiles. "Who's this lovely girl?" He raises his eyebrows at me.
"Christie, a fan, can we talk in the other room?" I ask, he nods, I turn to Christie, "Won't be long. Feel free to roam." I laugh and she laughs too, then I follow Pete out. I tell him about her being homeless, and how old she is so he doesn't think I've brought one of the normal fans back. He nods, he's really considerate a lot of the time, the 'press' give him a bad image, really. Joe and Andy had listened in too, they were also amazing friends. Eventually, I get to go back in the back room.
"Hey." I greet Christie, then shut the back room so we are allowed. I now notice how truly beautiful she is. Even rain drenched and eyeliner run.
"Hi." She smiles shyly. She has the type of smile that could light up a room, I go and sit next to her, I try to tidy up a few of the paper's that are next to me.
"What do you wanna talk about then?" I ask her,
"I don't mind." She shrugs,
"How did you become a fan?" I ask, thinking fast.
"I'm not so much a fan, really, I love your music, and I have watched all your interviews in an internet cafe with money I collected. I love what you stand for. I'm more of a Patrick fan, than a Fall out Boy fan." I keep my eyes locked on hers as she talks, ignoring the paper now. She blushes and I think it's one of the cutest things ever.
"That's sweet." I smile.
"Thanks. It's the truth." She smiles. There is a silence, and then my lips touch hers, I don't know why, or how. But they do. And it feels perfect, no. More than that. Suddenly I really don't care about the whole Pete and me thing. I have Christie, I have someone who loves me, for me. And it feels so right.

Sorry about the, uh, cliche-ness? XD
I just felt like writing it.
I'm not really thinking about doing another chapter on this.
But if enough people read and review this,
And actually want a follow up..
I will go for it.
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