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The brothers Way

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Based off the movie the brothers grimm. The Way brothers are con artists, faking exorcisms of creatures from folklore and fairy tales. But what happens when they're faced with a fairy tale thats no...

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A/N: Okay... this story was sort of a spontaneous decision, but I really want to post it on here cos' I have a good feeling about it :] Its going to be based off the 2005 film The Brothers Grimm and this first part is only a short introduction to the story ^_^
I will still be adding to Blinded in Chains so I don’t know how I often I'll add to this so... yeah :P
Anyways, this is just a taster, but feel free to rate and review anyways XD
Rayray xox

:: Prologue ::

In the small village of Hanua, near Frankfurt in Germany, there lived a small family of five. A poor man and his wife along with their three children - two sons and a daughter.
The daughter was dieing, ill from the harsh winter and the diseases that came with it. Her temperature was so high that it burnt her mothers hand when she touched her forehead, and the poor child could not stop coughing no matter how hard she tried.
Her father was away, looking for work and it was certain that he would not be home for Christmas.
Outside the air was misted it was so cold, and flurries of thick snow were blowing down at an angle onto the village. The streets and houses were covered in an icy blanket of whiteness, and the fire in the grate offered little warmth.
"S - So... C - Cold..." The young girl managed to stutter out. Her bed had been pushed as close to the fire as possible, and she had been wrapped up in every blanket the poor peasant family owned, but it wasn’t enough. She needed a doctor, or she would never make it.
"Gerard, put another log on the fire." The mother ordered, hushing her little daughter and brushing her sweat soaked hair out of her face. She was burning up despite her complaints of being cold and the panic was gnawing at the woman’s chest. She couldn’t lose her child. Not her only daughter. Her eldest child, Gerard, got to his feet and rushed over to the would be pile of logs by the door. They only had one left, and he bit his lip as he saw this. He was ten years old, but his mother still said he was too young to go out and chop down some more wood by himself. But any wood he did cut wouldn’t be useful for a long time, it would be much too wet. So he didn’t push the matter, even as he picked up the final bit of fire wood they had.
"This is the last piece mama." He said through chattering teeth.
"Put it on the fire, your sister needs it." His mother replied and Gerard did as he was told although he was against it. There would be at least two more months of harsh winter to go through and none of them would survive it without any more fire wood, but his mother was right, his sister needed it. If she could just live long enough for Mikey to return with money for the doctor then everything would be okay.
"Everything is going to be alright mama." He said quietly as he saw the concerned expression that seemed to be permanently etched onto his mothers face. He put his freezing hand onto his mothers shoulder and tried not to shiver so violently.
"Mikey will be back soon, and we can go get the doctor." He promised, hoping his fingers didn’t fall off. They felt heavy and they had gone blue. He wore his gloves but they were so old now that his fingers came through the end. He wanted so badly to warm them by the fire but he was too afraid to take even just a little of the heat his sister so badly needed.
"Mama, Mama Look!" The door burst open suddenly and the middle child came running into the house. His seven year old face flushed with pride. He had his fist clamped around something and his mothers eyes lit up with hope as Gerard ran over to him, clasping his shoulders.
"Mikey! Did you sell the cow? Did you get a good price?" He demanded eagerly and Mikeys huge grin made his heart swell with happiness. They must have got a really good price, maybe they could even buy some fire wood after the doctor had been.
"You won’t believe what I got for it!" Mikey cried with excitement and his mother rose to her feet, her eyes filled with hope for the first time in days.
"What, what!?" Gerard cried excitedly and Mikey held out his hand, unfolding his fingers as if unveiling something spectacular and Gerard stared down at his open palm and what lay in it. His smile fading as strange feeling of horror dropping into his stomach.
"Beans!?" He cried, staring at the three little brown beans Mikey held.
"No." Mikey giggled, as if Gerard was stupid. "Magic beans." He corrected and his mother sank to her chair, holding a hand to her throat as Gerard’s face turned red with rage.
"Oh Mikey..." She sighed, too horrified to be angry.
"Mikey you idiot! You idiot Mikey!" Gerard shouted, seizing his brother by the hair and throwing him to the floor. "They're not magic beans!" He yelled, punching Mikey over and over again.
"You bloody fool! She's going to die because of you!" His voice turned hysterical as he grabbed Mikey once more by the hair and turned his head to look at their little sister, who was coughing violently. Mikey sobbed as he tried to pull Gerard’s hands away.
"No, they are magic. The man said so! They'll save her!" He insisted through his tears.

Two days later, the little girl died.
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