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Epilogue - No Matter How Hard You Try You Can Never Escape Fate

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Epilogue. Two years later. In a graveyard. gerard and ...?

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I know I said this story was over but last night I had an idea for an Epilogue so here it is.

Two Years Later

Gerard stood in the graveyard. It felt like everywhere he went he found someone he knew. He stared at the grave stone in front of him

Eliza Cutz

1984 - 2007

Died by her own hand in rejection of love
Beloved sister, daughter, aunt


He didn't consider it his fault that Eliza had killed herself just like all the other girls. He didn't consider any of their deaths his fault. He walked through the rows of headstones, occasionally recognising a name. Samantha Davis, Halle Smith, Chloe Right, Stephanie Blackwood, Alicia Simmons, all just names. He stopped in front of Alicia's grave

Alicia Simmons

1984 – 2006

Died by her own hand in rejection of love.
Beloved sister, daughter, fiancee, soon to be mother


He snorted at the inscription on the grave stone and walked further into the tangle of grave stones

“It's time is it?” he said, hearing someone walking behind him. Gerard turned to face the figure standing behind him, standing far enough away to be unrecognisable in the mist

“Gerard, you can't tell me you didn't see this coming” said the figure, raising a hand gun and holding it on it's side, aiming right at Gerard “You didn't care Alicia was dead”

“Of course I did” Gerard retaliated

“I was there Gerard I know you. I can tell” the figure said, no emotion in his voice

“Why are you here?” Gerard asked and the man moved his gun slightly

“You know why?” he said, getting slightly closer

“You don't have the guts. You would never hurt a fly” Gerard said patronisingly

“Try me” challenged the figure. Gerard moved closer

“Don't kid yourself you know you can't do it” Gerard smirked “I have got away with a lot Im not gonna be stopped by you” he said in a patronising tone

“You have hurt a lot of people, you have been the cause of a lot of deaths and pain. You know you have to be stopped, even if it's by me” The figure advanced further and gerard took an uneasy step back

“Their deaths weren't my fault, you should know me well enough to know I wouldn't hurt anyone” he said, starting to get quite afraid

“You can't run anymore, no matter how hard you try you can't escape fate” the figure took another step closer, forcing Gerard to again move back

“Don't do this... I love you... She wasn't worth it” Gerard spilled out excuses and the figure chuckled

“No words can save you now” he snapped and Gerard looked around, uneasy

“Please... I never meant to hurt them” he said quickly

“You never meant to hurt them but yet you still you kept taking them into your home and caring for them and then treating them so bad that they killed themselves! Gerard do you think I care that you didn't think she was 'good enough'? I loved her more than I ever loved you, it's not your decision who lives or dies” the figure advanced again and Gerard felt tears spring into his eyes

“Please... Anyone but you... Anyone could kill me but why does it have to be you? Why do you have to be the one to take me down?” Gerard sobbed and the figure again moved forward, pulling the trigger without hesitation, making a clean whole in Gerard's forehead. Gerard fell to the ground, dying instantly. The figure bent down, running two fingers over his eyes, pulling the eyelids over the dead beads

“Because Im your brother” he whispered before walking away...

And there you go now it's so totally finished.
Hope you liked it.
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xx Tilde
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