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Words 74 to 79

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Words 74 to 79

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A Few Words

Word 74: Unanimous

Another trip to the grocery store brought another disagreement in the cake section. Raijin was staring at a chocolate cake with hungry eyes, the cookies on top, the chocolate fudge in the middle, everything about it was perfect.

Fujin stole glances at a vanilla cake with bananas and whip cream decorating it and Seifer watched a strawberry cake from the corner of his eyes. It was too pink to be knightly, but the strawberries on top and the red jam that adorned it, made him look past the fact that the cake itself was pink.

Then they saw it, an ice-cream cake of rich chocolate, with pure white vanilla ice-cream in the middle and juicy strawberries on top. Their choice was unanimous.

Word 75: Vanity

Fujin was not one to indulge in vanity; she didn't care for make-up or hair products beyond what was needed for basic hygiene. Selphie didn't understand that, hence why she followed Fujin when they coincidentally met at the mall and pestered her until the silver hair young woman doomed the posse's leader by merely saying his name at the wrong time.

Selphie assumed that Fujin was suggesting Seifer would be interested in her make-over abilities. Selphie cheered and promised Seifer he would love his new look. Squall watched the scene and pouted from the top of the escalator, while Rinoa waved and tried to convince him to ride it down to meet the others.

It was all too much, and with an indignant but deadly glare directed at Selphie, Seifer escaped to a random store, followed by Raijin who feared being the next victim, which left Fujin to create a diversion. "Sale," she pointed in a random direction. It was hard to know who ran faster, if Selphie, or Rinoa, who had knocked Squall down in her effort to rush down the escalator.

Word 76: Whiskey

"Cheers!" Seifer had caught a fish, a very large fish, and though it broke no records, nor did it earn him any prices, he decided that the fish would be cooked and celebrated by being accompanied with whiskey. Thus Seifer, Raijin and Fujin drank and ate to their hearts' content.

The next day, Raijin and Seifer suffered with the tortures of hangovers and the mental stress of missing memories. Fujin smiled in her characteristic silence and did not tell them that their crazy theories about the previous night were only drunken dreams.

Word 77: XHTML

Everyone had a website; it was the in thing, though some only pretended to have websites and only had profiles in social sites that were not of their own design. Seifer wanted something completely personalized when he randomly decided he wanted a site, and Fujin was there to help.

However, Seifer soon learned why Raijin, though willing to help with the content of the website, refused to witness the process of Fujin putting it together. Looking over Fujin's shoulder was a mistake which Seifer wasn't sure if it brought regret or wonder.

She did always get top grades on the courses related to decoding messages, though so many codes made Seifer's head spin, and he marveled at the ease with which Fujin understood them.

Word 78: Year

The countdown, the fireworks, the cheering, the party, among all of that, the posse was most of all, happy to be together for another year, and looking forward to the next.

Word 79: Zell

Zell had asked Seifer to stop calling him a chicken-wuss many times, he had demanded it as well, but nothing worked. That time back in Garden, it was Selphie who had accidentally brought forth a friendly bet with none other than Fujin. "I bet a thousand gil that Seifer is never going to stop calling Zell chicken-wuss, not even for a single week. Why can't they get long and be friends?"

"Accepted," Fujin replied, and it took Selphie a moment to realize that she meant to take the bet.

That roasted chicken Fujin cooked was the most delicious thing Seifer ever tasted. He complimented the meal, sincerely declaring how much he loved the chicken, to which Raijin in his apparently bad, but carefully arranged, timed entrance, commented, "I thought you hated him."

Fujin hid her grin and Seifer looked horrified at Raijin's odd misinterpretation of the words. It took the leader of the posse at least ten days to get over it, erase it from his memory and start calling Zell a chicken-wuss again, but by then, Fujin had her gil.

More to come...

Words 75 and 76 were requested by sissyHIYAH. Word 79 was requested by Lady PenThier. About Word 77, down with page builders! Real designers know how to code. I don't recognize anyone as such unless they know how to code. I'll write more requests soon! Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VIII.
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