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“Yes, I am. Watch,” I leaned into his neck and pressed the tip of my nose to his warm flesh. I sniffed in his scent and I felt my eyes change and fangs grow in. I pulled back and said, “Yes....

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As I walked into the AP press building I could smell Michael. He was back, but why was I smelling him at work? Maybe I’m just hallucinating. I shook my head and found my office. The notes for today were right in the center of my desk. I had no interviews today, but tomorrow. My Chemical Romance? I haven’t heard of them. Okay, maybe once, but I haven’t heard there music. I didn’t know the members or anything. Note to self: Look up My Chemical Romance.
After writing some articles I headed home and before I knew it I was there. Just as I walked in my phone rang. Please don’t stop! It’s lonely at the top! This doomsday clock tickin’ in my heart! I fished it out of my pocket and answered it. “Hello?”
“Phoenix!” It was Michael.
“Hey, Michael.” I smiled.
“I told you, call me Mikey. Michael just sounds so old.” He laughed. I could tell he was very happy.
“Well, Michael is you real name, and it sounds more adult. And that is what you are, isn’t it?” I asked as I set down my keys on the table by my bed and sat on my new purple sheets. I changed them this morning. I’m washing the black ones. I don’t want blood all over them.
“Yeah, but I don’t want to be old.” He whined. “Did you get them?” He asked.
“Get what?” I was confused.
“Oh my God. Please tell me you got them! If I sent them to the wrong address I’m gonna look like a retard.” He pleaded.
“Get what?!” I asked.
“The presents. All the jewelry?” He asked.
“Oh, yeah! I got them. They were beautiful. Thanks, Michael.” I smiled and he just sighed in relief. I was feeling all mushy inside now.
“Hey, we have to hang out! Meet me at the IHOP. I want to eat then hang out.” He laughed.
“Okay, what time?” I asked.
“In about an hour. I want to sleep. The plane ride kicked my ass.” I heard him yawn.
“Okay, I’ll be ready.” We said our goodbyes and hung up. I needed to take a shower, and get all pretty. I want to tell him. Since he was such a good mood.
I got showered and put on a black mini shirt, a tight Avenged Sevenfold tee, and my yellow Converse. I put on some heavy black eyeliner and by the time I was done there was a knock at my door. I answered it and my face dropped. It was Xander, and judging the look on his face it wasn’t good. “What’s wrong?” I asked and let him inside.
“Aiden is not an angel.” Alexander said as he sat on the sofa.
“What?” I laughed. He has got to be kidding. But the look on his face said otherwise. “Are you serious?” I was all ears now.
“Yeah, I saw him down by palace. He was drinking with Angel. They didn’t see me, but I needed to tell you. I know what’s going on and they want you. Satan told them. They’ve got Vlad on their team too. I don’t know how else, but they’re thinking about recruiting me.” Xander’s breathing got heavier and faster. “And if I don’t join they’re going to kill me. I don’t have a choice. You have to watch out.” Xander warned. This couldn’t be happening. My chance of entering heaven was all just a fake.
“This is bullshit!” I cursed. “Alexander, just say yes. I can’t loose you, and I’ll think about this.” There was a knock at the door. I knew it had to be Michael. “Shit.” I muttered.
“Is that Michael?” Xander asked. I nodded. “Where you going?” He asked looking me up and down.
“We’re going out tonight. He just got back from somewhere and he wants to go out.” I smiled. “But you have to go. I’ll call you tonight.” He nodded and was out my window by the time I opened the door. “Hey!” I smiled and hugged Michael.
“Hey, you look nice.” He pulled back and looked me up and down just as Alexander did just before him.
“Thanks,” I blush. Wait, did I just blush? Damn it!
“Well, let’s get going.” He led me to a cab. I was wearing the Tiffany Blue Box Necklace he sent me, and he noticed. “Is that…? He pointed to my necklace once in the cab.
“Uh, yeah.” I smile and look at it. I hear him giggle. “What?” I ask.
“Nothing, I’m glad you liked it.” He smiled and glanced at me.
“I love it. Everything you sent was really nice.” I placed my hand over his very gently. He pulled away and I looked at him confused. “Okay?” I asked.
“Your hands are freezing.” he took a hold of them.
“They’re always cold.” I looked out the cab window. “Weren’t we suppose to meet at the IHOP?” I asked suspiciously. He was acting very strange.
“Let me warm them up.” He started to massage my hands with his.
“Good luck.” I mumbled. He just continued. “Are you alright?” I asked. He just looked at me confused. “You seem a bit off.” I said as he continued to massage my hands.
“I’m perfectly fine.” There was nothing in his face or eyes that gave away he was lying. So I let the subject go.
The whole car ride was silent. And it was one of those weird silences where you know something but no nothing of the matter. You feel the tension, but don’t want to press the matter. Maybe it was the clouds. It was grey and cloudy. No sun. Maybe it’s just me. I feel all weird on cloudy days. Don’t ask why, I just do. Soon we were at the IHOP. “Thanks,” Michael tanked the driver and paid him. “C’mon,” Michael took my hand and led me in. I felt weird holding his hand. He was squeezing a bit tight for my liking, but just ignored it and let him lead me to a back table. It was more of a booth, but it didn’t really matter. The waiter smiled and gave us our menus. I took, smiled and nodded my thanks. He left and Michael was scanning the menu. He was a little jumpy to me today. I don’t know what it was. He just seemed awkward.
“Okay, dude, tell me.” I put down my menu and he glanced at me in a confusion. “Spill. I know something’s bothering you.” I tugged on his menu and he let it fall into the table. He sighed and kept his stare fixed on the white table. “C’mon,” I pushed.
“I’m..” He choked. He looked on the verge of tears. “I’m..” He was holding it back, I could see that. But there was something that was really ticking.
“C’mon, dude.” I sighed. He held his head down in shame about something
“I’m thinking a-about leaving Alicia.” He glanced up at me.
“What?” I blinked. Was I hearing right? I was happy and sad at the same time. He really loved her. If he left her then he would be single, but he was happy with Alicia. She cared about him and he cared about her.
“She’s driving me nuts. She never gives me space and I’m tired of this shit. She’s always is just…” He shivered. “I know she acts in front of my brother and you and everyone else. I feel backstabbed.” He let a tear slip. “I feel betrayed.” He now cried. I felt really bad.
“Michael?” I asked and put my hand on his hand that was resting on the table. He looked up at me. “Do you really want to do this? Did you try and work this out?” I asked.
“I tried everything! She is just a bitch!” He shouted. Attracting curious eyes and rude glances.
“Shh.” I hushed him.
“Sorry,” He mumbled. “Now I’m not so hungry.” He looked down at his menu.
“Wanna get out of here and talk? Somewhere more quiet?” I asked, and he nodded. I left a tip and we were out of there.
We took a cab to a local park and sat down in the grass. There he made his speech. Alicia was driving him up the wall. He was so stressed about work and everything. I think he just needed a vacation by himself. To get in some time for himself. “Just take a self vacation. Get out of New York.” I nudged him and he shook his head.
“I can’t. I have work.” He sighed and picked at the grass.
After talking more we went back to my apartment. There was the plan to give him his gift and tell him how I felt. But I had doubts. That would just complicate things more. I didn’t want to give him anymore to stress about. He had enough pressure.
Once inside I felt myself tense when he sat next to me on the couch and hug me. He cried and I knew he sensed there was something I wanted to tell him. “What is it?” He asked into my neck as we still embraced each other.
“Nothing,” I let a few tears out and they landed on his shirt. He pulled back and looked at me with his bloodshot eyes.
“Oh, I didn’t mean to make you cry.” He laughed, I just giggled and shook my head. “Then tell me.” He smiled.
“It’s nothing important.” I looked at the carpet.
“Sure it is. Everything you hold back is important. And we had a deal you wouldn’t shut me out.” He reminded me. I just sighed and took a deep breath for my spill.
“Michael, I love you. And not in a friend way. I don’t know why. But..” I remembered the gift. “Wait here.” I got up and ran to my room. I came back with the Tiffany box. “This is for you.” I handed him the box. He took it hesitantly and opened it. “It’s the key to my heart. You ca have it.” I frowned. He sighed and cried more closing the box.
“Why?” He asked as he stared off into space in any direction other than me.
“I told you I don’t know.” I said. I also wanted to tell him about what I am. That will surely send him over the edge. “I have something else to tell you.” I looked at him.
“What?” He kept staring.
“I know you won’t believe me at first, but you have to. And I won’t blame you if you leave right when I say this.” I looked down and folded my hands in my lap.
“I would never leave you. We had a deal.” He looked at me and took my hands in his. “Tell me. I‘ll only leave if you want me to.” I looked at him in his eyes.
I leaned in and whispered, “I’m a vampire.”
“No, you’re not.” I pulled away and he shook his head. I nodded. “No, you are not.” He repeated.
“Yes, I am. Watch,” I leaned into his neck and pressed the tip of my nose to his warm flesh. I sniffed in his scent and I felt my eyes change and fangs grow in. I pulled back and said, “Yes.” Opening my mouth. He looked shocked, but he didn’t run.
“Shit!” He cursed and left out the door. Slamming it on his way out. I saw he left the box. I started to cry. I picked up the box and threw it against the wall. It fell open and I took out the necklace. Putting on me and ran to pack some things. I planned on going somewhere. I called Irene and told her that I was going to be out sick a week or two. I had called My Chemical Romance’s manager and scheduled a new date for their interview. Gladly enough they had the whole months of February and March free. I told Irene and she was going to take over. I told her I would email her my articles once I finished them. She said I hoped I got better and she disconnected. I hoped I got better too.

A/N: My real ring tone is Doomsday Clock by the Smashing Pumpkins. I love that song. REVIEWS? I would really appreciate them. Hope you liked it.
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