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"how do i make him talk, mikey?" turn him on...

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101 Ways To Annoy Someone:
#6. Speak only in a "robot" voice.

"I am a robot," Frank spoke in a metallic voice through the front door of his best friend, Gerard's, house.

Gerard raised one eyebrow as he opened the door, allowing the "robot" to stiffly enter his humble abode. Frank grinned slowly, really pulling off the robot act amazingly well, to Gerard's surprise. He looked his friend up and down before speaking, "Robot, huh?" Frank nodded. "Why, may I ask?"

Frank once again using the metallic voice explained, "I was bored, so I went to the store, and I saw this little kid playing with a robot, and I was like 'Hey kid, can I play with that with you?' and he was all like, 'NO! MOMMY!' and ran away before I could steal it from him. Then I was all like, 'Fine then kid! I'll just play with myself!' Then I laughed, because, hey, I said I was playing with myself. So before I started losing control and started masturbating in the store, I decided to be a robot. But it's not fun being a robot when nobody's around to hear you, so I called you and you told me to come over, and VOILA! Here we are."

Gerard laughed, grinning at the shorter boy in front of him. That long answer was so typically Frank and he loved it, along with the man speaking it. The way he always acted so childish really got Gerard's mind occupied with thoughts that shouldn't be there. "Let's sit on the couch and watch a horror flick," Gerard suggested. Frank stiffly nodded and the pair made their way to the big red couch in the middle of the Way's living room. Before Frank sat down, he patted his back pocket to make sure the tiny slip of paper that vacated it was still there. It was and he smiled contently, knowing that this whole robot thing was going to work out very well.

Gerard slipped the DVD in the player and settled back on the couch, slighly closer to Frank than where he was previously seated. Once the movie started, Frank kept making robot noises whenever a charater was about to talk. Frankly, it was starting to piss Gerard the fuck off, but he didn't say anything to dissapoint Frank, who seemed to be freakishly enjoying himself.

A few movies later, Gerard was getting extremely sick of the constant noises Frank kept making, and told him to shut up. Frank gave him a quick look of disappointment, but remembered the paper in his pocket, and decided that he was not going to talk the rest of the night. He leaned back against the couch and stared blankly at the t.v. screen, trying to make Gerard feel sorry.

Gerard was enjoying the peace, but was becoming irked with the silence. "Come on Frank. You're not really mad at me...are you?"

Frank didn't reply, but shot him a glare as he folded his arms across his chest, before turning back to the t.v.

"Frankieeeee! Pleeeeease talk! I miss your voice!" Gerard was begging now, honestly desperate for Frank's childish, but enthusiastic, robot remarks. Right then, Gerard's brother walked through the front door. "MIKEY! Make Frank talk! Please!"

Mikey stood dumbfounded for a second before making his way over to the living room. "Why's he not talking?"

"Uh...I think he's mad at me."

"And why would that be?"

"Uh...well...I kinda told him to shut up," Gerard blushed as he admitted the truth.

"Well, then I don't blame him," Mikey waved at Frank and gave him a thumbs up, as if to encourage his ignorance.

"Mikey, come on. Make him talk."

"Fine. Go away for a few minutes," Mikey ordered, waving Gerard out of the room. Gerard obliged and went down the stairs to his room.

"Okay Frank. Why aren't you talking to my brother?"

"Well I was talking to him in a robot voice, and it pissed him off, and then he told me to shut up. So I did," Frank answered, sadness filling his voice.

"I think you should talk to him."

"Fine," Frank said, pulling out the slip of paper from his pocket, "Give this to him though. Don't read it."

"Uh, okaaaay...?"

Frank followed Mikey down the stairs to Gerard's basement bedroom. Frank glanced around, avoiding eye contact with either of the Way brothers.

"Hey Frank," Gerard said, waving his hand ever so slightly in Frank's face. Frank ignored it & continued to look around. "Mikey, how do I make him talk?"

"Here," Mikey said, handing Gerard the paper Frank had given him. "I don't know what it says, but..."

Gerard opened the piece of paper, looking at Frank as he did so. He brought his eyes down to the white paper in his hands. At the same time, Gerard and Frank recited what the paper had written on it.

Turn me on.

Gerard raised one eyebrow out of surprise. Did Frank really mean to say to turn him on? Or was it just some kind of joke?

"Well, I think this is my cue to go now, so uh, yea...," Mikey dashed up the stairs and out of view.

There was a longer silence and Frank instantly regretted giving Gerard the paper. He thought for sure Gerard would get it, and that he held felt the same way about him. He guessed he was wrong.

"Do you mean it like that, Frankie?" Frank nodded whilst blushing, regret once again filling his mind. Gerard thought for a second before speaking, "So you want me to...kiss you?" Frank once again nodded at took a step closer to the taller boy. It was Gerard's turn to blush; Heat rushed up his face and down his body as he realized that the boy in front of him, Frank Iero, wanted him, Gerard Way, to turn him on. "Well, damn. I never thought this was gonna happen," Gerard laughed stupidly.

"Just kiss me dammit!" Frank dropped the robot voice and attack Gerard's lips with his own. Gerard was thrown back in surprise, but relaxed and enjoyed what was their first kiss, hopefully nowhere near their last. He pulled Frank closer to him, and Frank grazed his tongue along Gerard's lips, begging for entrance. Gerard obliged and they deepened the kiss, tasting each other in pure bliss.

Both had wanted this for so long, and Frank's childishness had finally brought it to them. Thank god that kid didn't let Frank play with his robot, Gerard thought as he pushed Frank on his bed, straddling him with his knees, and enjoying every second of it.

a/n: this one's my fave :)

Xo caitmo.
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