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Chapter 5: Hero Versus Villain

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Mikey confronts Mia.

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Chapter 5: Hero Versus Villain

Mia’s P.O.V.

I probably shouldn’t have done that to Mrs. Marble, but she just made me so mad! The good news is no one saw anything out of the ordinary. They were too busy celebrating.

I smiled to myself. I’m glad I have these abilities, they’ve gotten me out of a lot of tough situations. Too bad no one can know about them. They can never know my secret. There’s a reason I had to move here. I just wish my sisters could have come with me...

&_ 30 Minutes Later_&

As soon as the bell rang, I was out the door. Its finally the weekend! I headed towards my car, knowing Mikey and Ray would catch up eventually. Sure enough, when I opened the trunk, two black backpacks were tossed in. Sometimes I wonder how they can tell which backpack is which.

We piled into my Lamborghini Murcielago, and joined the line of other celebrating students. I looked over at Ray, who had dibs on shotgun. He was singing loudly to some random metal song on the radio. Mikey was in the back, staring out the window. He looked weird. It was almost like he was... Sad.

“How can you even afford this car?” Ray asked, still in shock. I had already forgotten about this morning when the guys first saw my baby. Apparently he hadn’t. “This is so my dream car!”

I sighed. “We’ve already been through this. I can’t really tell you. Let’s just say it’s legally mine. Okay? Drop it or you won’t be allowed to ride anymore.”

“No! I’ll drop it, I promise!” He looked so shocked, I had to laugh.

“Okay, okay. I believe you!” I smiled in the mirror at Mikey wanting to share in the joke but he was still staring dejectedly out the window. “MIkey? What are you thinking about so hard? I can almost see the steam coming out you’re ears!” I smiled at him to know I was kidding.
He looked up at me then. “What? Oh I wasn’t thinking about anything in particular... Just thinking.”

I pulled into the driveway and Ray jumped out. “Bye guys!”

“Bye! Hey Mikey. You coming in?”

“Uh... Yea. Yea.”

We walked into the house and down to the basement which I’ve converted into my on living area/ bedroom. Like my car, it was decked out in top of the line equipment. 56 inch Plasma HD with Tivo, surround sound stereo with iPod hookups. One whole wall was a bookshelf and the closet was huge. My desk had a Mac Pro Desktop and a HP Touchsmart Desktop, both expanded to their limits. Ok, so I’m a tech junkie and a shopaholic, so sue me.

Anyway, Mikey is the only one of my new friends who has seen my room. He freaked at first but is chill now.

I dropped my backpack and purse at my desk and slipped my shoes off by the bed. He did the same then flopped on my bed. I sat in my desk chair and rolled over to him. He still looked troubled.

“What’s really wrong, Mikes?”

He glanced at me before looking at his hands again. “I saw what you did in Mrs. Marble’s class. I know you did something to her...” I stared at him shocked.

“How?” I wasn’t gonna deny it. I trust him completely.

“I was looking at your eyes. They turned black...” He sighed. “What are you?”

I looked him in the eyes. “I’m... Special. Gifted. Does that freak you out?”

“No. I can’t really judge you. I can’t even be mad at you for keeping it from me. I know how dangerous it could be if certain secrets are leaked...”

“What? What do you mean? How can you understand?”

“I just do. Just tell me this. Are you the hero or the villain?”
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