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Meeting New Friends

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As MCR go on tour they meet some new friends on the way.

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Frank’s POV

I look out the window watching the signs go by the last one read ‘Washington D.C. 100 miles’. I look around at the other members of the band. Ray and Matt are in the front seats, Mikey and Gerard in the back and me in the middle. I smile to myself as I think back at the last few months. We have travelled up and down the east coast on our first tour with Northstar. After that tour I knew there was something really special about this band. I also knew that this was the only thing I wanted to do with my life. So what did I do? Got a fucking tattoo on my neck so high that no one would ever hire me for some stuffy, behind a desk, nine to fiver. I shook my head remembering the shit I got from my father. He freaked out so bad. I know he’s right I need a fall back career, but right now I’m living in the moment and the moment is with this band.

We’re meeting The Used in D.C. for the first show of our tour with them. Gee and Bert met a while ago, ‘cause Brian set something up. The rest of us met the whole band last November when we played a show with them at the Metro in Chicago, again thanks to Brian. While I’m passing out thank yous a big one goes out to Matt Galle he has been a life saver. After Northstar we went on tour with Underoath. They were so fucking nice to us. They noticed after the first few days that we wore the same clothes over and over again so they offered us some of their merch. Not only that they fed us when they noticed we were lacking in the food area. They seemed to be really into us. Booze was always free wherever we played so that was never a factor in our forty dollar weekly allowance. Ray and I split a loaf of bread and jars of peanut butter and jelly most of the time, at least when we’re not spending our earnings on either comic books or action figures.

I watch as Ray reads the directions to Matt, even though we’ve were just here three weeks ago when we toured with Piebold. Ray’s a funny guy and a gadget guru of sorts. I guess he takes after his father who’s big into electronics too. Ray decided that we needed a webpage and uses it to keep in touch with our fans. He’s put our tour dates along with some of our music for kids to play, I guess that’s how so many know the words to all our songs. We have been noticing a few regulars coming to the shows and talk to them every chance we get.

I feel my eyes getting heavy, so I think I’m gonna rest for a while until we get to The 9:30 Club.

“Frank,” I hear a distant voice. “Come on Frank we’re here.” It was G. I wake up just as we start to pull around back. I guess it’s time to unload the equipment.

We climb out of the van and stretch our legs, everyone has the same thought and lights up a cigarette. Matt’s the first one to throw his down and heads to the back door he gives it a knock and Brian answers it.

“Hey you guys are here,” smiled Brian. He’s become our number one fan as of late. He got us the show in November and this tour. I mean this is fucking huge for us. The Used played Ozzfest this past summer and Bert’s dating Ozzie’s daughter Kelly. Ray’s secretly hoping Ozzie might be at one of our shows. You never know.

“And we didn’t even break down once,” smiled Matt.

“Where’s the guys?” asked G.

“Inside,” said Brian looking back through the door he just came out of, “why don’t you go say hi before you unload.”

We walked in and introductions were made all around, we met Finch for the first time, we reintroduced ourselves to The Movielife as well as The Used.

I’m looking around at all the people and wonder how the fuck I’m gonna keep the names straight and then Bert pipes in. “We got one more coming but he’s meeting us at the Irving tomorrow night.” Like this tour isn’t crowded enough.

Time is passing quickly and before we know it was show time. We opened with Skylines and Turnstiles and before we knew it we were playing Vampires, our last song. I dove off the stage as Gee was singing the last part. Ray can handle this part on his own I smiled as I was being passed around and finally back up on the stage.

What can we say, it was an awesome performance. The kids down there really were into it. We went out and talked to the crowd while Finch and finally The Used were playing. Washington is a great time. But we’re looking forward to playing in our backyard, New York City, pretty fucking awesome backyard. By the end of the show we’re all in various states of drunkenness, except for Matt ‘cause he has to drive. We all somehow made it to our respective vehicles, though Ray had to lead Mikey to ours. That boy really cracks me up at times.


I opened my eyes and it was light out. “Come on get the fuck out, I want to go to bed.”

I looked out the window and we were parked in front of my house. I looked at a very aggravated Otter. “Wow that was a short ride,” I teased him.

“Fuck you,” he just broke up laughing. I think the long hours are getting to him. I got out of the van and didn’t bother unpacking my stuff. Why the fuck bother we were going to just be loading it back up in less than twelve hours.

Bob’s POV

I looked at the board to see if my flight is on time, nope delayed as usual. Why the fuck do I have to fly out of this fucking airport. O’Hare is the worst. Luckily I left myself enough time for this shit. I got in line to check my shit in and maybe find out how delayed it is. My mind started to wander about what was going to be happening tonight. This is gonna be my first really big break. I met The Used back when I was doing sound for the House of Blues in Chicago. They said if they ever got big enough they wanted me to do their sound. I guess they got big enough. I’ve been doing tours here and there since I left HOB, just small punk bands a couple of one hit wonders but nothing special. This could turn into a regular gig.

I took out the flyer for the show it shows four bands so it’s gonna be a long night, lots of set changes. I looked at the itinerary and the only band that I didn’t recognize was the first one My Chemical Romance.

Gerard’s POV

I climbed down to the basement better known as my room and plop myself onto the bed. My mind is still reeling from last night’s show. Tonight we’re playing the Irving and I know some friends and family are going to be there, which scares the shit out of me. I just need a few hours of sleep. I feel myself starting to drift when the phone rings. I make my way up the stairs to the kitchen and answer it.

“Hello?” I answered sleepily.

“I didn’t wake you did I?” asked the voice on the other end.

“Nah, I was just about to fall asleep. What’s up?”

“I think I booked another tour for you.”


“Yeah a Long Island band I represent, Taking Back Sunday is headlining they need another opener are you interested?”

“I’ll have to talk to the guys but fuck yeah.”

“Give me a call by tomorrow afternoon.”

“No problem Matt.”

I hung up the phone and dragged my ass back to the basement. Now my mind is reeling from the show and the news I just got. This is gonna be another huge tour for us. I just hope they’re not a bunch of assholes. I wish my mind would stop so I can just get to sleep. I look over at the pill bottle on my nightstand. A couple won’t hurt.
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