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just a little talkie

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Hey guys!

I'm writing a new chapter now and will post either tonight or tomorrow, but I just wanted to clarify some stuff...

I love Sisky to death but for the sake of the plot I sacrificed him and made him an ass. He wont always be this way. Call it childishness. Also, I know the whole Will liking his best friend thing is so typical, but there will be a twist soon. One that is far from typical. Just hold on.

I'm a perfectionist so it takes a while for me to complete chapters. I want the story to be perfect for you guys so it takes a little more time to be creative. From now on I will probably post 2 or 3 times a week and only in the afternoons. School starts next week and I have band camp this week.

Love you guys!!!

Hannah K.

P.S.- If you have any questions about the story or if I haven't explained something fully let me know.

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