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The Wonder Years

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Set in their junior year, Spencer's cousin Regan moves back to Las vegas and observes, and participates, in the drama that is high school and panic! at the disco.

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Chapter One: Swearing In

“Regan!” Aunt Sophie yelped as I stepped out of the bright yellow taxi, luggage in hand.

“Hey Aunt Sophie,” I said with a smile as the car drove away. I looked around at all of the other houses in the random suburbia in the desert and laughed a little, “Neighborhood hasn’t changed.”

“How was the flight? And the ride over? How much was the cab? I’ll pay you back. Dinner is almost ready. Oh Spencer is so excited to see you!” The black haired woman said quickly leading me into the house. The house, a modest middle class house, had not changed since I moved away from Vegas to D.C. six years earlier. Aunt Sophie showed me to my room, the guest room, and left me to unpack my things. The room was bare from any pictures but had plenty of stuffed teddy bears, flowery quilts, and matching curtains to make it so old lady like that I wanted to throw up. I had been sent to live back in Vegas to finish out high school after being unceremoniously kicked out of the one in Washington D.C. for…. Well.. we’ll get to that later. I was happy to finally have my own bathroom though, something I’d always wanted. I quickly took the opportunity to take a shower and change for dinner. I grabbed the first clothes that peeked up from the pile in one of my bags – a bright purple v neck tee shirt and a pair of black jeans. Shoes weren’t necessary inside the house so I kicked my flip flops neck to the bed and brushed my hair and did a little makeup. I was notified by a knock on my door that dinner was ready.

Walking out I saw Aunt Sophie setting the table, for a single mom she did everything and more. I couldn’t even remember Uncle Todd if I tried, he had died so long ago. Going to the table Sophie laid out all of the food when I was suddenly lifted into the air. “Spencer!” I yelled out excitedly, “Put me down!” I continued, hitting lightly at his arms.

“Regan!” Spencer said mimicking my enthusiasm. He gave me a big hug and grinned, “How’s my fave cousin doing? Everything good?”

“Yeah, just unpacking and stuff,” I said pulling my hair into a pony tail, “Where were you? I was hoping to see you right when I got here.”

“I was at the mall with some friends. I didn’t think you’d get here till late. But any-“

“Food. Ready. Now.” Aunt Sophie said, cutting Spencer off, “We can catch up over dinner.” Laughing, Spence and I sat down and began to eat dinner.

The night went by well – small talk about everything and obvious avoidance of the issue of me leaving Washington D.C.. After dinner was over I went back to my room as Spencer apparently ‘had plans’. After spilling spaghetti sauce on my tee shirt at dinner (for which I still blame Spencer. He was being silly so I tried to threaten him by pointing with my fork, sending spaghetti on my shirt) I changed out of my tee and into a plain dark blue wife beater top.

I shuffled into the living room where Aunt Sophie was reading a magazine and watching a reality show, “Hey Regan,” she said with a grin, “Need something?”

I gave her a smile and shoved my hands in my pockets, “Just gonna go get a soda,” I said, “In the kitchen right?” I asked quickly.

“Garage,” she said quickly, “In the fridge out there,” she said turning back to her magazine.

“Thanks,” I muttered, not wanting to disturb her any more. I walked across the house and heard loud music. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from but shrugged it off as I headed towards the garage. I opened the door and saw four guys, one of whom was Spencer, playing music towards the street. I couldn’t see their faces but they all looked, from the back, like the generic ‘Emo crowd’ from back home. Shaking my head in mock disappointment for Spencer I walked to the corner nearest me and grabbed a grape soda. A few girls were out front on the driveway bopping their heads to the music and when the song was over they clapped and cheered. The guys put their instruments down and the singer called for a five minute break.

“Regan Annalise Monroe!” I heard a voice yell as I had the door back to the house back open, about to make my exit, “Who in the hell let you back in town?”

Turning, confused, I closed the door and popped open my soda to find a scruffy looking guy standing on the other side of the garage before me, “Yes?” I asked taking a sip of my soda.

“Don’t you remember me at least a little bit?” He asked cocking his head to the side and raising one of his eyebrows.

It took me a minute to place all of the pieces together, “Jon Walker,” I said slowly taking a few steps closer.

“The one and only!” He said holding his arms out. I placed my soda down on one of the shelves and ran to him as he picked me up and hugged me, “Regan I’m surprised at you!”

“What!” I said as he put me down, hitting him lightly on the chest, “How could I possibly surprise you?” I put my hands on my hips and glared at him.

“You don’t call, you don’t write, was I nothing to you?” he said with fake sad puppy dog eyes.

“We were ten, Jon,” I said playing along, “But I will always remember the great times we had where you punched me and said you would never want my cooties…”

“I’ve missed you,” he said seriously, a grin on his face.

“I missed you too. You and Spence were irreplaceable in D.C.,” I said with a smile. “So what’s this?” I asked gesturing to the band equipment, “Trying to be cool kids?”

“Well I don’t have to try,” Jon said brushing off his shoulders, “But yeah, we’re doing the band thing. I do bass, Spence drums, Brendon sings, and Ryan does guitar. We have a pretty cool fan base around here.” Jon laughed as the girls in the driveway were giggling and taking pictures of themselves, “Let me introduce you.”

Leading me by the hand Jon pulled me over to where Spence and two other guys were chatting about something or other. Spence grinned and put his arm around me, “This is my cousin Regan,” he said with a grin.

“Dude… I thought you were talking about a guy all this time,” One of them said.

Grinning I nodded, “I get that a lot,” I said and held out my hand for him.

“Brendon,” he grinned, “Brendon Urie.”

I looked over to the guy next to him who took my hand afterwards, “Ryan Ross,” he said simply, looking me in the eyes. He was a bit intense, but it intrigued me.

I pulled my hand away and smiled, I knew how to play the game. I looked around at the guys, “Sorry to have crashed your rehearsal,” I began, “But I should really go unpack. School does start for me tomorrow.”

“Awww come on Regan!” Spence said, “Listen to us a bit, I’m sure you’ll have fun!”

“No Spence,” I said taking a step back from the guys, “I really have other things I have to do. See ya,” I said quickly. I gave the guys a quick smile, for a moment lingering on Ryan, and left.

Going back to my room, armed with my soda, I plopped down onto my bed and pulled out a book and began reading. School started for me the next morning and I had plenty I should be doing, that wasn’t a lie – I just didn’t plan on doing it yet. I decided to grab some shut eye after the first couple of chapters of my book and turned out the lights, I could faintly hear the guys practicing as I drifted off to sleep.
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