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I Don't Love You

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I'm back, with a new chapter! *victory dance*

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Aye, she's back! At least for a while, anyway [=
I didn't exactly feel like writing this.
But, I mean, I haven't written anything in weeks.
Time to get back? I think so.
Thing that helped drag me outta my writing troubles, though, was a oneshot I wrote for a friend.
It's a parody of this, if Meghan had never met Sean.
There's no band, but yeah, I had fun writing it.
If you wanna read it, the link is below [=
This chapter was written with writer's block . . but I still wanted to put it up.
Roll on the chapter!

The week leading up to our flight to Jersey passed in a blur of phone calls, packing and shopping. After the immediate stage of hysteria and excitement, we'd started to get the practical stuff out of the way. I'd called Zeke and wished him all the best with his mother. He told me that he was going to be staying with her for at least a few more months, maybe more. We promised to keep in touch, though. It still felt strange to think that he wasn't coming on the road, but hey. Things happen for a reason and I guess we just had to get used to it.

We'd all called our family and told them the news, too. Mine took it surprisingly well, all things considered. I didn't exactly have a job or degree to finish, so they were pretty happy for us to take the road. Lexi and Sean's mom and dad took it much the same. Lexi blushed slightly and laughed awkwardly at part of their conversation. I thought I heard "don't be a groupie" and "condoms" mentioned, but I couldn't be sure. None of us expected the reaction that we got from Matt's parents, though. When he called them, his mother started yelling and told him to get a real career. Matt stayed expressionless and simply cut the phone off. None of us asked; his parents were never exactly the most supportive.

Before we knew it, it was the morning of the beginning of the rest of our lives. Everything had been arranged and there was nothing to do except get going. MCR's manager was going to meet us when we landed in Jersey. All we'd been told was that we were looking out for somebody holding a sign with "Vampire Crush" on it. Detailed or what? After we eventually found them, their manager was going to drive us to a hotel. Once there, we'd be staying for a few days to get to know MCR. That part started to worry me pretty quickly. I wasn't exactly great at meeting new people. At the best of times, I had a habit of laughing too much and looking petrified. At the worst of times, I got panicky and defensive. Once, I'd even managed to punch somebody. So let's just say meeting MCR didn't look like it was going to go too well.

I hadn't got much sleep the night before. Everyone had stayed over at mine and Lex's cramped apartment. We'd all agreed that we'd try to get a decent amount of sleep. I'd heard Megs and Sean talking in the kitchen until the early hours, though. And Matt had stayed in the living room for most of the night, up reading. I'd been tossing and turning for hours. All of the horrific things that could happen were going through my mind. Would they even like us? Would we end up accidently insulting them? Would our plane crash? Would I accidently knock a drink on one of them? Would I end up punching one of them? Would --?

My anxiety was interrupted, however, when somebody knocked on my door and pushed it open. "You're still awake, aren't you?" Meghan's voice drifted into my room . I sighed and started to sit up.
"How'd you guess?" I asked sarcastically as she carefully walked around the piles of junk on the floor. She smiled in the dim light from the hall.
"Well, you're going to meet your favourite band in the morning, and you're worried that the plane may crash, that they may hate you, or that you might punch one of them. Right?" Meghan asked as she sat down at the end of my bed, and I could see her looking like she was about to laugh.
"They're all valid things to be worried about!", I argued half-heartedly. Yes, I knew I was overthinking things. But who wouldn't?

Meghan giggled. "Yeah, but they won't happen, Cait! Here, have one of these". She passed me a pill and I gave her a wide-eyed look.
"Like drugs are gonna help me! Megs, I'm telling you, Sean is NOT a good influence on you!"
"Don't be an idiot, it's a homeopathy pill." Meghan explained and I looked at her unsurely."Calms nerves. Completely legal. Matt got some earlier 'coz he knew you'd get all nervous. Just chew and you'll feel better, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah . . tell him I say thanks," I muttered and shoved it in my mouth. Secretly, though, I was grateful for it. Without Megs and Matt, I had no idea how I'd have managed to get to sleep. After talking to me for a few more minutes, Meghan left, saying she had some "last-minute goodbyes" to say to Sean. I was pretty sure they wouldn't involve but much talking, but it wasn't any of my business what they got up to. With thoughts of MCR starting to leave my mind, I started to finally feel tired. It was getting light when I managed to crash into a restless sleep.

Somehow, Matt managed to wake me up at 7am. I groggily shoved him away, and napped for a few minutes. The sounds of people getting ready woke me again and I got up, defeated. After having a shower, I pulled on some random items of clothing. I didn't particularly care what I was wearing or if it matched. Nobody had commented that I'd put my underwear on outside my clothing, so I figured my outfit would do. I managed to sort out my fuffy monster of a hairstyle, and throw on some eyeliner. After grabbing my iPod, I just sat on the couch and waited for everyone else to finish getting ready. It suddenly hit me that it was the last time I was going to see the bright walls of our messy little flat. With time drawing to a close, I started to get slightly panicky. Matt wandered by on his way into the kitchen and eyed me disapprovingly. "Cait, have you had any breakfast?" he asked seriously.

"Nah."I grinned and shook my head.
He raised an eyebrow. 'Well, ARE you going to have any breakfast?"
I shook my head again. "Nah"
He stood in front of me and folded his arms. 'So, let me get this straight. You're going to start off this trip with no breakfast, very little sleep and hardly any energy?"
I smiled weakly. "You make it sound like that's something I should avoid" I joked. Matt frowned before disappearing into the kitchen. 'Where are you going?" I yelled.
"To make your breakfast, Lord knows why!" he hollered in reply. I smiled and sat back on the couch. Yeah, I really had no idea where I'd be without him. He was the caring older brother I never got to have.

As I was sitting and listening to American Idiot, Lexi hurried in, looking flustered. Her eyeliner wasn't done, her hair was hanging loose and wavy, and she was only half-dressed. She started looking through our CD shelf and I laughed at her. "Lex, you do realise that you're not wearing a shirt?", I said and laughed even harder. Lexi looked down at herself and shrieked. "Damn!", she yelled as she tried to hide her hot pink bra.
"Matt's in the kitchen", I laughed and threw her a cushion. She barely glanced at me before running out of the room again, equipped with her Muse albums and the cushion. Matt appeared with my breakfast as Lexi's half-bare back was disappearing through the door. He barely batted an eyelid and handed me the plate and mug.
"She really isn't a morning person, is she?", He mused. I smiled and took a swig of my tea.
"You should see her at 6am. It really is quite a funny sight." I laughed slightly. Matt cracked a smile before looking slightly concerned.
"Where's Sean? We're leaving in half an hour." He frowned and headed off to the box room Meghan sometimes used. Trust him to be the responsible adult of the group, and the only one who could handle mornings.

As I sat and ate my toast, I could hear yells. I laughed slightly as the words became clear.
Yep, Matt was definitely the only morning person around.

Pretty soon, everyone managed to make their way into the living area. Lex still looked half asleep, but at least she was wearing a purple tank top. Megs and Sean were ignoring Matt and seemed to be stuck in their own little world. Matt was bustling around, making everyone breakfast and whistling to himself. Apart from him, nobody seemed to want to talk. Eventually, though, we had to leave. Everything was already packed into the old van that we got when we started out, and we climbed in, not feeling ready to even face a mouse, nevermind the world.

I sat in the back next to Lexi, who was starting to wake up a bit and get rather nervous. Matt, who hated flying but tried not to show it, was sitting on my other side. None of us said anything, and we slipped into an uncomfortable silence. Sean and Meghan talked in the front, about everything and anything. I slid down in my seat a bit and switched my iPod on shuffle. I must've dozed off for a while, because one minute we were leaving and the next Meghan was saying "Okay!Here we are!". I rubbed my eyes and tried to sit upright. Lexi was clambering out of the van and Matt was holding the door open. I tumbled out and stumbled towards the back. Matt handed me my suitcase wordlessly. Yeah, maybe our voice of reason was finally starting to get nervous. Meghan was hugging everybody goodbye and getting pretty emotional. I yawned and returned her hug sleepily. I would've said goodbye for longer, but she quickly let go of me and started saying goodbye to Sean. I knew they'd be a while and accepted that, yes, Sean was more important than me.

As I made my walked over to where Lexi and Matt were standing, I tried to decide which one of them looked more more anxious. Lexi was biting her nails and staring into space. Matt had his eyes closed and looked as if he was about to throw up. I yawned and sat down and my suitcase, waiting for Sean to finish saying goodbye to Meghan. After a few minutes he came over to us, grinning from ear to ear. "Right!"He said cheerfully, but stopped once he noticed our expressions. I looked extremely bored, Lexi looked at him with a dull expression and Matt looked even worse than before. Sean gave us an icy glare before turning around to wave goodbye to Meghan, who was driving away. We gave her a final wave before heading into the airport terminal to begin the next leg of our trip.

Two slow hours later, we were boarding our flight. Lexi was trying to reassure a panicked looking Matt. I just rolled my eyes and grabbed two seats for Sean and I.Lexi and Matt fell into the chairs in front of us. As the plane began to move, I noticed that she was holding his hand. Sean was shaking his head and seemed to be in sync with me. Deciding to play with their overly-friendly nature, I quickly pulled the natural anxiety pills out of my pocket. With a quick glance at Sean, I pushed my hand through the small gap in between Lex's and Matt's seats. They jerked apart as I asked "Homeopathic pill?". Matt shakily shook his head and I laughed inwardly. Having two lovers in denial didn't exactly help awkwardness being limited when we were going to be in close confines for the next few months. I grinned at the thought and turned my iPod on again, hoping it wasn't going to die during the flight.

When the plane landed, Matt and Lexi couldn't get away from each other fast enough. Lex practically ran off, claiming that she had to use the bathroom. Sean and I shared a laugh over her transparent excuse. Matt hung back and walked off the plane towards the arrivals terminal. It was rather cloudly, but nothing I wouldn't expect for early Autumn. Matt still seemed slightly ill at ease, but he was starting to look less pale and more animated. Somehow, we managed to battle through the crowds towards our baggage reclaim. After grabbing our bags from the carousel, we started to look around for our temporary manager. We had no idea what we were looking for, though. I started to get somewhat irritated with our record label. Who wants to start off the trip to their tour getting losing their manager? It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. People were rushing pretty much everywhere, and it impossible to see very far through the throng. Just as I was about to give up the search from the baggage carousel, somebody behind us coughed. Finally!, I thought and turned to face our new manager impatiently. My breathing caught as I saw them and I felt my jaw drop in shock. I heard a crash as I dropped the handle of my suitcase and they stared at me with surprised blue eyes. This could not be happening.

I didn't exactly want this to end so badly.
But, hey! It's a cliffhanger, anyway.
Reviews, ratings?
Anything is much appreciated [=
This took ELEVEN tries for it to finally post.
So, it's an acheivement already.
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