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Halloween Treats

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Nudity, love triangles, pregnancies and death, coupled with Quidditch, deceit, injustice, adventure and mystery. Sounds like another tranquil year at Hogwarts. Join me for Hogwarts Too Exposed - A ...

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Hogwarts Too Exposed
Chapter Thirteen

Halloween Treats

Friday, October 22, 2004

He had waited outside in the hall for her to leave the common room; finally at last she was alone. Why was she avoiding him? He felt that they had a wonderful relationship and had always thought she sensed the same. Yet ever since they had been intimate, things seemed different. She had agreed, actually seemed to be just as eager as him, but the impression she gave now was of distance not intimacy. She appeared to circumvent being alone with him, even avoided talking to him whenever possible.

The boy remained out of sight, as he followed her down steep staircases and through long corridors. Finally he saw her enter the library. He was about to corner her; finally they would talk. At last he would learn why she was steering clear of him.

As he reached the library entrance and gazed about the huge room, it appeared empty. She was nowhere to be seen. Slowly he walked past row and row of books.

At long last, there she was in the medical section nervously reading a book. When he spoke her name, the girl's face flushed and she clutched the open book to her chest. He gazed at her questioningly as he took the book in his hand and read the chapter heading, "Pregnancy: The First Stages."

He looked at her, a combination of shock and fear covering his face.

She broke into tears. "But they don't tell you how to stop it!" she said in panic.

"Pregnant," Tony said aghast, "but we did everything to avoid that happening?"

"Evidently, not everything," Amanda replied miserably.

Tony shook his head; this couldn't be happening. "You ought to see someone to be sure," he said, nervously.

"I am sure," Amanda answered, distressed. "Besides, I can't go to Pomfrey."

"What about Caitlin? She's a hyperempath; she'd be able to tell," Tony suggested.

"And the first person she'd tell is Jamie and then they'd both run to Professor Granger. Neither of them can know," Amanda said emphatically. "Besides, I'm positive. I don't need anyone to confirm it."

"What will your parents say?" Tony asked, apprehensively.

"Tell Mum and Daddy," Amanda repeated, horrified at the thought. "Oh! No! I can't. I really can't."

"Well, you can't hide it forever," Tony said frankly.

"I can't tell them. It would kill them. I'm their little girl."

"It would kill my parents, too. They believe in me. Trust me!" Tony said, disgusted with himself.

Unexpectedly, three second-year Slytherin girls turned the corner and saw Amanda and Tony hugging. The girls giggled and quickly departed.

"They saw us together," Amanda said horrified.

"But they didn't hear what we said," Tony whispered trying to calm Amanda. "Everyone knows we're going together." Pulling his arms tighter together in the hug, Tony felt safety being shared between the shaking bodies standing besides the bookcases.

"Oh! But now..." Amanda burst into tears. "I feel so ashamed," she said, burying her head against Tony's chest, a puddle of salted water slowly started to spread into his shirt.

"Amanda please don't weep," Tony begged, as he gently patted her head. "It won't help."

"What will?" Amanda cried, her voice muffled by tears and material.

"I don't know," Tony said, an angry tone to his voice

"Don't get mad. Please don't get mad," Amanda jumped out of the hug and begged.

"I'm not mad at you. It's just.... Why did I let it happen? Why did I let it happen?" He said as a single tear threatening to escape the corner of his right eye.

Amanda noticed the library was beginning to fill with students. Then she saw Jamie enter the room. "You better go," she said anxiously.

Tony gave her a quick squeeze and wiped the tear from his eye. "Don't do anything, you know, crazy. We'll talk tomorrow first thing."

Amanda slowly nodded her head as Tony scurried away.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

It was evident by their bleary eyes that neither Amanda nor Tony had gotten much sleep the previous night.

"What are we going to do?" Amanda asked desperately as they hid in the empty Charms classroom, while most of their friends ate breakfast.

"In some countries, kids our ages are already married and raising families," Tony commented, not really knowing why.

"Could we go to one of those countries maybe?" Amanda said enthusiastically. "Maybe like Mexico?"

"Are you crazy?"

"Don't you see?" Amanda explained. "We got to get a plan. Daddy says you should state your problem and then bring all your intellectual resources to bear."

"Amanda, shut it a minute will you?"

Amanda continued to ramble on as if unaware of Tony's presence. "Maybe I could go to my Aunt Claire's. She lives over two hundred miles away. No." Amanda thought briefly, pausing within her step. "No. She'd tell my father."

"Amanda, I'm trying to think," Tony pleaded.

"Maybe I could just disappear somewhere or... or kill myself," Amanda blurted without thought.

"Listen, don't say things like that," Tony shouted in a chastising way as he took Amanda in his arms. Then his voice became more soft and compassionate. "I know you feel bad, but you shouldn't feel like you're all alone. I mean... I'm with you Amanda. I'll take care of you."

"Okay, Tony," Amanda replied softly, turning around she looked trustingly into his eyes.

Sunday, October 30, 2004

The delicious smell of baking pumpkin wafted through the corridors of Hogwarts as the students headed to the Great Hall for the Halloween feast. As they were seated, thousands of bats fluttered from the walls and ceiling and swooped over the tables in what resembled low black clouds, their movement causing the candle lit pumpkins in the hall to flicker.

As the students waited impatiently for the feast to appear; Headmaster Snape moved to his feet. Immediately, the Great Hall became silent.

"I know you are all anxious to partake of another magnificent feast, so I will make this brief," Snape announced. "First I realize that it is traditional for all houses to hold rather festive parties on Halloween. I would remind you that classes are to be held as normal tomorrow. Therefore, your head of house will be checking to see that all celebrations end at a reasonable time."

A collective moan spread through the hall.

"Now, now. It's not that bad," Professor Snape went on. "Quite a bit of merriment can be squeezed into the time between now and midnight." The Headmaster paused for a moment. "On a happier note, I have two other announcements. Our initial Hogsmeade visit of the school year will be next Saturday. I remind you that this is only open to years three and above. Mr. Flitch will be checking that no unauthorized students try to sneak out as has happened occasionally in the past. He will be pleased to give detention to anyone attempting to circumvent this rule. There will also be an additional Hogsmeade weekend just prior to our Christmas break

"My second announcement is that we will once again be holding a Yule Ball this year. As was the case last year, the ball will be open to students of ever year, and in order to make this year's ball somewhat different, it will be held on New Years Eve."

Then without further comment he said, "Let the feast begin."

The meal appeared abruptly on the golden plates, as it had at the start-of-term banquet. The students found themselves in rather a quandary. Many wanted to discuss the Halloween party curfew, the Hogsmeade visit and the Yule Ball, but the spread looked extremely mouth-watering. Some of the girls resisted the food and gossiped excitedly, while most of the boys allowed their stomach to do the talking as they filled their plates to the brimming with the smorgasbord of food available.

Emily sat staring at the Gryffindor table wondering if Randy would invite her to the ball. She wasn't, in fact, sure she actually wanted him to. Theirs was a strange relationship that Emily had difficulty understanding. In some ways Randy treated her like a girlfriend, although they had no such understanding. At other times, he completely ignored her. For the past month, he had been mainly paying no attention to her. The odd thing about that was Emily didn't, if truth were told, especially care.

The down side, of course, was that she in all probability wouldn't get to go to the Ball if Randy didn't ask her. She wasn't acquainted with many boys in any of the other houses, and unquestionably, no Slytherin would ask her. They all treated her like she had leprosy. There was a time when she though Tyler and her might become close friends, but he had scarcely talked to her since it became common knowledge that she was a nudist.

Tyler wasn't the only one not conversing with her. With the exception of the few Slytherins that had supported her on the day the picture appeared in the Prophet, most of the house shunned her. Her supporters weren't being treated nearly as badly as they originally had been, but she was definitely still considered a blight on the good name of Slytherin House.

Hermione watched the students smiling and laughing as they talked about Halloween and the upcoming Yule Ball. She reflected sadly that this would be her last Halloween as a Hogwarts Professor.

"Harry," she said, out of the blue. "Tell Severus that you'll chaperone the Yule Ball."

Harry looked at her baffled. "But you'll most likely...." He couldn't bring himself to finish the sentence.

"I'll most likely have been fired," she finished the sentence for him. "Just because I'll no longer be a Hogwarts professor doesn't mean I no longer want to be a part of the school," she said insistently. "We had a grand time last year until I was.... I promise not to leave your sight all night. You can even accompany me to the loo if you like." She gave a faint smile as Harry's face reddened.

Harry was dumbfounded. "But what about the pictures? Won't you be embarrassed to face the students if they've all seen pictures of you naked?"

"Harry, that magazine goes on sale November fifteenth," Hermione said, accepting the inevitable. "By New Years Eve I doubt there will be anyone in the wizarding world over eleven that hasn't seen me graphically displayed in the raw. I have two choices. Either I become habituated to everyone staring at me like I'm some sort of slag or I spend the rest of my life brooding in our bedroom. As much as I love our bedroom and the various pleasant activities that take place there, I don't intend to spend the next one hundred plus years of my life there."

"If you're sure," Harry said reluctantly, "should I ask Ron if he and Sam would like to co-chaperone with us again?"

"Definitely," Hermione said without reservation. "I hope they will. I could use Sam's moral support."

As Harry made a move to stand, a large gray owl swooped into the Great Hall and flew in his direction. The owl landed heavily on his shoulder, as he was about to rise, and nearly caused him to topple over. "Who would be sending me an owl at this time?" He asked no one in particular, but his question was answered straight away when he looked at the envelope. Instead of a return address, there was the picture of a totally naked young woman. The words "Play", "Wizard", and "Magazine" were moving about swiftly to cover the intimate areas of her gyrating body. She smiled broadly, puckered her lips, and threw Harry a kiss.

"Well, it certainly took them long enough," Harry said to Hermione, "but they finally answered my letter."

Hermione was about to ask whom, but observed the envelope first. The pictured girl was no longer throwing kisses at Harry, but was now instead sticking her tongue out spitefully at Hermione.

"What does it say?" Hermione asked excitedly, hoping for a miracle, a last minute reprieve.

Harry finished reading the letter and then handed it disconsolately to Hermione.

Dear Harry,

I regret that it required so long a time to respond to your correspondence, but I was acting under the advice of legal council. You know how they are, didn't want possible litigants chatting. Heaven forbid we solve a legal matter ourselves without the assistance of barristers.

Now that all legal avenues have been exhausted, they've informed me that I may contact you in order to present an offer.

It was good to hear from you. Six years is a long time. I regret that our reunion must be a confrontational one. I have a special fondness in my heart for you. At a time in my life when many were making jest of me behind my back, you were a true friend and treated me with respect. Because of that, I want to assure you that no naked pictures of you will be appearing in our publication either now or in the future. I have destroyed negatives of any such pictures personally.

Hermione is a different subject. Firstly, I have no great love for your wife. Although we got along, it was more a case of her putting up with me rather than friendship. I always felt she looked down her nose at me, as if I were both inferior and in fact unbalanced. Secondly, I am in an executive position and must do what is in the best interest of our publication. Advance sales indicate that, because of her pictures, our December issue will top all previous records easily.

I harbor no hatred for Hermione and sincerely regret that she will undoubtedly lose her teaching position because of our publication. You asked to meet with me; I'm sure with the hope of convincing me not to go to press. By now I'm certain you realize the impossibility of that happening. I would, however, still like to meet with you and Hermione. I have a business opportunity I would like to discuss with the two of you that I feel will be mutually beneficial to us all.

For you convenience, I am willing to meet with you in Hogsmeade at a location of your choosing. I suggest next Saturday, November 6, 2004 around lunchtime.

Please, don't say no. What is about to transpire can't be stopped, but perhaps it can be made worthwhile.

Sincerely yours,

Luna Lovegood
Managing Editor, Playwizard Magazine

Hermione looked at Harry incredulously. "Did you know that Luna was editor of that sleazy magazine? She asked hotly.

"No," Harry said sincerely. "I had addressed the letter to the editor. I never expected the editor of such a magazine to be a woman, and most certainly not Luna. The last I heard, she was working as a reporter for the Quibbler."

"Well, I most certainly have no intentions of meeting with her," Hermione avowed emphatically. "Any opportunities being offered by a person ruining my life are the opportunities I can live without."

Harry looked at Hermione disappointedly.

"Harry, please don't look at me that way. It's over. I've lost. Why should I give her the opportunity to rub salt in my wounds?"

"Hermione," Harry said cautiously. "Luna was always a little idiosyncratic, but she was never malicious. I doubt her publishing the pictures is in any way spiteful. From her view point, it probably simply makes good business sense."

"Good business sense that just happens to ruin my life," Hermione said bitterly and then shook her head disconsolately. She looked at Harry as she tried to hide the tears in her eyes from the students and other professors. "Am I being punished for being such an egotistical, know-it-all, bitch?"

"Hermione!" Harry said in shock. "You're not and you never were any such thing."

"Yes, I was," Hermione replied, sadly. "Maybe not purposely, but I'm sure I appeared that way to others. Luna is correct; I never tried to befriend her. I always treated her as if she was weird and I was better than her. Now she is the managing editor of a successful magazine, and I'm one of the slags appearing in it."

"Hermione, you are not a slag." Harry said tersely and then hesitated. "And neither, I'm sure, are many of the other girls that appear in the magazine. We shouldn't be so quick to judge. It makes us no better than many of the bigots in our world."

"Your right; it's just that I'm so .... Harry, I'm going to go have a lie down," Hermione said inconsolably. "Please remember to ask about chaperoning."

Harry said nothing, but only watched as Hermione left the table and headed for their quarters. No simple words could console her. Hermione's teaching career, way too soon, would be sadly coming to a close.

Jamie and Caitlin had been involved in conversation, not noticing the happenings at the staff table. They, after all, were young girls and, for the moment, had forgotten the tribulations of their parents as they excitedly talked of the evening's party and the much anticipated Yule Ball.

"I thought we agreed that we weren't even going to attend," Jamie said rather flustered. "I haven't even thought about a costume."

"Me either, but I know what I wish we could wear," Caitlin suggested, rather unhappily. "The same costume we had on at the end of last year's party."

"But by the end of the party we were...." Jamie hesitated. "I think that was the greatest evening of my life. I felt so free and comfortable and so loved. Everybody in Gryffindor House had accepted us for what we were, naturists."

"And for a full year not one of them disclosed our secret. They had even encouraged us to stay nude all the time if we desired." Caitlin reminisced.

"And most of them were suggesting it out of kindheartedness and consideration, not like the perverts now that just want the opportunity to ogle at us naked. Unfortunately we can't do that; we promised Hermione we wouldn't let all the others see us naked again in the common room," Jamie said, rather sad, wishing she could, in fact, relive the previous Halloween.

Caitlin's eyes suddenly lit up. "I have an idea," she said excitedly as she whispered it in Jamie's ear.

Jamie, at first, just stared at her. "Isn't that rather just using semantics to get around the true intent of what Hermione said?"

"Maybe," Caitlin said almost pleadingly. "But not everyone will see us and we're in control of who does."

"I don't know about you, Caitlin. Sometimes I think you should have been sorted into Slytherin House rather than Emily." For a time, Jamie just looked intently at her younger 'sister' and then she smiled. "Let's do it," she said, not at all convinced she was behaving at all in an adult manner.

"Can we invite Emily to our party," she asked, now excited about the approaching evening.

"I don't think anyone would mind," Jamie said, "but don't push her. Let it be her decision. She might feel that under the circumstances it's best if she spend the night with the Slytherins. She may not want to alienate them even more."

"Look! Kim and Emily are leaving the Great Hall," Caitlin said excitedly. "We best catch up to her."

As Jamie and Caitlin hurried to catch Emily, Randy and Matt slowly got to their feet and followed. Once outside the Great Hall, Caitlin ran and shouted for Emily to wait. "Jamie and I want to talk to you two," Caitlin said, more energized than she had been in weeks.

When Jamie caught up she said, "Caitlin and I have decided to go to the Gryffindor Halloween Party after all. We were wondering if you two would like to come. I'm sure none of the other Gryffindors will mind."

Emily and Kim exchanged glances before Emily shook her head no. "I'm sure we'd have more fun at your party, but it would just drive a deeper wedge between us and the balance of the Slytherins. But thanks for thinking about us."

Caitlin had an extremely disappointed look on her face, but understood Emily's reasoning. "Guess what Jamie and I are going to wear to the party?" Caitlin asked, a devilish expression covering her face.

Emily shrugged her shoulders, not having the slightest idea what to guess.

"We're going to wear the concealment charm," Caitlin said breathlessly.

Kim's jaw hung open in shock as Emily looked to Jamie for conformation. Jamie nodded her head sheepishly.

"You're going to the party nude?" Kim asked, horror-struck. "But what if somebody touches you or asks you to dance?"

"Then they'll see us naked," Caitlin responded, seemingly thrilled at the prospect.

Kim didn't move, her mouth still wide open in shock.

"That sounds like fun," Emily said earnestly. "It almost makes me want to change my mind about coming, but I think Kim and I better stick with our original plan to liven up the Slytherin party."

Jamie and Caitlin looked at Emily questioningly, but not nearly as concerned as Kim.

"What plans?" Kim asked with trepidation.

"Oh! Did I forget to tell you," Emily said straight faced. "I thought it would be fun if you and I streaked the Slytherin party tonight."

Kim's face turned white and she looked at Emily, aghast.

Before anyone could speak, Emily erupted in laughter and hugged her friend. "Kim, you're so easy."

As the girls were all laughing, Randy and Matt caught up to them. Matt gently slipped Caitlin's hand into his. "I don't want to assume anything or take the chance of someone else asking you before me," he said extremely nervous. "Will you go to the Yule Ball with me?"

Caitlin squeezed Matt's hand tightly. "You bet I will," she said and then kissed him on the cheek.

Emily smiled as she watched Caitlin kiss Matt and then glanced toward Randy. This was his golden opportunity to ask her, but Randy wasn't looking at her. Instead, he seemed to be attentively watching Kim, who seemed aware of this and was blushing.

Realization struck Emily. Randy was smitten with Kim and evidently Kim liked Randy in return. That's why she was so concerned about what he thought of her pubic grooming habits.

Randy didn't want to ask Emily to the Yule Ball, but in all likelihood wouldn't ask Kim either out of guilt.

Emily grabbed Kim's hand. "We best be getting down to our common room," she said to the others. "I appreciate you guys thinking of us." Emily and Kim hurried away, but after they'd gone just a short distance, Emily stopped, told Kim to wait, and hurried back to the group. She whispered something briefly in Randy's ear, and as his face turned crimson, she hurried off to rejoin Kim.

"What was that all about?" Kim asked concernedly.

"I just told Randy that you liked him, too," Emily said understatedly.

"You told him what?" Kim said, her face turning bright red. "He's your boyfriend. You're my best friend, I'd never...."

"No you wouldn't," Emily said with certainty, "and neither would he. That's why I did."

"But I thought you two were a couple," Kim asked, by now totally confused.

"I think we were more a couple for convenience sake rather than any other reason," Emily explained. "Caitlin had two best friends, both boys who both wanted to be more than friends. Caitlin chose Matt, which left Randy as odd man out just as I happened into the picture. I think I was sort of a face-saver, plus it evened everything out."

"Then you don't have feelings for Randy?" Kim asked concernedly.

"Oh! I have feelings for him. He's a great friend and fun to be around, but he's not...."

Kim understood. "He's not what you're looking for when the time comes that you have a boyfriend."

"Exactly," Emily said, actually feeling relieved that Randy and her were no longer in a semi-understood unofficial type of relationship. "Now he's free to ask someone he really seems to like to the Ball."

"He'll never ask me," Kim said dejectedly. "You forget that he's turned off by my body hair down there."

"Oh! Don't worry about that," Emily said nonchalantly as they neared the Slytherin Dungeon. "I told him you got rid of that."

"You told him what?" Kim exclaimed in horror. "I can't believe you discussed my private area with Randy!"

"I'd hardly call it a discussion," Emily said defensively. "After I told him that you liked him, I just said that you had gotten rid of that problem between your legs that he didn't like."

"Please tell me you didn't really say that," Kim said, goaded. "I'll never be able to face him, yet alone go out with him, even if he should ask. Besides, that's a lie. I haven't done anything."

"I know that, and you know that, but Randy doesn't," Emily said giddily. "And he won't unless you let him see you nude or touch you there."

"Well, neither of those is going to happen," Kim said with conviction, "but I feel like I'm being dishonest."

"Why? You didn't tell him. I did. And besides, if ever necessary, smoothness is just a charm away."

"Matt, when they start playing music, are you going to dance with me?" Caitlin asked with a very guilty appearance on her face.

"A little, if you want," he said shyly. "You know I'm not the greatest dancer. Besides, you girls usually end up dancing together most of the night."

"Not to the slow numbers," Caitlin, corrected him pleasantly. "I was sort of hoping you'd dance most of those with me. I like when you hold me. Besides, I have a little surprise for everyone that embraces me tonight."

"What's that?" Matt asked rather unconcernedly as he watched a number of his mates playing exploding snap.

"Give me a hug and I'll show you," she said a devilish grin covering her entire face.

"Here, in front of all the house members?" Matt asked rather taken aback.

"Just a little hug," Caitlin whispered encouragingly, a devilish grin gripping the sides of her mouth "I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.".

Matt placed his arm gently around Caitlin waist, but even before he had drawn her close, it happened. He was suddenly standing in the middle of the Gryffindor common room holding a totally naked Caitlin.

"The charm!" He said with revelation. "You're wearing nothing but the concealment charm." He backed slightly away so that he could take all of her in, but continued to firmly hold her hand.

"You're stunning," he said. "I'm definitely going to cling to you the balance of the evening."

"I was kind of hoping you'd say that." Caitlin whispered in his ear.

"Does Jamie know you're not wearing any clothes?" Matt asked quietly.

Caitlin smiled. "Haven't you noticed how tightly Alex is holding onto her?"

"She naked too?" Matt asked in surprise. "You both have on nothing but the concealment charm. In that case, maybe I'll ask her to dance."

"No you won't," Caitlin said firmly. "I don't want to lose you."

"Lose me?" Matt said questioningly. "Do you think Jamie would be attracted to me?"

"It's not that," Caitlin said, with a laugh, "but with your height differences, I'm afraid you'd suffocate between her breasts if she held you too close."

"Now that would certainly be a wonderful way to go," Matt said purposely trying to rile Caitlin. "But to be completely honest, I'm over the moon being with you."

Caitlin blushed at Matt's remark and then got goose bumps as she imagined his hands tenderly discovering her intimate parts. Finally, she shook herself back to reality. Her desires would have to wait until they were older, much older; the consequences were just too severe.

The Slytherin Halloween party was nearing an end when Tony finally worked up the nerve to approach Bancroft. He detested him but also needed his help.

"Dick, do you have a moment?" Tony asked. It was extremely difficult to ask help from this arrogant bastard, but he was desperate. "I have something important I have to ask you."

"It must be important for you to get off your Gryffindor loving high-horse and come to me," Bancroft responded superciliously.

"Dick, you're the last person I want to ask for help," Tony said candidly, "but frantic people are sometimes forced into unseemly affiliations. Can you for once in your miserable life not be an insufferable git and help some one who is desperate?"

Dick studied Tony carefully realizing that Tony must indeed be desperate to come to him for aid. He liked dealing with distressed people. They gave compromising information so freely.

"All right then," Bancroft said smugly. "Let's ditch this boring party and go to the dorm where we can talk more freely."

Tony followed Bancroft to their room, sickened that he had fallen so low as to necessitate going to Dick Bancroft for aid.

"Now then," Dick said as they entered the dorm, silently shutting the door behind them. "What is this all about?"

"Sit down," Tony said, actually practically ordered. "Remember what you said a couple of months ago, about that practitioner."

"Practitioner? What practitioner?" Bancroft asked rather irritated at not remembering the conversation.

"You know the one I mean, the one for girls. Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about," Tony said, crossly. "You said you helped a guy out that was in trouble."

"Oh! Oh yeah. Yeah I remember," Dick said uncertainly.

"Well I know somebody that has to get a hold of that guy," Tony said nervously.

"You don't want to get mixed up in a thing like that," Bancroft said warningly, actually sounding genuinely concerned. "I mean you could get thrown into Azkaban."

"You helped that other guy?"

"Yeah, but that's a crime. Why it's murder," Bancroft said bluntly.

"Always yakking. Always bragging." Without warning Tony lunged at Dick, easily pinning him to the floor.

"Get off me," Dick yelled.

"The doctor, who is he? Where does he live?" Tony shouted.

"You're choking me," Bancroft gasped.

"You're not stupid, are you Dick. You know everything. Know all the answers. Who is he, tell me?"

"I can't," Bancroft wheezed. "I was lying."

"You were lying?" Tony released his grip on Bancroft as a look of desperation crossed his face. "Why?"

"I don't know, maybe I have a big-shot complex," Bancroft said, for once being honest. "I never helped the guy, I just heard about it."

Tony looked at Bancroft, his last hope dashed. "What am I going to do?"

Bancroft rubbed his neck as Tony just sat looking frustrated. "I'm sorry," Tony said. "Sometimes I don't know my own strength."

"Ah! Forget it, will you?" Bancroft said, almost compassionately. "You have your own problems. You... You and Amanda Pierce?"

"Who said anything about Amanda? Don't you tell anyone." Tony said threateningly.

"No! No, I won't say anything." Dick said sincerely, acting completely out of character. "Why don't you take her to one of those Muggle abortion clinics?"

"And just how do you propose we get to London," Tony said, frustration filling his voice. "Ask the Headmaster for a day pass and train tickets."

Dick just shook his head, realizing the impossibility of this. "Look, you and I didn't have this conversation," Dick said. "Abortion is strictly prohibited by wizard law and anyone even remotely involved can spend time in Azkaban. I want no part of this and you shouldn't either. It's her problem; let her worry about it."

Tony looked at Dick crossly, on the verge of once more attacking him. "I can't do that, and you know it," he said decisively.

"No," Dick said staring at Tony. "I don't imagine someone like you could. Look! You didn't hear this from me, but I understand there is a guy in Hogsmeade that will help with such problems. You can contact him through the bar man at the Hog's Head." Dick bit his lip. "But from what I've heard, it's expensive and his place isn't the most hygienic. I'd think hard before you make any rash decisions."

"We don't have the luxury of time," Tony said, frustration and fright showing in his voice. "She's already two months gone. Even if I'm able to make arrangements this Saturday, it's six weeks until the next Hogsmeade weekend. She'll be over three months pregnant by then."

When Kim and Emily had returned to Slytherin House after dinner, a few of the students were putting the finishing touches on the decorations for the evening's party. Both girls had offered to provide a hand, but their offer was indecorously rejected. Instead, they spent the next hour in their dorm discussing Randy, a subject Kim now seemed, suddenly, to find riveting.

At eight o'clock they decided to join everyone else in the common room hoping to inconspicuously blend in with the others. Ever since the infamous picture had appeared in the Daily Prophet, Emily's ability to do anything discreetly, unfortunately, had seemed to vanish.

She had no more than entered the common room when Dennis Crow yelled out. "Shucks Zacherley, I was counting on you wearing your birthday suit as a costume tonight," he said sarcastically while actually sounding rather let down. "Isn't that what your sister did last Halloween. Hardly seems fair that she gave those Gryffindor blokes a show and you won't give us one."

Emily tried her best to ignore him as Kim and her joined Becky and Marta. If truth were told, Emily would - in point of fact - prefer to be nude, despite gits like Crow and Dick Bancroft. She had actually seriously considered making a nude appearance hoping it would put an end to the taunting, but reconsidered after realizing it would more than likely simply make things worse and, in all probability, lose her support rather than gain her any. This after all was Slytherin House, definitely not known for understanding and loyalty.

As she listened to the banter of her friends, her eyes fleetingly looked about the room, catching sight of Tyler Bancroft who was looking in her direction, but who quickly turned away from her gaze.

Emily excused herself momentarily and ran back to the dorm, returning in a few moments. Upon her return, Kim looked at her questioningly. "I had to go to the loo," Emily said, almost defensively. "I wanted to make room for more butterbeer."

Kim nodded her head, but didn't necessarily acknowledge as true Emily's explanation.

The party was somewhat slow starting. The boys kept to their own groups, either just talking and messing about or playing exploding snap. The girls talked and occasionally a few of them would dance to a lively musical number.

Very little dancing took place when slow numbers were being played, except for some couples in higher years that were actually dating each other. First year boys were at that age where there were starting to be attracted to girls, but didn't exactly understand why. The idea of touching, yet alone holding a girl, was extreme foreign to most of them.

Therefore, Emily wasn't the only girl sitting out the slow dances; most of the girls found themselves doing the same. Emily soon found the party extremely dull. Slytherins, in her opinion, didn't know how to have fun. They seemed to be afraid to let loose and get off their thrones.

Emily spent most of the night trying to catch Tyler in the act of staring at her. She had the feeling he wanted to ask her to dance, at the very least talk to her, but he was evidently afraid. Every time she noticed him looking in her direction, he would quickly turn away and then look to see if his brother had caught him.

After three hours, Emily had become extremely bored. She told Kim that she was going to go to bed, but Kim begged her to stick around for a little longer. She had no idea why Kim wanted to linger (she didn't seem to be having a fabulous time either), but Emily agreed to hang around a little longer. Five minutes later she was glad she had.

Emily had just caught Tyler looking in her direction again, but this time when they both looked to see if Dick Bancroft had noticed, they saw Tyler's brother headed toward his dorm with Tony Marburger.

As if planned, the music turned soft and slow. Tyler got an 'it's now or never' expression on his face and started walking toward where Emily was seated. She sat nervously waiting, hoping he wouldn't lose his nerve. He didn't.

"May I have this dance," Tyler asked politely.

"I was hoping you'd ask," Emily answered sweetly as she stood and held her hand out to Tyler's. "Try not to look too shocked when you take my hand."

Tyler was confused by Emily's remark, but once he grasped her hand he understood completely. Emily's clothing completely melted away and Tyler found himself holding the hand of a quite attractive, quite naked young girl. "Wow!" was the only word he could muster, but it aptly described his present feelings.

Emily smiled. "Are we going to dance or are you just going to stand there staring at me? I haven't changed that much since the last time you saw me this way," she said with a laugh.

"Yes you have," Tyler said as he nervously put his arm around Emily and pulled her closer. "You're even prettier than I remember." As they began dancing, Tyler looked nervously about the common room. "Am I the only one that can see you're starkers?"

"Yes," Emily said. "My sister and Caitlin said that it was all they were going to wear to their party tonight, and I decided at the last minute to do it, too."

"What if someone other than me had asked you to dance?" Tyler asked concerned.

"I wouldn't have turned them down," Emily answered honestly. "That would have been impolite. Besides, I don't mind people seeing me naked; you know that. But my reason for using the charm tonight wasn't to try and excite anyone. I simply wanted to be comfortable and hopefully enjoy the party.

"I know you have difficulty understanding it, but I'm totally at ease nude. I'd be happy if I could go through the balance of my life never having clothing touch my skin again."

"I think you'd get rather cold in the winter," Tyler said. The thought of Emily standing naked in a snowstorm made him shiver for more than one reason.

"You'd be surprised," Emily answered. "I remember Jamie and me playing naked once in the snow. It was only at our parents insistence that we came inside."

"You are incredible," Tyler said, beaming.

"If I'm so incredible, why have you ignored me the past few weeks?" Emily questioned.

"It's my brother," Tyler said disgustedly. "He's forbidden me to have any contact with you."

"I expected as much," Emily said, understandingly.

"Have you been enjoying the party?" Tyler asked.

"Not really. At least not until now." Emily answered, openly.

"Me either," Tyler said, as he pulled Emily closer and allowed his hand to slip from her waist to her buttocks. "I've never met a girl like you."

"No, I'm sure you haven't," Emily said calmly, "but I'm afraid you might be jumping to an improper conclusion. Just because I'm nude, does not make it permissible for you to touch me anywhere you see fit. You have five seconds to get your hand back on my waist or find my knee someplace that will give you tremendous pain for the balance of the night."

Tyler clearly understood Emily intent and only used one second of his available time. "I'm sorry," he said, appearing to be sincere. "You're right! That was wrong and I never would have done it if you were dressed. It just seemed so inviting."

"I'm not angry," Emily said, candidly. "Actually, it's sort of complementary that you want to touch me there. If you were naked, I'd probably be tempted to pinch your bum too, but just because it's tempting and feels good doesn't make it correct."

"Do nudists dance?" Tyler asked.

"Not so as to have body contact," Emily answered. "Some clubs don't even allow slow dancing, but when permitted there can be no body contact. That wouldn't be proper with strangers or casual friends."

"I have to learn all these things if I'm going to get to know you, really know you," Tyler said excitedly.

"That doesn't seem very likely with your brother around," Emily muttered rather disappointedly.

"I just have to play it cool until after the Christmas holiday," Tyler explained. "After that I don't care what he does or says." Tyler didn't, however, go into further detail. "This is going to sound stupid, really stupid, but if I ask you something, will you promise not to tell a soul."

"No!" Emily answered, promptly.

Tyler looked shocked. He most certainly had expected her to say yes.

"I can't make a blanket statement like that not knowing what you are about to say," Emily added. "You have to make a decision to either trust me or not."

Tyler looked into Emily's eyes. He wanted this so bad. He had to trust her. "Will you please allow me to take you to the Yule Ball?" he asked and then held his breath waiting for her reply.

"Assuming Mum and Dad will allow me to go, yes," Emily replied. She pulled Tyler tightly against her and gave him a hug. "I won't tell the world," she said guessing that Tyler wanted this kept from his brother. "But there are some people I must share it with, people I know I can trust."

Emily broke the hug, understanding completely why nudists didn't dance closely together. Even with Tyler completely dressed; it felt awkward to be pressed against him. She couldn't imagine what it would feel like if they were both nude, although a part of her was thrilled at the thought.

As the music stopped, Tyler looked longingly at Emily. "I wish we could just sit and talk for awhile, but if my brother...."

Emily gave him a light kiss on the cheek. "I understand," she said. "You will at least cheer for me when we play Hufflepuff in two weeks, won't you."

"I'm your number one fan," Tyler said.

Emily just smiled without commenting. Harry already had taken that position. She squeezed Tyler's hand one more time and then headed back to her seat and the eagerly awaiting, very curious Kim.

Tyler watched appreciatively, as Emily's still naked form leisurely walked away. He preferred the front view, but the rear view was most certainly far from shabby. He had never considered a backside attractive until he saw Emily's bare. Then abruptly, her clothes reappeared. What was it that attracted him so much to her?

Every since the initiation, he hadn't been able to get her out of his mind. At first he thought it was merely because he had seen her naked, a little thing like that has a tendency to make a lasting impression. Later he realized it was much more than that. It was her total attitude, how she was so self-confident, but not the least bit cocky or conceded. She seemed perfect, almost too good to be true.

Then Tyler's dream was shattered. Dennis Crow was looking at him with an evil grin. His brother would know about him dancing with Emily before the evening was over. There would be hell to pay.

End of Chapter 13

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