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Brothers In Arms

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The Way family reunite.

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A/N: Again, this is the unedited version of this chapter. Seriously, I have no idea what the hell happened to my beta. Anyways, hope you enjoy.

Chapter Eight: Brothers In Arms

Present time (At LAST!): 6:15 am

Of the three people sleeping in the room, Gerard was, surprisingly, the first to wake. It was the second time he’d opened his eyes, and this time he had a little more strength than before. He’d previously been dreaming that he was being chased through a maze of vines when the strange sensation in the back of his hand caused the dream to fade away. The frontman blinked up at the ceiling for a moment, trying to adjust his eyes to the harsh pallor of the room before attempting to bring his hand up to his face to discover for himself why his hand felt so weird. His arm felt as if it was made of lead, but he managed to finally lift it.

Immediately the heart machine threw itself into a rapid accelerando the moment he discovered the IV needle, the speedy beeping jolting Frankie awake. The rhythm guitarist took one look at Gerard, who was trying weakly but desperately to pick the needle out of the back of his hand, and bolted for the call button, jamming it several times before he sat himself beside the terrified frontman and grabbed both his hands.

“Don’t,” Frank said simply, though there was no firmness in his tone.

The look of fear in Gerard’s hazel eyes turned to sudden recognition and a small smile touched the corner of his mouth. He managed to push himself into a sitting position and the next thing Frankie knew Gerard was hugging him and he found himself unable to hold back his emotions.

The nurse rushed in, expecting some sort of hardcore emergency but what he saw moved him deeply.

“Everything okay?” a passing doctor asked him. He nodded.
Donna Way woke with a start to the sound of a ringing telephone. She fumbled blindly in the dark for it, finally switching on the small lamp on the bedside table.

“Hello?” she mumbled.

“May I speak to Mr or Mrs Way please?”


“Mrs Way, my name is Doctor Lou Farris and I have some news about your son--”

Donna bolted upright. “Is he okay?”

“Yes, he’s fine, Mrs Way. I’m delighted to say that he’s woken from his coma--”

She interrupted him again with a babbled thank-you and slammed down the receiver, then proceeded to rouse Don from his sleep with a rough shake. She put on her slippers and dressing gown and hurried into Mikey’s room, flicking on the light.

“Mike--” she started but never finished.

His bed was empty. Again.

She sighed loudly and made her way into Gerard’s room.

“Mikey, get up. Now,”

The bassist squinted wearily at his mother.

“Wha’? Whassapp’ning?”

Donna was so excited she could only manage one word.


She’d never seen him get out of bed so quickly.

The ride to the hospital was in complete silence, as it had been for the last four months. The usual crowd of paparazzi and journalists met them at the entrance, including Nadine McCarthy, and they swarmed the Way family the moment they got out of the car.

“Mrs Way! Over here! Care to elaborate on--?”

“Mr Way! How are you coping with--?”

“Mikey! There’s Mikey! Tell us--”

“Give us a smile!”

“Is it true that Gerard is finally awake?!”


The only question Mikey heard hit him like a tonne of bricks.

He pushed past the throng as quickly as he possibly could, earning a dirty look from Nadine McCarthy as he shoved her out of his way, bolting past the reception desk and not even bothering to return the hello that Sarah Mackenzie threw in his direction.

Please, he prayed to whoever could possibly listen. Please let him be awake. I’ve waited four fucking months for--
The thought cut off abruptly. He’d reached room 502.

The first step into that room was the hardest he’d ever taken.

The second step never happened.

Mikey had only set one foot into the room when he felt every muscle in his body freeze solid.

Gerard was sitting propped up in bed, listening to Frankie talk about whatever was on his mind. The rhythm guitarist caught a glimpse of him in the doorway, smiled and whispered something to Gerard.

The brothers’ eyes met finally, and when Gerard mouthed Mikey’s name, obviously in his own state of disbelief, it thawed Mikey from his frozen shock. He ran straight to the hospital bed and nearly knocked Gerard off it with the force of his hug.

There was not a dry eye between the two, but there was a mile-wide grin plastered across Mikey’s face, despite the tears streaming down his cheeks. He had so much to say but he couldn’t speak a word, and he didn’t care.

Several nurses stood at the door watching the scene, some sniffling, some merely looking on in fascination. Sarah Mackenzie excused herself briefly from her place at the computer and headed over to see what all the fuss was about. When she saw what was going on she let out a delighted squeal, covering her mouth with both hands and declaring “omigod omigod omigod!” several times before tears sprang to her eyes and she needed to steal a tissue from one of the other weeping nurses.

“Excuse me! Pardon me!”

A doctor suddenly pushed through the throng of emotional onlookers, shoving Mikey aside in order to get to her patient. Mikey recognised her as the stern Dr. Miller, the woman who had saved Gerard’s life and scorner of the existence of miracles. She whipped out a penlight and aimed it directly at Gerard’s pupils. He swatted her hand away, both stunned by the sudden glare and surprised by her sudden entrance, but Dr Miller insisted with a dramatic sigh, “It’s business, love, deal with it”, and shone the penlight in his eyes again. She observed the successful dilation in both Gerard’s hazel eyes and with a satisfied grunt, replaced the penlight and held up her index finger in front of his face.

“Follow my finger with your eyes,” she demanded flatly. He did. She took his pulse and blood pressure, then handed him a notepad and pen.

“Don’t try to talk to anyone,” Miller instructed. “Use that instead,”

Gerard rolled his eyes at her as she left, then immediately attacked the notepad.

What the fuck was that all about?
He wrote, holding up the pad so Mikey could read what he had written.

The bassist shrugged. “‘Just business’ I guess,” he replied, mocking Dr Miller’s no-nonsense manner.

Gerard attempted a silent snicker but winced and held a hand to his throat briefly.

Note to self, he thought, don’t laugh.

“...Wish those people would mind their own damn business...”

The frontman looked up as an all-too-familiar voice reached his ears, and saw his parents standing in the doorway. At the sight of her eldest, Donna immediately burst into tears and wrapped him in a stifling embrace that all but crushed the wound to his throat. Gerard could do nothing but tap her franticly in an attempt to get her to relax her grip. Mikey stepped in.

“Mom! You’re crushing his neck!”

The hysterical woman instantly realised her mistake and let go.

“Sorry, hun. It’s just good to have you back,”

Gerard nodded, trying to smile through the pained grimace on his face and bent over the notepad again.

Thanks, Mom.

She hugged him again. Gently.

Over Donna’s shoulder he saw his father turn away briefly and brush at his eyes, but the gesture had apparently proved unsuccessful as there were tears streaming down his cheeks. Tears, Gerard knew, of joy.

“Aw, heck,” he muttered, before catching his son’s eye and giving him a casual thumbs-up with one hand while the other tried again to wipe away the tears. Don was the sort of man who normally concealed his emotions but now that he was reunited with his son, he couldn’t care less about hiding them.

Finally, after four months of separation, the Way family was together again.

And that was all that mattered.

For now.

I could just leave it there, I dunno...what do you guys think? I might continue if I get enough reviews...up to you.
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