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Chapter 2

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Another day

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Chapter 2
Marge rushed into the fairy garden, catching me cleaning their glowing mushrooms while one insisted in playing in my hair. I heard a snicker when I held my hand up at her.
“Don’t even start,” I told her, venom oozing in my voice. Marge just sat down beside me and started helping me cleaning the shrooms. We sat there in silence for a while, which was driving me crazy! I needed to tell someone…anyone about what just happened to me.
“I saw one of them,” I told her out of the blue. Marge stopped what she was doing and looked at me.
“Saw who?” she asked me.
“One of the vampires,” was my reply, causing Marge to almost drop a mushroom.
“Oh my God!” she squealed, in fear or excitement I have no clue. She was asking me all sorts of questions like what did it look like, did it talk.
“He just kept staring at me, really pale though…long nails like claws,” I said holding my hands out in claw stance.
“Wow,” she replied looking at me in amazement. “Well…at least we know they’re really there or we would have to explain what keeps draining the bodies.” I shrugged going back to cleaning, flinching at the fairy who seemed to be taking a piece of my hair away with it…they like my hair for some reason. The rest of the day was pretty normal, I had to feed the werewolves and make sure the alligator mutant’s tank was as filthily yet clean for them as possible. After having somewhat of an eventful day, a rest sounded like the greatest thing in the world.
So, I was in the store the other day and…there was this really old lady, and she was like staring off into space…I honestly thought she like…died or something! But wait…no she wasn’t…she was asleep! I’m not kidding she was standing up and sleeping!” The crowd laughed and clapped as Dane Cook was doing his opening for The Tonight Show. He filled in the slot after David Lettermen died at a very old age…time for him to go if you ask me; I was just enjoying my cart of ice cream with Fifi. Thoughts of the vampire that came to me kept flashing in my mind every now and then, mostly those sharp blue eyes he had. I don’t know why after all this time he decided to appear, to me in fact. I sighed to myself turning off the T.V, no sense in dwelling on it. It wasn’t like I would never see him again but vampires are complicated creatures. Falling asleep on my couch I had the most bizarre dream, I was running in a field or something in nothing but a long, flowing white dress. My hair had some flowers in it and I was barefooted, I felt like a hippie. I was laughing at something…something joyous, landing on the grass and playing. I looked up at a figure and smiled…like I was glad it was there. I couldn’t see who it was though, only I felt the warmest feeling in the world. It knelt in front of me and gently cupped my face.
I’ve been looking for you Meine kleine,” it said to me but I couldn’t figure the voice…it was sort of blurry. Then I got a good look of its hands and I gasped…they were claws.
I woke up gasping, jumping straight up from the couch. This caused Fifi to jump to the floor and meowing at me. I sighed with relief, was just a dream, I said I was sorry to Fifi and petted her to reassure her. It was almost time for me to go to work; I had to rush my way over there so I wouldn’t be late!
“See ya Fif,” I told her after I rushed my bath and clothes on, completely forgetting to give her a treat to eat.
“Do you think he will come out to see me again?” I asked Marge as we were prepping to feed the vampires.
“Who cares, and if you ask me I think he was looking at you like food,” she replied.
“How would you know?” I asked, “You weren’t even there.”
“I don’t have to be there to know how a vampire thinks! They’re use to us giving them dead bodies, probably wondering what it would be like to feed on a live person.” I just rolled my eyes putting the body bags on the plate, Marge and her paranoid nature I would never understand. Lunch break didn’t come soon enough; I didn’t know why I was so eager to sit in the vampire exhibit but I was curious, this was my first vampire contact ever! I was as giddy as a school girl…I was actually kind of sick of myself at the thought of me being this way. I walked into the exhibit, only to find the same male vampire sitting down on the ground looking at me, like he was waiting for me to arrive.
“Hi there!” I said rather cheerfully at him as I sat down. I didn’t get anything in response, just a stare and silence. I brushed it aside and went to eating my sandwich, I looked up every now and then to look at him, I think he was watching me eat. Why I honestly didn’t know, maybe he found it fascinating who knows but I continued eating anyway. By the time I was finished I looked back at him who continued to stare, I didn’t even think he blinked once.
“So um,” I began, determined to make him talk. “Enjoyed the body?” He looked at me, making it very difficult to start a conversation; it was getting on my nerves.
“Look,” I said getting up and walking as close as possible, “I’m trying to talk to you but you’re not making it easy for me. Do you not talk or something?” My temper was rising; why he was making me react like this I have no clue. All of the sudden he shook his head no, yes contact! “Ok, so you can talk…you just choose not to?” I guessed, getting a nod in reply. “I don’t understand why do you not want to talk?” I asked him, he didn’t move his head anymore; instead he squatted to face me. I almost lost my ability to speak; his eyes were so intense it was like they were tearing into my soul.
“Um, do you even have a name?” I asked in a soft voice, he nodded. “Can I know it?” I asked he shook his head no. “But why?” I asked, jumping at the sound of Marge calling for me. I sighed walking to get my things.
“I have to go back to work, it was um…nice,” I said walking out. I didn’t even look to see if he was still there or not, I just needed to get out of there. Even though I got some form of contact from him, why he refused to talk was still a mystery. Was he a monk when he was alive and taking a vow of silence or something? It just didn’t make any sense. I jumped a little at Marge coming up behind me, telling me I was in charge of a tour. I hated tours; they were full of ignorant tourists and annoying children. I just sighed and walked to meet them with a fake smile on my face.
“Hello and welcome to the New York City Supernatural Zoo, my name is Godiva Cunningham and I will be your guide today,” I said trying to be as cheerful as possible. I got some people who smiled at me; I figured they were from the South. I love Southern people; they were by far the nicest people I have ever met. I also got the typical family who were trying to be perfect, bringing the kids with them and one kid who rather be somewhere else. This time it was a girl at least fifteen wearing some wannabe punk chick wear and bleached blond hair, smacking her gum with her arms crossed. I got a nice old couple in their sixties, two frat boys, a preacher and his wife, and various others. I walked with them everywhere in the zoo; I showed them the werewolves and cringed when the frat boys were howling at them, I almost thought the wolves were going to break the bars and grab hold of them so I quickly took them along. Many people were amazed at the glowing fairy garden, even the Avril wannabe teen.
“Wow, like a fucking acid trip!” one of the frat boys said getting a high-five in return by the other. I rolled my eyes walking with them to see the mutant alligators, decedents of Big Foot, even our latest discovery of a woman with large falcon like wings named Veronique. The frats were saying something crude making me worry, V stood at least seven feet tall and was very strong. Instead she looked at me in a ‘are they for real?’ way; I shrugged guiding them to the vampire exhibit knowing full well they would not be out to see them.
“And here is the vampire room; they are no lights except the very low lights inside the preserve for them.”
“Where are they?” one of the ladies in the crowd asked.
“They don’t really come out to the guests here, even to us. Why we don’t know,” I replied to her. Just then the teenage girl’s eyes went wide with an open mouth, I was wondering what was wrong with her when I turned and gasped myself. It was the silent vampire; he actually stepped out to us! I was so lost for words; I looked up at him with so much shock. He looked right at me and I thought I saw a smile, but I could have been just seeing things.
“Um, this is one of our vampires…right now,” I said finding my voice again.
“Does he have a name?” the teen asked, wow this was getting her attention more than the fairy garden did!
“Um, we don’t quite know what his name is…he doesn’t really talk all that much,” I replied.
“Is he the only one?” someone asked.
“No he’s one of at least twelve vampires we have here in the zoo,” I answered, “but we don’t see them all that much.
“Where is he from?” another asked.
“We found him in one of the parks near the city, were his origin is I’m not quite sure.”
“Why doesn’t he talk?”
“That’s a good question; I’ve been trying to figure it out all day,” I said when I noticed the frats whispering and snickering at each other…almost like teenage girls really. I continued answering questions, when I saw one of the frats pointing at me while the other snickered and nodding at something.
“I’m sorry do you want to share something?” I asked them, getting highly annoyed.
“No ma’am just enjoying the nice tour,” one of the frat guys said while the other snickered. I sighed, giving up completely, this was totally useless.
“Ok, just follow me and I’ll take you…”
“Why don’t you just be men about it and tell the lady what you were saying? Or are you too wimpy to do it?” A very male voice said, it sounded like pure velvet and smooth, almost unreal…and it was behind me. I turned slowly in shock and disbelief, along with the rest of the group. The male vampire stood there crossing his arms and looked at the frats in a cold stare.
“We don’t have all day you know,” he said with a raised eyebrow, I couldn’t believe it…he talked, he finally talked!
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