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Tainted Love

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Two vampire rockstars are trying to live a normal life in the spotlight. Everyday they suffer through the pain and suffering, untill two regular girls start to change that, but will it hopefully be...

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Tainted Love

Preface :
I felt her gaze on my face, i felt myself loosing control. I needed some air, but it was too late. I never fogave myself for what i did to her that night. No matter where i went she filled my thoughts, her last breath with me standing over her, the cause of her death. I just wished i could escape my own world, my personal life i called hell. Kevin can read minds, able to find any thought you think. I can influence humans in any way, we have a natural born talent to control human minds. But there is downsides. Having a regular normal life would be so much better, my thoughts raced as i tried to find my purpose in why i was faced with living this way. Years came and went, never finding the answer. Never ending thirst for blood, living in torment, day after day. Watching the world change, and watching people die around us. And i watched my brother and I be timeless.
Chapter 1:

Joseph's POV.

I looked out into the crowd and i saw hundreds of girls, reaching for me and my brother. I swallowed deeply, feeling so dry and thirsty as i looked at all of them. I leaned off the stage and focused on this one girl, she reached for me with a blank expression on her face, i grinned at her as i released her from my focus. She blinked a few times wondering what just happend to her. Hours passed and all the girls were still all in the music. After the concert we got offstage after two hours, not even breaking a sweat or getting tired. "What were you thinking?" Kevin asked me as i looked into the crowd . I looked back at him and i rolled my eye's. "I didn't do anything." I lied and Kevin groaned and he stared at me, his face was lifeless. "Why did you do that to that girl, they already fall all over you, but you still feel that they need your influence?" He said and i sighed as he stood beside me. "Its not a bad thing, why can't i have alittle fun, you do." I told him and he looked back at me. "Yea, but not as much as you do, and i dont manipulate girls." Kevin frowned and i started to walk away. These arguments were so stupid, i never listened to him, why does he always got to be so stupid? I asked myself and i felt Kevin looking at me as i walked away. "Because i care!" He shouted and i rolled my eye's and i faced him. "Can't i have some thoughts to myself." I said glaring at him and he ran and caught up to me.

Kevin's POV.
He always had to do that, he never listens to anything i ever say. "Where do you think your going?" I asked and Joseph stopped and smiled at me. "What all of a sudden you decide to ask me question's now, then just go all through my thoughts?" He smirked and i sighed as he looked back at me. "Look sorry, i just over reacted, and i wont bug you again." I gave in and he finally smiled back at me. We have been keeping our secret for years and years, never getting caught. Humans arn't stupid, just unobservent. Every day i get worried that one human is going to find out and our life is gonna suck worse then it already does. When i saw what Joseph was thinking i cannot believe that he just dosn't care if we were exposed by controling girls minds just for his own satisfaction . It's not like he never got girls attention. Ever since we started the band it's been difficult to hide our real side from everyone. Always having to change our names, even traveling around the world, living diffrent places. "So can we go already, it's getting to bad, i cannot think straight that much." Joseph said as he tried to relax for the time being. "Just alittle longer, till everything dies down, then we can go." I said and i watched the crowd get thinner and thinner, untill we were the only ones here. "Finally showtime." He smiled and he walked out of the building. "You make it sound like you love doing this." I complained and he frowned at me. "Well your wrong, but its unavoidlable, you know it." He confessed and i sighed and raced down a dark allyway. The raging thirst for bood was the most important thing, i hated it...sneaking into people's homes, just so we could quench our thirst was so awful to me. But now it seemed routine as time goe's by. But the regret still burns in my brain every night.

Joseph's POV.
God every time we go out Kevin always is such a baby, it's not like we were killing the people. We learned to control our hunger enough not to kill the people we fed from. Yea it sounds kinda bad, but its a part of this nightmare that you cannot escape from. Down the ally there were metal stairways into apartment complex's and i climbed up the stair's like it was nothing. Kevin was right behind me. silently i glided through an open window that was a bedroom . Kevin looked at me and slipped into another room, looking for others. I walked up to the bedside, there was a girl that was in her middle twenty's with short red hair. I smelt the flow of her blood running through her neck which made me anxious. I focused on her face and concentrated. Very slowly i leaned forwards and touched her neck, she didn't move as i pressed my lips down against her throat she was too busy being mesmerized. Since Kevin and i were used to controling ourselves we didn't kill anybody as we fed. And when they woke up in the morning they would think a bug bug or something bit them. I laugh at dumb humans that always think it was a bug.
Chapter 2:

Kevin's POV.

I watched the sun rise from our apartment window, i sighed as Joseph flipped though the tv channels. "When is our next concert?" Joseph asked and i groaned out loud. "How many times are you going to ask me that?" I said and he stood up and frowned at me. "Till i feel like stopping." He mumbled and i rolled my eye's and looked back at the window. "Not till tomarrow." I told him and he just stood there not moving. He looked out the window and his dark eye's lifted as he looked out the window. "Dont even think about it." I said reading his mind. He growled and faced me. "I thought you said you wern't going to do that anymore." He complained and i rolled my eye's. I watched the girl walk down the street untill she was out of sight then i looked at Joseph. "I will stop when quit stop being so sick minded." I said and he crushed the remote in his hands to pieces. "Nice, now we have no remote." I said picking up the crushed pieces. "Oops." He said looking at me. "Whatever, i doesn't matter." I said crushing the pieces into dust.

Krystal's POV.
"Come back here!" Derek shouted at me, i heard the smashing of glass behind me as i tried to get out of his house. "Stop Derek!" I begged and he grabbed me and pinned me to the wall. "Dont tell me what to do!" He yelled, i felt his hands grip my throat and i couldn't breath for a minute, he finally let me loose. I ran out of his house and went home. "What happened to you?" My mother asked me as i walked in. And my eye's froze, i quickly pulled my hair over my neck and tried to relax. "Oh, i fell coming home." I said lying through my teeth and my mom held my arms that had devloping bruises coming. My dad was next to her and looked at my arms. "Honey i can look at them for you." He said and i shook my head. "Dont worry i will put some ice on them later, goodnight." I said to my parents and went up to my room. I locked my door and i felt tears running down my face. I went into my bathroom and i looked in the mirror. I had a huge bruise on the base of my neck where Derek's hands had been, my clothes smelt like beer as i took them off. I changed my clothes and i crawled into bed, then my phone rang and i sighed as i answered. "Hello." I answered and i smiled as i heard her voice. "Hey did today go?" My sister Brittany asked me and i tried to stop crying to answer her. "I couldn't convince him to give it up." I said and i her voice sounded angry. "So he is still taking it." She sighed and i wiped my eye's. "Well i will see you in about two minutes." She said and i sat up on my bed. "Um, okay...I said and then my door opened to her with her phone in her hand. "You didn't forget about our tickets to go see our favorite band did you!" She asked shocked as she sat beside me. "No, it just slipped my mind." I said and then i heard her gasp and i faced her, her eye's were wide. "He hurt you again?" She asked and i nodded my head. "You should leave him." She said shaking her head looking at my arms. She looked up at me and she gasped louder. She touched my neck i jerked back. "Ow." I said and she sighed. "Sorry...Krystal you have to break up with him, he bruises you and yells at you, he drinks and he is addicted to meth." She said and i covered her mouth. "Shhh! were you planning on telling the whole world tonight?" I whispered and she stopped talking. "You have been with him for over a year now and he hasn't got any better." Brittany spoke and i looked away from her and closed my eye's. "I can't just give up on him, he wasn't always like this if you remember, can we please talk about something else." I said and Brittany stood up and sighed. "Well, we have front row tickets to see Night Ranger tomarrow!" She squealed and i laughed as she jumped up and down.

Joseph's POV.
Sadly now we didn't have a remote now and...i wasn't allowed to openly think about anything anymore....but on the brighter side, oh wait there is no brighter side, i thought and Kevin was staring at me. "Could you be more depressing..i think not." Kevin said and i ignored his comment and continued to tune my guitar before we went onstage. "Can you just stay out of my thoughts just this once." I pleaded frowning at him, then i lost focus and i couldn't stop thinking about some smell that clouded everything. "What is it?" Kevin asked and he was instanly beside me. "I dont know..but it's amazing." I said and he hit my shoulder. "Snap out of it, we have to go now." Kevin said and we went onstage, tons of fans were there, it was a pretty huge crowd. As soon as i stepped out onstage it got worse, as we started to first song i acted natural, normally i would be all over the stage loving the limelight, but i couldn't barly focus on the song. The smell was over powering, i looked out onto the crowd, instantly i looked in the front row, i finally found were it was coming from. A girl, i looked at her and she was so so beautiful. I lost my focus and as i sang i leaned forward and i took a breath and the smell went though my mind and boiled my brain. I instanly moved away from her and went on the whole other side of the stage the rest of the concert. When the concert was over i ran offstage and Kevin was right behind me. "What were you thinking!" He snarled at me, i looked at him with a blank expression. "Im sorry..i couldn't help it, you didn't smell her! she was unlike anything, she was so pretty." I whispered and he raised his eybrows. "What?" I asked and i started to walk away and he followed me. "That's really unlike you." He said and he stopped me. "She was so pretty." He quoted me and i sighed. "Normally you call girls hot..or sexy." Kevin said and i groaned. "What am i supposed to do, we have a meet and greet tonight, what if she's there, i dont know if i can handle her so close." I confessed and Kevin looked around for a second. "Well if you see her tonight let me now and you can excuse yourself, and come back when she is gone." He suggested and i smiled. "Awesome." I said and we headed over to the meet and greet.

Brittany's POV.
When i saw the bruises all over Krystal i felt like going to Dereks house and beating the crap out of him, i wanted to call the cops on him. I never understood why she still tried to change him, he has been a drug addict for almost a year now, and he has always hurt her, she always told me that there was something inside him that she thinks that she can bring back. Now that he started drinking its gotten worse. When we got to the concert we went to the front row, i was so excited to see Kevin, he was the most hottest guy ever. He had dark hair that went to his neck and went in his eye's, the best thing was his electric green eye's. When they came onstage everyone screamed as they started to play. Joseph rocked the stage, but his face looked paler then normal, and his eye's looked frozen in place. When the concert ended everyone started to head over to the meet and greet. "Come on lets go!" I said pulling her arm. When we got in line we were almost the last one's in the huge line. "Maybe we should just go, by the time we get up there it's going to be too late." Krystal said and i sighed. "They once went through a meet and greet of four hundred people, there i only like two hundred here so we will get to meet them." I said and she smiled and we waited in line.

Kevin's POV.
The meet and greet was really long but we could go through a thousand people before we got bored with it and want to stop. Hundreds of girls all the same. "Oh my god i love you guys, your so hot!" This one girl said as she hugged us. I smiled at her, when she walked away i wanted to roll my eye's. More and more girls started to come and i felt like just leaving, then i heard Joseph's thoughts. "Kevin thats her!" He thoughs shouted at me and i saw the girl he was thinking about. It was just an ordinary girl, yea she was pretty and all but enough to make him like this? She wasn't alone she had someone with her, she was short, she had a diffrent smile unlike anything, i held my breath as they got closer.

Krystal's POV.
When i saw them so close i quickly looked away and i just looked at the ground. "Hey you guys and go in front of us." Brittany said to these two girls that were behind us. They smiled at us and went in front of us. "Why did you do that?" I asked and Brittany sighed. "If were the last one to go up there we have more time to talk to them because we dont have people waiting behind us." Brittany said and i laughed. "So you want to have more time to just stare at them and be speechless and stupid looking in front of them?" I asked and Brittany eye's widened. "Oh, it didn't think of that." She said and i laughed. I couldn't help myself i looked up at them and i looked at Joseph for a second, he was meeting some girl, when she walked away he instantly looked right my way. I quickly looked away, as the line started to move up way to fast for me. When there was only a couple girls in front of us i really got to look at Joseph, he was breathtaking, everything about him, his midnight black hair went down his neck touching his shoulders and his skin looked so flawless. When we were the next one up i felt like just turing back. When Brittany and i walked up i couldn't look away for Joseph's eyes. They were so amazing, they were the most beautiuful brown that seemed to glow.

Joseph's POV.
When i spotted her i wanted to leave so bad, i couldn't though, i wanted a closer look. When they were next i stopped breathing and her and another girl slowly walked up. Her face was so diffrent, she had really long blonde hair that smelt almost better then her. "Hello Ladies it's a pleasure to meet you, my name is Kevin." When he introduced himself i felt his eye's on me for a second. "Just call me Joseph." I said and i saw a smile start to spread on that girls face. "Im Brittany." The other girl said and the one girl looked at Kevin and i. "Im Krystal." She spoke, she had the most softest voice, she wasn't high pitched like other girls. I looked away from her face and i noticed behind the shirt she wore was dark bruises around her neck, i looked down and she had them all on her arms too. "Well did you girls enjoy the concert?" Kevin asked them and i just looked at Krystal. "Yea, it was great." Brittany said and i had to know why she was like that. "What's with the bruises...fall alot?" I asked and her eye's froze, she looked like she was trapped in the worst position. "Um...yea." She said and in her eye's was something taht told me that wasn't the case. For some reason, i felt like i wanted to know more about her, i wanted to know why she was so quiet. "Well it was amazing to meet you girls, we hope to see you again." Kevin said and he shook their hands. I shook Brittany's and Krystal slowly reached out her hand, i gently touched her hand and shook it for about two seconds. When they started to walk away as soon as they were out of sight i sighed and i relaxed. "What was that about, i thought you didn't want to meet her?" He said and i shrugged my shoulders. "I dont know, i wanted to see her up close." I said and Kevin stared at me. "And why did you ask her about bruises?" He asked and i thought for a second. "She didn't tell me the truth did she, what was she thinking?" I asked and Kevin frowned at me. "Whoa, im not going to get involved in her personal life." Kevin said and i walked closer to him. "I know that you were curious too, those were some intense marks all over her, your a liar if you say that you didn't hear what she was thinking." I said and he sighed and i smiled at him. "She was very nervous about meeting us, expecially you, she started to freak out when you asked about her bruises, they were from someone, and she didn't think of who it was, just that she was terrified about it and she doesn't want anyone to know." Kevin told me her thoughts and i nodded my head. "So she's got a secret, thats why she is so shy." I said talking to myself. "So how was her friend Brittany?" I asked and Kevin's eye's looked at me with shock. "Yea i noticed you liked her, so what was her thought's, who was she?" I asked and Kevin leaned against the wall and looked at me. "She is her younger sister, the only thing she was thinking about was pure anger to the guy that did that to Krystal and she was um..." He trailed off and i laughed. "She was thinking all about you wasn't she!" I said laughing and i kept laughing as he didn't answer me, he didn't have to, i already knew.
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