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I don't love you anymore

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My first MCR story. It doesn't involve MCR yet. Nor Marilyn Manson. Heh. Rate and review? Pwesssse.

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"Brenna!" I looked up at my friend, Ashley. "ASHLEY!" She glared at me. "Would you please come to the Marilyn Manson concert with me?" "Fine! But he better sing 'Arma -goddamn-motherf*ckin-geddon." "If he don't girl, I'll beat his cute butt," Ashley said. Yes, she thinks he's 'cute.'
(Later that night)
"HOLY CRAP!" Ashley smiled at me. I quickly grabbed the towel and wrapped it around me. She smirked, "Girl, don't act like we've never seen each other naked." "True." "Come on. We gotta ready." She grabbed my wrist and brought me in our room. "We've gotta get a smaller house," she complained. Our house is like a mansion, by the way. It's got 8 rooms and 8 bathrooms, and a pool and a tennis court. Okay. We do live in a mansion. But it's really her parents. She's actually adopted. Her parents are in their early 30s, and he's in a famous band. So. Anyway, I went to my dresser and pulled out skinny jeans, a tight black long sleeved shirt and a bra and underwear. I got dressed then put on my Converse. I went to my bathroom and did my hair, which really was just teasing. "BRENNA!" Yayy! I heard my boyfriends voice. He's got a key to our house so.."Kyle!" I said, looking out of the bathroom. He walked over and kissed me. "Ew." Ashley ran downstairs.
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