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Chapter III

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-brendon to jon to ryan-

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-meowmixxy has signed on

meowmixxy: hey bren you still mad at me?

MyTightLittlePants: SFASFKDSFO??!!?

meowmixxy: so i take it thats a yes?


meowmixxy: listen, if it's about your diary i'm really sorry!

meowmixxy: you can come by my house today to get it.

MyTightLittlePants: AKSFPL:ESITER!111!!!#



meowmixxy: oh, ;) you like it?

meowmixxy: i thought it would help you and ry break the ice n all

MyTightLittlePants: WHAT THE FUCK??!!

MyTightLittlePants: HAS HE SEEN IT YET???

meowmixxy: no... i don't think so.

MyTightLittlePants: okay, just please change it.

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meowmixxy: okay

meowmixxy: uhh ohh... to late

MyTightLittlePants: O_O

meowmixxy: sorry bren.

eyelinerroxx: jon... whats up with your status?

meowmixxy: oh ryan... that ohh ummm....

-meowmixxy hes signed off

MyTightLittlePants: FUCK YOU WALKER!!!

eyelinerroxx: bren...?

MyTightLittlePants: uhh... ryan...?

eyelinerroxx: is there something you want to tell me?

eyelinerroxx: and don't you dare log off cause i will text and call you to no end.

MyTightLittlePants: okay...

eyelinerroxx: well??

MyTightLittlePants: what??

eyelinerroxx: brendon don't play stupid with me!!

MyTightLittlePants: :( i'm sorries

eyelinerroxx: well???

MyTightLittlePants: i love you

-MyTightLittlePants has signed off

later that day...

-ryan to spencer-

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eyelinerroxx: spencer....

spencyisbettr: ryan listen please don't scream at me.

eyelinerroxx: i'm not going to scream at you.

eyelinerroxx: is that possible over aim?

spencyisbettr: idk

eyelinerroxx: i want to know why you didn't tell me it was brendon who liked me.

spencyisbettr: idk... he really didn't want me to tell you anyway...

spencyisbettr: wait? how did you find out? did he tell you??

eyelinerroxx: no. he didn't. i read jon's status.

eyelienrroxx: i asked him about it...

spencyisbettr: what happened?

eyelinerroxx: he said i love you

eyelinerroxx: then he signed off and hasn't talked to me since.

spencyisbettr: ohh.

eyelinerroxx: spencer help me!! i don't know what to do!

spencyisbettr: about what??

eyelinerroxx: BRENDON!

spencyisbettr: what is there to do? you like him or you don't. that's all there is to it.

spencyisbettr: i gotta go, i'm going over to jon's.

spencyisbettr: bye.

-spencyisbettr has signed off

eyelinerroxx: right...

-kingofALLliners has signed on

kingofALLliners: whats right?

eyelinerroxx: i don't know...

eyelinerroxx: umm... who..?

kingofALLliners: pete

eyelinerroxx: ohh...

kingofALLliners: you do know i'm pissed at you right?

eyelinerroxx: why???!

kingofALLliners: you copied my name.

eyelinerroxx: oh sorry.

kingofALLliners: now tell me whats wrong.

eyelinerroxx: nothing is wrong.

kingofALLliners: ross don't gimme that bull shit

kingofALLliners: bubble butt's already told me everything.

eyelinerroxx: he does have a bubble butt doesn't he?.. haha it's so cute.

kingofALLliners: ryan, do you like bren or not?

eyelinerroxx: i do

eyelinerroxx: but he said i love you. am i supposed to say it back?

kingofALLliners: only if you mean it.

eyelinerroxx: okay. well i have to go take care of something.

kingofALLliners: okay.

kingofALLliners: bye

eyelinerroxx: bye

eyelinerroxx has changed their status to: I LOVE BUBBLE BUTT!!

-thecobraLIVES has signed on

thecobraLIVES: who's bubble butt?

-eyelinerroxx has signed off

kingofALLliners: no one.. hey you still coming over later??

thecobraLIVES: of course sexi pants ;)

kingofALLliners: i'll make sure my parents are gone!!!

sorry, i couldn't resist the gabe and pete thing there ;), alright thank you so much for the reviews! same thing, buy yourself another chapter with a review, it takes two seconds to type good, in that little box haha. rate too!
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