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Her Secret

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About a boy with a evil murderus brother, a rotten father, a died mother, and a person who saves the boy from a life of misery.

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Little Angel
Chapter 5
Today is summer vacation no school I felt some thing warm against my face I rubbed my eyes and sat up the girl was staring at me "what are you doing." I asked because she was staring at me with interest "sorry it just you have pretty hair it reminds me of snow like in the winter" she blushed. "Hay its ok "what's that smell Aura" I sniffed the air it smelled like food "oh you're moms cooking I didn't wont to bother her so I waited till you woke up." I yawned a little and jumped out of bed "would you like to meet Ashley" she nodded and we walked to kitchen. She was making eggs and bacon "I decide it make briefest since you slept in."

"So were wore you last night Ashley" I sat down she had her back turned to me "on a attempted rape case behind a gay bar they said a young boy with White hair told them a girl was attacked, but when I got their the boy and girl were gone I wonder where she went."

"I am right here miss. Ashley" She spun around and looked at the girl then me "why is she here Kana you now it's not right to take a victim to your house" she scold at me "I am sorry but she was hurt and she's only 5 years old I could just leave her pulse you're a cop." She sighed put down the food "ok you make the food I will talk to her Kana." I started to make the food while the girls talked.

"So you are 5 that's a little to young to be out side so late."

"I am a big girl she huffed and looked away trying not to seem rude."

"I now that its that shouldn't your mom or dad be walking with you this is New York."

"I now that I am young not stupid," she said.

Kana what's her name you didn't tell me

"Its Aura Ashley sorry I forgot to tell you that." I rubbed my head and put the food on the plates and pored milk. Hears some thing to eat Aura I said and placed our plates on the table an sat down she plopped down on the seat. " You must be hungry after what happened last night." She nodded an started to eat "this is good" she sounded as if she was surprised. "What do you think every guy can't cook" I teased a little. She didn't answer she just countined to eat the food I made I leaned my elbow on the table and placed my hand on my chin drank my tea and smiled at her. "Its not that I was always told a guy who can cook is gay."

"Wwwhaaaaat" my mouth gaped at what she said "hahaha" Ashley spat some of her food out as she laughed. "Shut up" she patted me on the back as she tried not to laugh at me more than she finished her food. "Hay Kana and Aura how about we go to the park or a zoo" Aura yelled joyfully "yay that sounds fun."

"ok then I'll go get you some of my old cloths that don't fit me"

Ashley walked over to me while Aura finished her food "you to go while I look for her parents ok"
I nodded showing that I understood.

........................not done............................
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