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Losing The Feeling Of Feeling Unique..

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Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present, a picturesque score of passing fantasy

The worst moments in life are when you have to leave those forever friends, after always worrying that they would leave you.

It wasn't my fault he didn't want to go to college---well, yes, well it is. I was indeed the one that suggested him playing guitar, well, stupid me, then! I couldn't persuade him successfully
to come with me, since his mind was set to pursue "music".


I know what you're thinking---oh! Your such a drama queen! You can visit him!

Well, no.
You would be wrong if were to think that. But I am absolutely positive you are thinking that.
Or would be if I hadn't already stated that I knew what you we're thinking, so you wouldn't have to think for yourself. Make sense?

Oh, that's Okay, it shouldn't.
But indeed, it's my fault he's not sitting next to me, drinking root beer, excitedly, on this airplane...on the way to Hartford, Connecticut, 8,000 long miles from Las Vegas, Nevada.

I didn't exactly think leaving my best friend Tori, with Ryan was the best idea, but she wanted to "pursue" in nothing. She just wanted to be a stay at home mother--- but I don't know what she's talking about, she doesn't have a child...

I don't exactly think he will get any where in the music industry, it's not the job for him, he's got better judgment then to turn into some drugged rockstar, which is what usually happens to those in the Music industry...

He's too fragile, to me, I just couldn't let that happen.

But I guess I have too...since he insists...

(That's the Introduction, just saying, more to come, if you didn't like this, well, it doesn't matter, just keep checking back for my Chapter One.

I am proud to say that, well, this story has gotten very good, I've got drafts and I'm in the process of editing, please review, but dont rate, (unless you want to give it a whopping 5 stars!) until you read Chapter one. Thanks,
----Rachelle (:
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