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I Care Too Much.

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I Care Too Much...

It's the weekend, which means two things. One; no school! Two; Dan's house! She's my best friend, and I love going over there as a break from my house. It's Saturday morning. I don't usually even get up, but they're arguing downstairs again, so not really any choice. I yawn as I sit up, back aching from the mattress. Laura's already gone out somewhere. I reluctantly listen to the fight going on downstairs.

Sighing I drag myself out of bed and get dressed, then go and straighten my hair the best I can. I let out a loud yawn as I do my makeup, nothing heavy, just enough to feel human. Walking downstairs I almost fall, but I catch myself then go and brush my teeth ignoring the family yelling. I grab my mp3 player and blast music as I sit downstairs waiting for my lift to get to Dan's. I have my bag on my lap as I wait patiently. After a bit my dad calls me and then drops me off. They do complain I'm over here too much but I ignore them.

"Come in!" Dan yells from upstairs as I get to her door. I walk in and her dogs pounce me. I almost fall, they're almost bigger than me. But I laugh then walk up to Dan's room timidly.

"Hey!" I greet her as I drop my bag in her tv then go over to sit beside her.

"Hey!" She smiles, she's on her laptop, she looks upset.

"What's wrong?" I ask, throwing my arm over her.

"Mum again." She sighs and tells me about how her family's falling apart even more. It hurts me almost as much as it's hurting her. Her family's like my second family. And both are falling apart. I hug her and give her the best advice I can. Then it's back to messing around. We go down to the kitchen when it's starting to get late.

"What to do?" She asks me, and I signal the drink cabinet with my eyes. "You're alchy I swear!" I laugh, then she reaches for the draw and passes me a cherry alchopop thing. Nothing heavy. I pout. "No Crystal. No whiskey for you." She laughs and I smile and take a sip from the pop.

"Let's go for a walk?" I ask, it's not too late, we walk outside quietly and walk up the road, then I get an idea. "Let's be pissed!" I say loudly.

"I already said--" She begins but I cut her off.

"No let's PRETEND." I wink and she laughs, and nods. I take out my mp3 player and play Thnks Fr Th Mmrs and we start singing loudly, laughing hysterically when the earphones fall out. Then I decide to change the words..


"Like a cherry drink thing!!" And Dan goes into a laughing fit, then we continue to add that every time. Later we sneak in and go up to her room, then talk about stuff that doesn't matter. Just another fun sleepover, then we get into talking about serious stuff. About our family's.

It's now I realize how much I actually cared about her family, and even though mine crashing was breaking my heart, I helped her get through her problems. And she tried to help me, but it was mostly about her. I sigh and continue with my advice. I ignore my issues and try my best to help her, that ways best, for now. Then we get back to talking about random things, and having a laugh 'cause we can. And all is good, again.
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