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:( My Owie...Deidara oneshot

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Tobi's annoying Deidara and Dei ends us hurt from Sasori. How can he be helped?

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:( My Owie… Deidara oneshot

“Tobi, get your ass back here, yeah,” Deidara yelled running through the hideout after a crying and frantic Tobi.

“Tobi's a good boy. Tobi didn't mean to set all the bombs off in Deidara-senpai's room,” he yelled ducking behind you. You didn't move at all, to defend or offend Tobi. You knew not to get in between their arguments so you went back to reading your boring magazine. That is, until you saw Sasori stick out his foot. You knew what was going to happen but there wasn't enough time for you to warn him.

“Down he blows!” Tobi shouted like a pirate. You snickered a little before going over to Deidara. Sasori had already made his way to the kitchen to get away from the argument that was sure to ensue.

“Are you okay DeiDei?” you asked before he could start shouting out obscenities. He looked up his face red. “Oh, no! Do you have a fever?” You put your hand to his forehead. He jerked his head away and shook it `no'. His face started to lighten filling you with relief. You grabbed his elbow and helped him up. You looked around to see Tobi had left as well. He acted as if his hand hurt.

“I have an owie on my hand, will you kiss it better?” he asked holding his hand out palm up. It was the first time you heard him say anything without using his speech impediment. You knew about his mouths and hid a grin. You kissed each of his finger tips instead.

“That better?” You looked up to see his pout.

“That's not where it hurts, yeah,” he whined.

“Yeah, but I'd rather kiss the original,” you replied pulling on his ponytail to your level. His hands went on your hips. You pressed yourself closer and he inched his hands up just underneath the hem of your shirt, his hands nipping and sucking at the skin leaving two marks. You ran your hands down his chest and….

“Deidara-senpai, Leader needs you-” he stopped seeing the position you two were in. He ran out snickering and shouting, “Deidara being a bad boy doing bad things to Miyuki-chan!” You blushed hearing him and laughed pulling away from him.

“You better go see what he wants. I'll see you later.” You gave him a quick peck on the cheek before making your way to your room. Not five minutes later, Deidara comes in with a box of his clothes. He plopped it in a corner before lying down and pulling you to him, your back to his chest.

“Dei-kun?” you questioned. He knew what you wanted.

“Tobi blew up my room, yeah. I need a new place to sleep. Leader assigned me to sleep in your room, yeah,” he said wiggling his eyebrows. You giggled and turned over in his grip.

“Oh, no. Whatever has he done wrong?” you joked.

“Not this, yeah,” he said before lying on top of you. He kissed you while his hands inched your shirt up leaving hickies all along the edge of your sides, along your breasts (no bra on), and up to your neck before breaking the kiss just long enough to yank your shirt off.

“Oh, and Deidara, don't-” They looked in time to see it was Leader who closed the door.

“We get walked in on each time, yeah,” he heard Deidara complain.

“We really need a lock,” Miyuki agreed.

“Kids these days,” he said shaking his head. He turned around and started to make his way back to Konan's room.
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A/N: Yeah, I so went there and added Pein/Konan. Hope you like it. Tell if you do or if you don't.
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