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I'm Not One For Love Songs (Part 17)

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OH NO! Poor Gabe! D: And Joecee action! Reviews are lovely. (:

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Author's Note: So I apologize if I don't seem to update as consistently once school starts on Thursday, but I'll definitely try my best! Also, I'm taking suggestions as to what exactly you guys want to see happen in this story. I mean, you guys [are the readers, and I am simply your pawn. So suggest away! :D]

tryingtohard_x- I know, right?! Poor Gabee. D:!
chocolatechortle22- their misfortune does seem to make them fit perfectly together doesn't it? Let's just hope that two unlucky people make a very lucky and awesome relationship,(possibly?!)
ixamxnotxaxnugget- Gabe just keeps getting screwed ovahh, doesn't hee? :'/ andd awww !Yes, sadd. and if Joecee is what you're craving, then you'll be awfullyy satisfied with this chapter! :DDD

Song Recommendation- You're Not In On The Joke- Cobra Starship

I'm Not One For Love Songs

Joe’s POV

I walked back into Jaycee’s living room after take my nice refreshing shower to find her curled up on the couch with her head on her knees.

She looked up when she heard me walk in and the tears on her cheeks broke my heart. I was never good with people who were upset. I just couldn’t handle crying people. I was bad with people in general, there high emotional state just made me crawl even further into a shell. Socially retarded? Not diagnosed, but yeah, pretty much.

“Hey…” I started awkwardly. I couldn’t help it. I think I’ve seen her like this, well, never. I’ve seen her upset, just not bawling like this.

“Hi,” she sniffed, and quickly tried to wipe her tears away and gather herself together.

“What’s, uh, well, wrong?” I questioned.

“Nothing, just… well, nothing. It’s all good,” she stuttered, falling over her own words.

Obviously everything wasn’t alright, “No, really, what’s up?”

“Gabe’s in the hospital, Nat’s with him, and I volunteered to call all the guys and let them know,” she said with a bit of a quiver in her voice.

I instantly jumped, I mean Gabe is a really good friend of mine, “What happened?! Is he okay?”

“There was an accident involving this cab that he was in with Ryland and Alex and a bus and Gabe go the blunt of the burn, or well, hit. He’ll be fine though. I was just on the phone with Nat for the last half hour or so trying to comfort her and understand what she was saying through all her sobbing,” she explained.

That was a surprise, I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed Natalia cry. She and Gabe are inevitable, even I can see that. And that fact speaks worlds. So I guess ultimately I’m not surprised that she’s upset. I mean, if anything at all happened to Jay like that, I have no idea what I would do. I probably wouldn’t be able to properly function right now.

“Is he going to be alright though?!” I sort of spazzed.

“Yeah, she said he should be fine, as long as he doesn’t get really sick, because he had to have like a few surgeries and his lungs are still recovering so they’re still extremely vulnerable. And Ryland and Alex are fine, at least health wise, they just got a few cuts and bruises. They guilty emotional messes though, but Nat said she’s handle them,” she explained, and it comforted me immensely to know that he would be alright.

“So… if everyone’s alright then why are you still upset?” I questioned confused.

“It’s just…,” she stopped to presumably think through what she was going to say.

Jaycee’s POV

I tried to put everything I felt into words, but it seemed to prove harder than I’d thought. I didn’t have any idea how scared I would be if he was in Gabe’s place, I just, I didn’t know hot Nat was dealing with this. I would be unable to function. I’d be a mess.

“Do you want to be my boyfriend? Like officially,” I spit out. I can’t even believe that those words came out of my mouth.

“More than anything,” he answered instantly. The happiness in his eyes made me wonder why I hadn’t done this sooner.

“So, now we’re like officially boyfriend and girlfriend?” I asked with a smile.

“I guess we are…” he answered with his own grin.

We had a small silence, just grinning at each other happily, “What the hell took us so long?” I questioned.

“You,” he answered with a chuckle.

“Hmmm, yes, I guess I was the instigator to that little conundrum,” I said cheekily.

We sat together contentedly with a mutual feeling of calmness.

“So, what brought this on? Not that I’m complaining,” he asked curiously.

“Well, it’s kind of why I was upset.”

“Uhm, confused, table of one here,” he said.

I explained further, “I listened to Nat cry about how scared she was and how she just wanted him to wake up so that she could hear him and all this stuff. And I don’t know, it just made me think. I have no idea what I would do if I were in her situation and you were the one lying in that hospital bed. Seriously, you mean too much to me to be able to cope with that normally. And I just realized that you deserve to know that. I wanna be with you and you only, and I want you to understand that,” I said, still tearing up a bit.

“Awww sweetie pie, I felt the same way as soon as you told me what had happened. The same exact thought’s ran through my mind. You mean everything to me, and you deserve to hear that more often,” he said honeslty.

I had nothing to say in response, so I just hugged him.

And hugged him.

And hugged him.

And yep, I was still hugging him.

And then I pulled away and decided that it was time to face reality, “We should probably drop by down at the hospital and make sure that everyone’s doing okay. I call everyone on the way there,” I decided as I started collecting my wallet and shoes and jacket, trying to bundle up from the slight chill out side.

Joe looked around frantically and I knew immediately what that problem was, “looking for this?” I asked, grabbing his wallet from the side table under the latest AP issue.

“Yes! Golly, what would I do without you?” he asked with his arm around my shoulder as he tucked his wallet into his back pocket.

“You’d be a very broke man and someone would probably have stolen your identity by now, no big deal,” I said with a smirk.

He just rolled his eyes as we exited the elevator, preparing ourselves the cold awaiting us outside.

I was really happy right now, and I knew by the spark in Joe’s eyes that he was too.

And that just made me even happier.

Time to make some calls though, I thought with a quiet sigh, remembering what we were about to enter into; a very sad atmosphere that is.

Natalia’s POV

I still sat in Gabe’s room, alone at the moment. I had sent poor Alex and Ryland on a coffee run and to go make some conversation with May. Hopefully she’d be able to help them a bit. I’d told her the whole story a little bit ago, including college, and high school, and pretty much my whole life.

That began another batch of crying and her just holding me for ten minutes straight apologizing for what me and Gabe have had to go through. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders after I told her. It killed me keeping something from the only person who I’d considered a parental figure in my whole life.

I still felt like complete shit though, and on top of that all those two poor guys we’re complete messes. They felt complete guilt, no matter how many times I reminded them that it wasn’t their fault. Sad part was, I was feeling guilty too! If I had never told him to go out and hang with his friends, he never would have gotten hurt. He wouldn’t be laying in this hospital bed unconscious thanks to meds and all damaged. I was supposed to help him, not hurt him.

I think I might be falling in love with him.

Or maybe I’m finally letting myself fall in love with him.

I just wish that he would wake up so that I could see his beautiful brown eyes, or hear him speak, to do anything at all. I just want him to be there, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. I needed that.

I kneeled next to his bed and just laid my chin on the edge of his mattress, I just watched his grim, expression. I couldn’t help but let another tear fall. I slowly reached for his hand, I was scared to touch him. I didn’t want to hurt him any more than I have.

He was due to wake up soon; it was up to him ultimately May explained to me. When he had the energy to awaken, he would.

I was just glad that Jay took the responsibility of calling everybody, I definitely would not be able to keep my composure long enough to explain this situation to anyone. I gently took his hand and covered it in both of mine. His hands felt so cold, and it creeped me out. He felt so weak, so frail. I controlled myself enough to not break into tears again. It was hard though, so hard.

I kissed his hand gently, and laid my head down again, on the side, closing my eyes tiredly.

I felt more stressed than I thought was physically possible, and I had a killer migraine to top it all off.

I felt something suddenly. I slight breeze, or… someone’s breath!

I looked up suddenly to see Gabe staring down at me with his eyes barely open.

I started to suddenly cry silent tears of happiness, still holding his hand, now to my heart.

“Sweetie, you’re awake,” I said in disbelief.

“Hey baby,” he said through the raspyness in his voice.

“Wait one second! I’ve gotta get May!” I rushed suddenly, remembering what she’d asked of me.

“Wait,” he whispered in his attempt at a shout. I stopped suddenly and stood in front of him.

“Yeah Gabe?” I asked with a huge smile and tear covered face.

“It’ll all be okay,” he said simply. I stood there in shock.

I suddenly dropped down to him and held his face gently, leaning over his limp body.

The fact that he was comforting me at a time like this made me break down into sobs.

“It will be, believe me, I’m going to make everything okay. I’m going to fix you, I’m going to be there. I promise you,” I whispered as I kissed his forehead gently.

I saw a few tears slip from his eyes and I kissed them away, letting him know that I was there. Nothing would stop me from being there.

“Look like someone has woken up! It is about time Mr. Saporta,” May said cheerily as she walked into the room with a ghost of a smile on her face. I know for a fact that she had just seen what had just happened between me and Gabe just a few seconds ago.

“Now dear, I am gonna have to ask you to leave while I check him out and make sure that everything a-okay and doing alright,” she said with an apologizing tone.

“It’s alright, I should probably go check up on everyone and tell them what’s going on anyways,” I said with a frown as I waved to Gabe.

He gave me a weak smile as I backed out of the door and turned to walk down the hall to the waiting room.

He was awake. That fact itself made everything seem brighter and better-off.

I made a decision right then.

I was going to take full care of him.

He was officially letting his land lord know that he was moving out and he was living with me and Jay.
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