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Chapter V

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i'm sooo so so so so so so so sorry for not getting this here sooner! god you guise, please forgive me??

-MyTightLittlePants has signed on
-spencyisbettr has signed on

MyTightLittlePants: spencer!!

spencyisbettr: brendon...

spencyisbettr: !!!!

MyTightLittlePants: i want to thank you.

spencyisbettr: for what?

MyTightLittlePants: for not telling ry i like him

spencyisbettr: how do you know i didn't?

MyTightLittlePants: he told me.

MyTightLittlePants: oh and he says "hiiii spencahhh!"

spencyisbettr: are you with him right now?

MyTightLittlePants: he's waving a the computer. it's adorable!

MyTightLittlePants: yes i am, he's spending the night at my house ;)

-eyelinerroxx has signed on

eyelinerroxx: no your adorable brennyboo!

MyTightLittlePants: no you are!

eyelinerroxx: well your the cutest thing i've ever made out with!

spencyisbettr: okay i didn't need to read that...

MyTightLittlePants: lol spence... i know something about you...

eyelinerroxx: oohh brennyboo baby, please tell me!!

spencyisbettr: what do you know... 0.o

MyTightLittlePants: you have a crush on jon. dontcha?

eyelinerroxx: omfgzz!1 scandlous!

spencyisbettr: i do not!

eyelinerroxx: ohh spencer!! you and jon should double date with brennyboo and me!

MyTightLittlePants: oh that'd be so much fun!

spencyisbettr: but what if i don't like jon?!?!?!

MyTightLittlePants: but you do. and don't lie to me smith.

eyelinerroxx: ohh brennyboo... that sounded sexy ;)

spencyisbettr: can you please stop calling him brennyboo? it's kinda creepy...

eyelinerroxx: sure, i'll just call him brennybear instead!

MyTightLittlePants: but i like brennyboo better! =(

eyelinerroxx: aww! okay! i'll keep calling you brennyboo! sorry spence.

spencyisbettr: whatever, just don't go all internet sex on me or anything...

MyTightLittlePants: you wouldn't be saying that if it was you and jon!

spencyisbettr: yeah i would.

MyTightLittlePants: your a liar!!

eyelinerroxx: ohh brennyboo...

MyTightLittlePants: yes ryry

eyelinerroxx: i wuuvv you!!

MyTightLittlePants: i love you too!!

spencyisbettr: oh geeze, please no...

spencyisbettr: i asked for no internet sex!

spencyisbettr: i don't like jon. btw.

spencyisbettr: i wanna know what gave you that idea.

spencyisbettr: tell me now.

spencyisbettr: HELLO??!?!

MyTightLittlePants: sorry, we're back

eyelinerroxx: we got tangled up in something...

-meowmixxy has signed on

meowmixxy: i don't want to know what you got tangled up in...

MyTightLittlePants: RYAN'S TONGUE!

eyelinerroxx: BRENDON'S LEGS!


meowmixxy: WEEE! CAPS LOCK!! XD

eyelinerroxx: ohh brenny... ;)

MyTightLittlePants: oh shit, me and ryry have to go.

eyelinerroxx: bye guys!

-MyTightLittlePants has signed off
-eyelinerroxx has signed off

spencyisbettr: at least they didn't get graphic on here 0.o

meowmixxy: lol yeah.

meowmixxy: hey spence, can i ask you something?

spencyisbettr: sure, shoot.

meowmixxy: do you wanna... go out sometime?

spencyisbettr: really?...

meowmixxy: it;s okay if you don;t want to! i mean i'll completely understand.

spencyisbettr: no! i want too!!

spencyisbettr: i didn't mean to sound that eager...

meowmixxy: no! it was cute :D

spencyisbettr: okay haha =)

meowmixxy: so do you wanna go see a movie tomorrow or something?

spencyisbettr: yeah, that'd be wonderful!

meowmixxy: great! so i'll see you then?

spencyisbettr: of course!!

meowmixxy: awesome! well i have to go clean. bye =)

spencyisbettr: bye ;)

-meowmixxy has signed off
-spencyisbettr has signed off

so since i hadn't posted in awhile, and i felt really bad for it... i thought i'd give you guys the gift of the begining of JONCER! does that make you any less mad at me? pweeasse(pretend there is a picture of brendon give you puppy dog eyes in this space here)--->___________________
how can you say no to that??
ha! also, i'm sorry that this is short =( that makes me feel even worse. is it bad to still ask for reviews?
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