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getting to know the guys

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Ch 2.

I woke up from my marvelous dream of none of this ever happening to see Mikey’s face a mere inch from me. He was starring at me with a smile. I yelped and squirmed. He giggled and rolled off me. He sat crossed legged next to me with his knees touching my sides.
“Breakfast time!” He playfully sang. I remembered what Gerard said last night and felt my heart pound against my chest.
“But I didn’t try to escape or anything, I swear!” I explained and Mikey starred at me confused and then laughed obviously reading my mind.
“Not my breakfast, your breakfast. GeeGee went out and bought human munchies.” He said and grabbed my hand. He hopped out of bed and easily yanked me out of it. He didn’t look like much but he held a lot of strength in him. I wiped my eyes sleepily not ready to start my day without some coffee and was practically flown down the stairs. When I got in the kitchen I saw Bob at the table eating a bagel, Frank was sleeping on the table with a cup in his hand. Gerard was over him trying to wake him up. My eyes were focused on his cup. Coffee.
“Coffee.” I said out loud getting the attention of everyone but the unconscious Frankie. I turned to try and find the coffee pot but when I turned to the kitchen I saw tons of food. Every type of food I could think of was there in that large kitchen, the hallway and the living room. I just looked at it, too tired to do much else.
“Gerard didn’t want to go back any time soon so he just bought everything he could.” Mikey answered my unasked question.
“Coffee.” I said again and Gerard appeared at my side with a cup of steaming coffee.
“I go out of my way to get anything the girl might want and all she wants is what we already had.” He mumbled and walked back over to Frank. I drank it down and felt my brain switch on. I walked over and grabbed a box of Count Coco Puffs. I looked at the vampire and couldn’t help but think ‘Ironic huh?’ Mikey and Gerard laughed as they must have read my thoughts and Bob looked at them strangely. I sat next to Frank and pored the milk into the bowl and Mikey handed me a spoon. I ate my cereal looking down careful not to look at any of them. Gerard put another cup of coffee down in front of me and it was gone as quickly as the first cup. Mikey walked over to Frank and pulled the chair out from under him. Frank fell to the floor and woke up quickly.
“The fuck?” He yelled at Mikey but stopped when he saw his giggling face. “Ya lucky ya so cute.” He said and turned to me. “Ah mortal gal. How are ya this morning’?” He asked and sat back down. He grabbed his cup of cold coffee and frowned. Suddenly there was steam coming out of the cup and he smiled again. He looked at me expecting an answer.
“Scared.” I answered honestly looking back down at my food.
“Scared? Haha good. Fear is a good thing ta have, yeah?” He smiled up at Gerard. “But we aint gonna hurt ya unless you give a reason to.”
I nodded and took another bite of the chocolate cereal.
“So. Skye, ya have a pretty name.” Frank said
I bit my lip ring and tried to think of something to say.
“You’re a Demon.” I started with. Frank looked at me like he was waiting for the rest of the sentence.
“Uh. Correct.” He said and looked over at Bob. “And you’re a human?”
“Then you are evil, right?” I asked ignoring his other comment.
“Well, I try darlin.” He smiled slightly and raised an eyebrow.
“And you are nice.” I said.
“Ya sure like to state the obvious.” He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly.
“And you are a vampire.” I said turning to Mikey, who sat next to me.
“Mmmhmm” He said leaning back in his seat.
“You drink the blood of humans, like your brother.” I asked starring at the giggly boy.
“Only the sweet ones, sugar.” He said putting a hand on my knee. I shivered thinking about how he phrased that.
“And you’re gay.” I asked and his eyes went wide and he blushed four shades of red.
“Oh… Wrong. You got the wrong brother.” His eyes moved to Gerard and back to me confused.
“Oh, I’m sorry I just assumed. Cause you were so giggly and… uhm” I looked down embarrassed.
“Dykie Mikey.” Frank said and erupted into giggles at Mikey’s glare.
“I’m… Not straight though. Just to be fair, you were 50% correct.” He admitted smirking at Frank. Frank winked back and then leaned back still giggling at his nickname for Mikey.
“So Frank is half gay too?” I turned to look at him and he nodded.
“Right. And you’re gay” I turned to Gerard who was sitting on the counter.
“Yes, ma’am.” He answered. “And you already drilled me yesterday.”
I nodded and tuned to Bob.
“And you’re an Angel.” I said and he got a slight frown.
“You could say that.”
“Fallen Angel would be more correct though.” Gerard clarified.
“I wasn’t allowed to mingle with a demon and two misquotes but I did, losing the title ‘Angel’.” He said sadly.
“Sorry.” I said closed my eyes trying to think. This was all so much to take in.
“So you’re a human.” Mikey piped in.
“Yeah.” I said looking over at him. He really was adorable, he was looking at me smiling with his glasses and messy hair. His smile grew proclaiming that he had once again probed my mind.
“And you were kicked out of your family, like Bob?” He asked bluntly. My thoughts went to Tyler as I wondered how he is fairing with me no longer there. My heart hurt for the first time since I left. He was my best friend and I already missed him.
“Yeah.” I said swallowing the lump in my throat.
“We could take him, too.” Mikey suggested. I starred at him, tempted.
“No, maybe later.” I said hoping there will still be a later.
“Alright, hmm, Who scares you the most here?” He asked smiling.
I almost laughed. Bob was the only one who didn’t scare me right now. I looked the three over. Frank admitted to being evil, was a demon and didn’t hide the fact that he doesn’t care about me. Gerard threatened me, saying he would kill me if I tried to leave. Mikey said he like people who were sweet and then called me sweet… They all scared me.
“In my defense I also went out and bought a store out for you.” Gerard mumbled looking at all the food.
“Uhm I don’t know Mikey.” I admitted sighing.
“Well I'm not going to bite you unless you ask me to.” Mikey said drumming his fingers on my knee.
“Do you eat normal food?” I asked curious.
“Uh… no. Vampires eat blood.”
“So you go out at night and kill people.”
“Yes.” He answered honestly. I shivered.
“Ah I see someone read Twilight.” Gerard chimed in from behind me. “Unfortunately there really aint any vegetarian vampires. We don’t eat cows or lions or nothin’. We drink humans or we die. Food chain, doll.”
“Right… Why don’t you just kill me then?” I asked hesitantly.
“Ya want us to?” Frank asked confused
“No! No I mean… I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t just kill me.”
“Somethin told us not ta.” Frank confessed seemingly as confused as me. “All of us. We were huntin and we found ya in a fight and we were planning on killin ya too, but then when ya passed out, we all just… couldn’t.”
“Does that happen often?”
“Nevea. So we kept ya.” The way Frankie said it made me sound like a pet.
“You were going to kill me??” I asked starting to back out of my chair knocking Mikey’s hand off my knee.
“Yeah, but we ain’t gonna now. Sugea, just calm down.” Frank said regretting his words.
“Do you still want to kill me?” I asked panicked.
“No one is gonna hurt ya. I promise.” Frank said locking my eyes in his. “I aint gonna let anyone touch ya.”
For some reason that calmed me. The words of a demon calmed me.
“Right. Bob?” I called.
“You’ll make sure I'm safe too right?” I asked, I knew I could trust the word of an Angel. Even a fallen one.
“I will.” He agreed, “And so will those two.”
I looked at Mikey and Gerard. And they both nodded.
“And honestly, who is going to fuck with someone with a demon, angel and two vampires protecting them?” Gerard asked and I nodded.
“This conversations a downer. We should do somethin fun.” Frank said. I leaned back not really in the mood to do anything.
“We could do something fun.” Mikey winked at Frank and Frank licked his smirking lips.
I could tell what they were talking about and couldn’t help but imagine what they would look like together. Their bodies pressed against each others moving roughly against each other. Mikey put his hand on my upper thigh bringing me away from my thoughts.
“Mmm, I love where your mind is going.” He whispered into my ear. “try this.”
I blushed and looked down. His hand slowly moved up and suddenly my thoughts involved me in the middle of them. I couldn’t control what was happening in my own mind. I was between the two gorgeous boys. Mikey in front of me sliding in and out of me, moaning and making me moan loudly. Frank behind me, taking me from behind, grabbing my hair and biting his lower lip. His head lowers down and he bites my shoulder. A Strangled cough brought me out of the dream like thought. And I turn to Gerard who was looking disturbed.
“Mikey, next time you put thoughts into her head, make sure I'm not in the room. Unless they include me.” He said glaring.
I looked to Mikey and saw him with a cocky smile, I turn to Frank and saw he had an identical smile and a dark look in his eyes.
“I sent the same thought to Frankie.” Mikey explained and I shook my head to stop the thought from returning.
“I… Think I am going to go back to sleep.” I said and started for my bed.
“Skye? I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. I was joking around though.” Mikey explained.
I nodded and put a hand on my head. I needed to take a nap. I was exhausted already and it was still early in the morning.
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