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4 Into Gerard (part 1)

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Authors Note: I am soso sorry that this took so long.. I just moved, and this weekend just got our internet setup.. it's been a crazy week with school starting and ..... ok, it's inexcusible... I will try to update more- I promise!
Sorrrryy again for the shortness.... there shall be another part though :)

Gerard's P.O.V]
When Mikey was gone, I started asking Frank about his old school.
"Hey Frankie, Don't you miss your old friends?"
"Uhh.. I guess" he hesitated
It seemed like he didn't really want to talk about his friends, so I left the subject alone. Ohmygod, What if he didn't have friends? ...Or what if he got picked on? Poor Frankie! Ughh. Teenagers can be such assholes sometimes.. About a minute later I noticed a bunch of girls from our school who had just come into the pizza shop giggleing loudly a few booth's away it was pretty annoying actually. What was even more annoying is what they were giggling at, they were looking at Frank and talking about how hot he was. What was worse was that they were all really good looking and were probably in the same grade as Frank. Fuck! He is mine! ..I want him to like me soo much.
It was then that I realized that I am sitting here being jealous of a bunch of girls who weren't sitting with Frank... And Frank was blushing earlier, blushing usually means you like someone.
Ok, Definately time to make a move.. But what do I do? Fuckfuckfuck! I NEED to do something before Mikey gets back!
My thoughts were then interrupted by Frank's beautiful voice. "-Fuck, they are so annoying!" ... Haha yes! He doesn't like them!!
"I know, I was thinking the same thing!"

Frank's P.O.V
Oh my god! There were these annoying girls that came into the restaurant we were at and they kept letting out squeaky giggles! Ughhh! And when I looked over at them, they just giggled more. They were definately checking me out, and for some strange reason.. it was bugging the shit out of me! I think that this means that I am gay or something because most of the girls were pretty good looking.. but just thinking about myself with a girl?... Uhh, no.. I wasn't into them. I wasn't really into guys though either.. Well maybe one guy. Ok, I am ready to admit it to myself I was into Gerard.
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