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Requiem Youkai - Lullabies and Demons

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My OC character, Naki. Its a bit hard to explain, so sorry if its a bit confusing at first.

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"Is she ready?" Orochimaru paced behind the desk in a small, dark room underground.
"Yes." Kabuto nodded; dipping his head as he stepped away from the doorway to reveal a tall, 13 to 14 year old female with brown hair and blue eyes. She was covered in scars, and had fang-like teeth. Strapped to her back was a large, black sword. She had all sorts of odd markings and armour on her body, giving her an odd appearnce.

"Ah..." Orochimaru sighed contently, tracing his finger around the girl's jawline. "She'll do perfectly..." He whispered, a grim smile streching upon his lips. A shiver ran down the girl's spine as she clenched her fists lighting, digging her claw-like finger nails into the palms of her hands.

"Now, now, my dear. I have a request..." Orochimaru sat ontop of his desk, crossing his legs with a cheshire smile written upon his face; "You will go into Kohana, as Kabuto there has explained to you, and attack the Hokage. Kill her, do whatever it takes. If you kill her and manage to come back, you will be rewarded greatly..." He looked the girl over once more; "Do you understand?" He said calmly, drumming his pale fingers against the hollow wood as the eerie thumps echoed off of the damp walls.

The female nodded.

"What is her name, Kabuto?" Orochimaru raised an eyebrow.
"Naki. It means; "Homeless Child", Lord Orochimaru." Kabuto answered quickly.
"Very well. Naki, good luck. And remember, only involve yourself with the Hokage... no one else..." The pale man warned, his dark eyes growing grim and cold.

Naki nodded before racing down the long corradior to make it to the entrance, to begin her travels to the Land of Fire.


"Man, I'm starved!" Naruto smiled, walking beside Kiba Inuzuka, Akamaru, and Shikamaru as the trio and dog headed down to Ichiraku's Ramen Shop.

"Naruto, thats the fifth time you've said it..." Shikamaru sighed.
"I know, but its the truth!" Naruto defended, crossing his arms prompetly.

All three sat down at the nook, ordering each a large bowl of Miso Ramen - the Week's special, to Naruto's delight. Plus, he had coupons.

"Mmmmmmmhhh...." Naruto sighed contently as he slurped down the reminents of the soup.
Kiba and Shikamaru simply swallowed the last drop of their's and placed their chopsticks into the bowls.

"All done, boy?" Kiba smiled warmly as Akamaru finished lapping up the rest of a small dish of milk.
"Arf! Arf!" The pupp answered, his tail wagging furiouisly.

"Naruto! Kiba! Shikamaru!" A voice suddenly called from behind them. The young trio looked back, only to see Kakashi standing there, one hand on his novel, another in his pocket. "All done?" He chuckled; "We need to go out and train a bit."

"Okay!" The three answered in unision, running after Kakashi as he leapt through the trees.


Naki stalked through the tall grass, the dew from dawn wetting her ankles. "Screw this..." She murmered under her breath, biting her tongue.

Suddenly, a black mist engluphed her body. A few heartbeats later, in her place stood a Black and Grey wolf with blue eyes, its body ragged with scars.

"Much better..." She growled in satisfaction, swiping her tongue around her maw. Slowly, paw by paw, she walked forward until she reached the edge of the village.

"Lady Hokage needs these books immedently!" One Ninja was hurriedly bussling by with many books and scrolls in hand.
"Faster! Faster!" The one behind him shouted, following him at a hurried pace.

Blinking slightly, Naki followed the two as if she was nothing more then a mear stray. She didn't even have to conceal herself, seeing how, no matter how hard she pushed pass people, they didn't seem to notice her.

"Idiots..." She snorted to herself, flattening her ears as a whirl of bustling children sped on by, chattering excitedly about their training. Suddenly, the two she had been following stopped in front of a large stairway, their heads bowed as a large-breasted woman dressed in green robing walked down the stairs.

'Tsunde...' Naki whispered to herself.

"Lord Hokage! I'm so sorry, the libary had a long line, and we hit a few bumps in the road on the way, please forgive us!" the tallest of the duo begged, holding up the books with out-streched hands. The blonde-haired woman simply blinked, a very disgusted look strewn across her face.

"Who am I? Your mentor? You don't need to bow and all of that shit, how many times do I have to tell you?!" She growled angerly, swiping the books and scrolls from his arms before sighing; "Follow me.." She half muttered to herself.
Immediently the two began to follow her.

Smiling to herself, Naki quickly climbed the stairs and hurried after them before they shut the door on her. Slipping through the crack, she heard footsteps down the long corridor, and then a door slam.

'This is as far as I'll go tonight, now that I know where she is... it'll be a peice of cake... all I have to do is wait until she's alone, kill her, and make it look like sucide...' A grim smile stitched across her lips, her dangerously sharp fangs gleaming in the light; 'And, with that, I shall gain my freedom...' She smiled contently to herself, swishing her tail as she slipped underneth the door once again and ran out into the bosky forest, her black pelt blending in with the thick grasses as she ran, a blurr in the foliage.
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