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Perfecting The Harem & Anko's Gift

by Necros

a new addition to naruto's harem and naruto's revenge

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Lilith’s Heir


It was a few days after their first team meeting when Anko pulled a few strings, allowing them all to move into the same apartment, not Naruto’s but a different one on the outskirts of Konoha, near the infamous training area 44.

Naruto had realised that while Hinata and Ino were perfect for bed mates, as they were now they were likely to get killed in the field, thus he came up with a plan to improve them, a lovely side-effect was that he was able to get an old toy back in the process.

As Naruto drew a hell’s gate seal on his floor, Hinata and Ino sat obediently on the floor just outside the seal’s circumference, neither of them wearing anything but the collar with the spiral tag he had gotten them a couple of days ago, a gift that they both adored.

When Naruto activated the finished seal there was a flash of red light, which dissipated to reveal a 13yr old red-headed girl who was similar in dimensions to Hinata and Ino, the strange thing about her was that her hair flickered as if it had fire within it; the new girl opened her eyes, revealing crimson slit eyes.

The new girl looked around for a second, a little bewildered at her location change before she saw him, her master, her eyes lit with lust, but it was completely submissive now, not like it had been when she, the Kyuubi, was first released from the seal.

“Ah, Kyu-chan, lovely to see you again,” Naruto started upon seeing the being that had once been a complete bitch, now she was completely broken, a perfect submissive pet.

“Master,” Kyu-chan said with awe obvious in her voice, it was obvious that so long as she was concerned he was God.

“I need you to give two of your suppressed elements to these girls before you, Lightning for the Blonde, her name is Ino, and Water for the Bluenette, her name is Hinata, and before you even think of trying to do a half-hearted job of it, these two girls are your sister-slaves, and you will be sharing much more then elements soon enough,” Naruto instructed/warned, he knew that he had to keep he on a tight leash, it wouldn’t take much for her to break his conditioning, that’s why he left her behind, he couldn’t afford to look after her in the beginning, but now.

“Yes Master,” Kyuubi said before she started to concentrate, this would be tricky, but she would do it, because her master commanded it.

Kyuubi concentrated the two elements in her hands, white crackling chakra in one hand and blue watery chakra in the other, which she then pushed from herself towards their new owners.

When Ino was struck her hair became platinum blonde that seemed to crackle like lightning and her eyes silver and slit, Hinata’s transformation was similar only her hair became a brighter blue which seemed to move like water and her eyes became blue and slit.

“Now the two of you will have complete control over the element that you have been imbued with, don’t you two have a thank you to give?” the two girls nodded before they crawled forward and latched onto Kyu-chan’s cherry red nipples (Hinata’s are pale pink and Ino’s are deep pink), giving their own version of thanks, Hinata’s left hand was busy in Kyuubi’s pussy while Ino’s right was pushing a finger up her ass, needless to say Kyu-chan was moaning already, she may have been Naruto’s Sex torture play toy but she still wasn’t all that used to sexual pleasure.

Naruto watched the three of them for a few seconds before he leaned forward and started fingering Hinata and Ino causing them to start moaning onto Kyu-chan’s nipples, causing her to moan as well, he pushed the two girls aside before he pulled out his cock and plunged deep into Kyu-chan’s furnace of a pussy, causing her to scream with pleasure, with the two girls latched to her nipples and her master thrusting his magnificent cock in her it wasn’t too surprising.

Naruto, summoned a couple of blood clones and soon all three girls were squealing with pleasure as their master took them all in the missionary position side by side, their huge cocks plunging into the girls’ tight 13 year old pussies, making the skin of their bellies push out with every stroke, something that should have had them screaming in pain, but thanks to their master they felt nothing but pleasure.

The girls’ combined squeals were music to Naruto’s ears as he and his clones plunged in and out of the girls, the girls’ arms were wrapped around the Narutos’ necks and their legs wrapped around the Narutos’ waists.

Naruto summoned another three clones and all three fucking pairs flipped over so that the girl was on top, only for the new clones to plunge into their tight little asses.

Their screams of pleasure had risen a fair few decibels, if it weren’t for the silencing seals on their apartment, he’d worry about intruders, but as things were he just increased his pace, the clones matching the new speed.

The girls were all delirious with pleasure, their master had been DPing them all for half an hour now and all the girls had cum at least 15 times, and yet neither their master nor his clones had cum yet at all.

Naruto and his clones pulled out, gathered the girls in a tangle of limbs, boobs and hair and then they proceeded to give the girls a well earned cum shower, covering all of them in his creamy cum.

As the girls cleaned each other up, Naruto thought about the errand he had sent Anko on…

When Naruto, Hinata and Ino got back from team training that day they found a sexy sight waiting for them, Anko was sitting on the bed taking advantage of his hospitality by having Kyu-chan eat her out but that wasn’t the main attraction, there was a woman hanging from the ceiling in various ropes and leather straps, one of which covered her eyes, the others holding her in a position where she couldn’t move, but was perfectly accessible by others (think of a woman in a chair with those stirrups from the hospital, only no chair) her messy black hair hanging from her head was even more frazzled then normal, it was obvious that she didn’t come of her own free will.

“Well done Anko, Kurenai Yuuhi, fully bound and with barely any damage whatsoever, very well done, girls, thank her for me will you,” Hinata and Ino went over to help Kyu-chan pleasure Anko.

“Well, then Miss Yuuhi, shall we start with the fun?” Kurenai was fully conscious; she just didn’t know what the hell was happening, Anko had betrayed her to this pervert who sounded like some kind of woman collector, but she thought Anko was her friend…

Naruto walked around to Kurenai’s head and pulled it down by her hair, her mouth had a ring gag in it, allowing him to throat fuck her without any consequences, which is exactly what he proceeded to do, plunging his thick cock so deep that her throat bulged with every thrust, Naruto played with her tits as he throat fucked her, pulling and twisting her nipples.

Naruto slammed himself balls deep into her as he came straight down her throat, bypassing her gag-reflex altogether, if it weren’t for the fact that Kurenai knew how to hold her breath for extended periods of time he might of killed her with how long it took.

Naruto pulled out when he finished cumming, Kurenai breathing raggedly and couching up drops of cum, he moved around her to see that Anko had known what he liked and shaved her pussy for him, he plunged into Kurenai’s pussy, channelling a bit of Water chakra to his dick to act as lubricant, if it weren’t for the ring gag he was sure that the groan that came from Kurenai’s throat would have been a high pitched scream.

He started to slam into her, drawing groans and grunts from her throat, this wasn’t her first time but she definitely had never had something this big before, nor a partner this rough.

As he fucked her he leaned down and started to whisper in her ear, “This is your punishment for what you did to a seven year old boy, six years ago,” Kurenai’s eyes snapped open under the mask, she was sure no-one knew about that, she had told no-one and she had made sure the boy didn’t remember. When Kurenai was a new Chunin she decided to use a test subject to see what the effectiveness of her demonic genjutsus was, that test subject was a seven year old Naruto, she hadn’t seen a problem with it at the time, it was just the Kyuubi-brat after all, and she had used another genjutsu to erase the memories from his mind.

“Yes, you remember don’t you, the memory erase jutsu failed, and now I have returned for repayment for what you did to me,” with that he ripped her mask off, allowing her to see her assailant, in all his bewhiskered glory, her eyes went wide in horror, she now knew that what was happening to her was entirely her own doing.

Kurenai looked around, and she saw Anko writhing in amongst a tangle of young teen girls, 3 of them, 2 of which looked very familiar.

Kurenai leaned her head forward and started to cry as Naruto continued to pound into her cunt, she had created a monster.

“Oh don’t worry Kurenai, this is not all I’m going to do to you,” Naruto started, deliberately misinterpreting her tears, “when I inject you with my Mutagen, you will become my rape-toy, and you wont complain because you’ll love every second,” After he said that he plunged his fangs into Kurenai’s neck, injecting a different mutagen to the one he normally used, this one wouldn’t change Kurenai physically, only mentally, she would know that she had to obey his every command and her body would enjoy what he did to her, but her mind would remain unchanged other then that, she would still hate what he did to her mentally, her first order was programmed into the mutagen, show no-one anything that would lead them to suspect what was happening to her, in other words, when in public act normally.

Kurenai’s moan changed, it was obvious that she felt pleasure from what he did to her, but it was just as obvious that she hated it.

Naruto withdrew, cut her from the ceiling, put her in doggy-style position and plunged straight into her ass, drawing a high pitched scream from Kurenai before she started to groan as she was before, her body felt pleasure, her mind hated it.

“Oh you have a lovely ass, I’m betting that I’m the first guy who has the pleasure of plundering it,” Naruto moaned in pleasure, he had had nightmares for months about what she’d done to him when he was little, now she would take that pain into herself because he knew that even while she slept what he did to her would play in her mind over and over again, eventually driving her insane, just as what almost happened to him.

Naruto sped up, he was about to cum, he pulled out and flipped Kurenai over, splashing her tits and face with his cum. He panted as he came down from his orgasmic high, this was far from the final humiliation that he was going to subject Kurenai to, and he was going to enjoy every second.

Naruto snapped his fingers, creating a collar and chain made of chakra-draining metal, the collar snapped closed around Kurenai's neck and the chain connected to the wall, with that done he wandered over to the bed and buried himself in amongst the pile of female flesh that was currently snoozing, drifting off himself before too long.


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