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I think it's called that. A poem Buizel made for Pikachu after recalling that high-five in the episode Ash battled Wake. I'd like reviews, but NO FLAMES.

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I think you are amazing –

You make me happy –

You taught me not to fight

And to not make a big deal out of every little thing!

When we high-fived that day,

I felt a little spark of happiness!

I was amazed how we quickly became friends!

Sure, we may fight but that does not matter to me!

Pikachu –

Can we high-five again?

Every time I am next to you – battling – I feel a real connection…

I don’t know why…

But maybe it’s because…


I love you…

As a best friend!


A/N: Hmm... I feel warm 'n fuzzy inside... I dunno why but I think this shipping is awesome :D

I love Buizel and Pikachu!

Oh yeah, it's one of the best scenes in all of the anime, too.
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