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Viridian City

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She arrives there. Overuse of the f word XP

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A/N: I’d like to dedicate this chapter to my best friend, CJ. Thank you hon… His OC, Iggy will appear later but you can see Iggy in CJ’s (KingsIndian), story, Vakoria…. and for poor Grovyle in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2…. (I know he isn’t real, but what happens in the game is terrible saddening…) Oh yeah, Twilight belongs to my best friend, Robert aka Rampardos.


Chapter 3

“Ow… fuck…,” I grumbled while getting up. “I hope I haven’t wet myself…,” I scowled.


“Oh yeah, forgot about you, let’s go,” I began to limp off. He followed closely behind. My leg hurt… really badly… and I still had to take a piss badly, too… which sucks. I was pretty much screwed to begin with. “Damn… where’s the nearest bathroom… I mean shitroom…” I just groaned and walked on without saying anything. I was quiet most of the time… even Buizel was, too.

“Bui…,” he seemed to mumble to himself every so often.

“Are you OK?” I asked. He just shrugged. “OKKK… then… I sure am not…,” I continued to limp. “Oof!” Once again, I had accidentally run into someone and fell backwards on top of Buizel.

“Are you… OK?” The guy asked.

“No! Fuck!” I growled. I could barely get up. “Fuck…!”

“I’ll help you up then,” he smiled. “I’m Twilight, what about you?”

“Luca… fuck that hurts!”

“Bui…,” it looked as if he had fainted.

“I wasn’t watching where I was going,” Twilight blushed.

“Right… same here I guess…,” I rubbed my sore ass. “Ow… my fucking ass hurts…” He looked at me funny… probably didn’t like my habitual use of the word ‘fuck’ – which is actually an accident. I learnt it from my father because he seemed to use it a lot.

“I guess you got your starter then? Here is mine,” he let out an Eevee. It hissed at us. “I don’t think he’s used to people. I just got him yesterday.”

“Wait… does that mean you stayed in a hotel?”

“Yeah…. It’s just up the road from here.”

“WHERE! Show me, show me!” I said arrogantly. I passed by a place with champagne. “Oh my God… champagne…,” I drooled. “I’m a connoisseur.”

“Oh… that’s nice…”


“I’ll let you have some too, I guess?” I smirked at Buizel. “Hang on,” I walked in as fast as possible. It was too quick, because I told the cashier that I was a connoisseur. She gave it to me for free! Twilight blinked as I walked outside. I chuckled and popped the cork off and drank some… despite still having to take a piss anyway. “Mmm… this is so good…”

“I bet…,” he said blankly. “There’s the hotel. Just up the road. You should see it from here.”

“OK. Thank you then…” I walked off. “Goodbye.” All I wanted was a stupid shitroom… not a hotel bed.

“Goodbye,” he walked off.

“He was nice… I guess…,” I chugged more of the delicious alcohol. “Ooh…” OK maybe I did need a hotel room? I was half-drunk when I got the counter, and hiccupping. “Fuck…,” I mumbled without anyone noticing. I lazily walked up to the counter and rang the service bell.

“Can I help you?” He said.

“Yeah…. I-I need a room pleaseeee…,” I slurred. He turned around and gave me a key.

“That will be $56 and it’s room 134.”

“D-Damn… y-you’re ho-t-t…,” I slurred again and walked off. I walked down the hall and found it. I used the card key and I let Buizel get in first. He was quiet the whole time, as if he didn’t like me being drunk or hitting on older guys.


“Oh thank God…,” I groaned while getting into bed. The sun was already setting and I was exhausted from riding that bus… I almost vomited when I was on that stupid bus.

I dreamt that I would meet a really hot person while I was traveling… who? I don’t really know though…

I woke up to see that Buizel was kicking me in his sleep. “Ow… shit, stop it…”

“Bui…?” He snapped out of his sleep.

“Oh… sorry, you were just kicking me… I don’t know why you were though, unless you were dreaming about running away.” My hangover was really piercing into me. “Argh… can’t think straight…,” I jumped out of bed. I gathered everything up as fast as I could. I picked up Buizel. I went to the main counter and apologized for my behaviour, and he gave me half off for apologizing!

“Bui…,” he dug his face into my arms.

“Aw… it’s OK buddy. We’ll be on our way to Viridian City soon…,” I walked out onto Route 1… only to be confronted by Twilight. I popped open the cork of my champagne bottle and drunk some more. I didn’t want to talk to him, really… he wasn’t that attractive, to be honest… I prefer older guys… luckily; I wasn’t drunk just yet…. Good… he didn’t notice me so I slipped through the bushes and fainted (I always pass out after drinking alcohol…).

I woke up to a lick in the face. It was Buizel. “Oh hi… is Twilight still there?” He nodded no. “Good. Let’s go then.”

“Bui!” He grinned. “Oh… you want to battle? Sure thing, that’d be nice… let’s find something to battle!” Just as I said that, a Caterpie popped out of a bush.

“Go Buizel, use Aqua Jet!” I grinned.

“Bui…,” he grinned and became immersed in water… it was a beautiful sight as he ‘glided’ to the Caterpie while in mid-air. I grinned and the Caterpie nearly fainted; it used a String Shot, slowing Buizel down.

“Try an Ice Fang,” I simply said. His fangs glowed light blue and bolts of light bluish ice came pouring out. Caterpie fainted and I thought it would the perfect time to catch it. “Go poke ball!” I threw it…



It dinged… it I had caught it! “Alright!” I grinned and picked it up. “Let’s go Buizel,” I let out Caterpie. “Hi Caterpie, I’m Luca,” I smiled.

“Ee!” It chirped and crawled onto my shoulder.

“I suppose you said ‘hi’. Alright, let us go now,” I limped off with Buizel traveling not too far behind. “…Cheers to another good day…”

I missed my brother though… big time. I had only seen him about five times before I left… I sniffled. “I wish I could see Lucian again…”


“Yeah. He’s my big brother; he has a Floatzel… a really cool Floatzel to be honest.”


“Oh… I bet you’re wondering what they are, don’t you? Well, it’s what you evolve into, silly.” I picked him up. “I don’t have any friends…,” I sniffled again. “This gottdang arrogance… I got it from my dad; I never had any friends while I was growing up… they all avoided me and talked about me behind their backs… will… you please be my friend?” I cried; I couldn’t help it. “No one likes me… only my brother and my sister-in-law like me…”

“Bui,” he ‘hugged’ me, or at least he tried to.

“T-thank you… I appreciate that…”


Buizel’s POV (A/N: Thought I would include this).

“You’re welcome,” I smiled at her. She was so kind to me.

“Come on Buizel, we’re almost to Viridian City.” Little did she know my name was Ferrick? She wiped the tears from her face and picked me up. It was so comforting, leaning against what humans call ‘boobs’. They felt warm and comfortable.


Back to Luca’s

“Hey… Buizel, not too hard, that hurts,” I groaned. He scowled at me. “I know you like it, but please don’t push too hard. OK?” I limped on… I had finally made it to Viridian City…



A/N: Muaha cliffhangers! :D I hope you liked it though! Oh yeah, on Word, I checked the option for ‘style & grammar’, I promise you; there are NO MISTAKES!!! YES!!! I’m getting better!!!
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