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The Specialist

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Harry Potter/ Twilight Crossover. Non-slash. After being left for dead after a brutal attack by some rogues death eaters, years after the dark lord died, his one true love is the one who stands ...

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"I'm sorry Miss. We don't believe that he will make it through the night, the battle left him too exhausted, both magically and physically. We have had our best doctors working on it, and we have sent for highly trained specialist who we hope can at least ease his pain. But we don't believe that even this man will be able to repair the damage", the wizened old healer, gently to the young brunette who had just come out of the ward to hear this news.

"Are you sure? There's absolutely nothing?" The young women said desperately but in a tone that showed she was resigned to what was happening.

"I truly am sorry Miss. I realise what this must be doing to, I know of course of the losses you have already suffered, and I feeling incredibly indebted to you and your young friend for what you have done for this world. But I'm so sorry there really is nothing we feel we can do for him now" The Healer said in the same caring voice she had used before.

"I just can't lose him. Not after I lost the Weasleys in the final battle. I can't lose anyone else. Could I speak to the specialist?" The young brunette pleaded.

"Ummm...I'm not sure Miss. I'll see what Ican do when he arrives, I believe he should be arrive shortly..." The Healer explained, "In fact speak of the devil, this is the specialist now" and the Healer turned to look at a stunningly beautiful man who appeared to be his late twenties or early thirties, however, his face showed no signs to reveal how old he was, so he could have been even younger.

The young woman quickly ran towards the man, and grasped hold of his hand, before recoiling when she felt how cold it was, "What are you?" the woman said in confusion.

"My name is Dr.Carlisle Cullen, Ispecialise in the kind of problem your boyfriend is suffering from" The angelic looking man explain calmly.

"Please, do anything you can to save him."The woman pleaded.

"I will do my best, but I can't make any promises" The Doctor said calmly, however in his mind his thoughts turned back to an incident that had happened 90 years ago, when a young man of a similar age had also been dieing, and that time he had save the boy, who had since become his adopted son, Edward.

However, he stopped thinking about that andwalk in to examine the patient, only to followed by the young woman, who slumped down on of the chairs by the patients bed and fell almost straight asleep.

Reaching down to check the boy's pulse, Carlisle could tell that the boy would live for not more than an hour, so Carlisle woke-up the woman, and ask her to explain a bit about the young man's life. He was horrified by the tales of the murder of the young man's parents and all the other subsequent events in his short but eventful life. It was then that Carlisle knew he had to save the man, he had to give him a chance to live a good life, but Carlisle could also tell how in love the woman was with the man, so for the first time in his history planned to tell someone other than his family what he was going to do.

"I believe I can save him" Carlisle began, seeing the girl's eyes light up with hope, "But it will involve doing something most people would be horrified by" He finished.

"What? Do it please" The woman said sounding confused but hopeful.

"Well, I'm not just a specialist, I'm aVampire" He said expecting a shocked reaction from her, "So...if I were to turn him now, and he would survive but would be a Vampire." He ended still confused by the lack of reaction.

"Do it!" the woman said confidently.

"Aren't you sickened by me?" He asked in confusion.

"No I knew you were a Vampire as soon as touched your hand, I mean it was freezing cold, and you look like a Vampire. But I'm not worried about you drinking my blood, because I recognized your eye colour as that of a "vegetarian" Vampire, like we learned about in D.A.D.A" The woman said calmly, "Now do it".

"Are you sure he'll be alright with it? And what will you do when he's turned?" Carlisle asked.

"He'll understand. And in response to your other question I want you to turn me to, or I will get him to do it to me after he's been turned, but I think it would safer if you were to do it" the woman said wisely.

"No. I only ever turn those who are dieing, I wouldn't condemn anyone to this life otherwise, my son would kill me if he found that I'd turned someone who had a perfectly healthy and happy life ahead of them" Carlisle said, in shock at the woman's calm response to what he thought to be an incredible disturbing matter - even if he was a vampire, evil and all that, not that he himself was.

"Don't you he is my life, if am I separated from him. I will die" The woman responded calmly be in a depressed tone, "I've lost everyone in my life already he's all I have left. You've got to understand where I'm coming from. I saw most of my friends murdered by an incredibly evil man when I was just sixteen, and almost lost the love of my life when he battled the said man, eventually managing to defeat him. Then a year later my parents were kill in arevenge attack my some rogue followers of the man. You have to understand he's all I have left"

"I'm still not sure, I've turned anyone who's healthy before, or who knows what I'm doing" Carlisle mumbled, "Though Isuppose if my son can do it, I can to, but then again she was the love of his life" He said trying to convince himself both to do it and to not do the said task, "Fine, I'll tell you if you watch what happens to him when I do it, and are still okay with it, then okay, I'll turn both of you, and then you can return with me and live as part of my family. But if you don't I'll not turn you but know I will have to separate you from him for at least the first year for your own safety" He finished on a more confident note.

"Trust me; I won't be changing my mind about it." The woman said passionately, revealing all the love she held for the dieing man with this simple sentence.

"Okay, then sit down on that chair, and stay away from me as I change him, it will be hard enough to control the thirst without another human stood beside me." Carlisle gently ordered.

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