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Molly, Molly Makeout

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Chapter Four: Molly, Molly Make out

Surprisingly enough, the next day of school was normal. There was no awkwardness between Ryan and I and, minus a few overly happy grins from Brendon, no talk about anything concerning my love life. I had gotten through the school day but just as I began to congratulate myself, life went and screwed me just a little bit.

“So Brendon says that you guys are going on a date tomorrow night?” Jon asked as we walked to the parking lot together. I tried to avoid his gaze for I could feel him giving me the big brother stare down I hoped to avoid for the next fifty years.

“Well I didn’t know it was tomorrow,” I replied back trying to defend myself without lying to Jon.

“But you don’t deny it,” Jon said and shook his head.

“What!?” I spat at Jon, grabbing him by the arm to stop him from walking, “He asked me out on a date, I said yes, its not like we’re Facebook official or anything!”

“Whatever,” Jon said, “You’ll see.”

“Jon what are you not telling me?” I asked him seriously, “Please. Tell me?”

“Don’t give me that puppy dog stare,” Jon said but I knew he couldn’t resist. “It’s really nothing, I promise but-“

“You know what?” My voice wavered as I cut Jon off, “I really don’t wanna know. I’d rather not.” Jon smiled and gave me a sarcastic shrug and shoved his hands in his jeans. “Scale of one to ten,” I said after a minute of silence, “Ten being stalker-crazy-breathe-over-me-as-I-sleep kind of guy.”

Jon thought about it for a moment, “We’ll say six or seven. Six point five perhaps?


“You look…. Wow,” Brendon said as I walked into the living room. I managed to catch Spencer give Brendon the ‘don’t you think about my cousin like that’ look and held in a laugh.

“I’ll take ‘wow’,” I joked. I may not have been as enthusiastic about our date as Brendon was but I had put an extraordinary amount of work in my outfit choice for the night. Brendon had not told me where we were going but that it would be a nicer place so dress nice, but not overly formal - silly boys and their vagueness.

“Remember what I said,” Spencer said to Brendon as he escorted us to the door, “Home by midnight.”

“Spence!” I said with a grin, “Where did all this authority come from?” Spence was always a push over, I had never seen him try to take control of anything…ever…

“Well the rule is more for you Miss Rule breaker. Plus, no matter what, you’re still my little cousin,” He said and pushed Brendon and I out of the door, “Now go out and have fun kiddies!”

Even though Brendon only wore a simple button up black long sleeve shirt and dark jeans, he really looked nice and cleaned up. I had managed to find a nice pair of black jeans (with no holes in them! I was so ecstatic.), a yellow dressy top, and even a pair of black heels. Yes, the heels were out and ready to hit the town.

A few minutes later Brendon and I arrived at Olive Garden, one of my favorite restaurants. The food was amazing but the conversation was a little to ‘me oriented’. I understand guys have the preconception that all girls like to do is talk about themselves but seriously, I like to eat and listen too. The conversation was filled with every small talk topic in the book. You know what I’m talking about: ‘How was your day?’ ‘How are you liking it here?’ ‘What classes do you like?’ ‘What movies do you like’ ‘What music do you listen to?’. It was exhausting. After dinner the small talk continued as Brendon took me out for ice cream and continued still on our way back to the house. He put out good effort, I give him that, and it was a nice date – but ‘nice’ wasn’t the kind of date a girl looked forward to.

“Tonight was nice,” I said with a smile as he walked me to the door.
Brendon smiled in returned and laughed, “11:58, right on time.”
As Brendon nervously fidgeted with his watch – oh the awkwardness of the end of the night – I could see a few people playing video games through the curtain. I recognized one of the shadows as Spencer and one as Jon but the third – which was staring me down intently, I could only picture as Ryan. Wanting to snub him off a bit I turned my attention back to my date and smiled, “Good night Brendon,” I spoke softly and pulled him to me for a kiss – right in front of the window of course.

“N-night,” He stammered out, I assumed he wasn’t used to a girl making the first move. I waited, leaning against the doorframe, for Brendon to drive away before I went into the house. I plastered a grin on my face and began to walk straight to my room when Spence paused the game and cleared his throat.

“And how was your night?” Jon asked while all three of them gave me the big brother stare down.

“Very nice,” I said honestly, “How was yours?” I asked in retort. The three boys shrugged their shoulders and I walked away.

In my room I flipped open my laptop to send an email to my mom when my alerts on Facebook went off. Thinking it was just another stupid thing from an application I clicked on it and was not prepared for what I saw. It was a relationship request from Brendon. “Would you like to confirm your relationship with Brendon?” I muttered out loud. The two buttons on the screen stared at me with a sense of impatience “Confirm,” I said as my mouse hovered over the button, “Or Ignore?” I flicked the mouse left and right and decided to flip a coin. I snatched a penny from the dresser and sighed. “Heads, Confirm – Tails, Ignore.” I took a deep breath and flipped the coin up into the air and let it fall onto the ground and come to a stop. Hesitantly I looked down at the copper fortune cookie and shrugged, “Guess it’s yes.”

Spence was quiet the next morning on the way to school. Usually we spoke or joked around or jammed to music but it was silent in the car. “What’s up Spence?” I asked and he shook his head as if coming out of a coma.

“Huh? Nothing. It’s just that I didn’t see it,” he said with a smile.

“See what?” I asked confused for a moment.

“You and Brendon, I must have just missed it. But this is great! Brendon’s a good guy, it’ll be nice for him to have a girlfriend again,” he said and gave me a cousinly punch on the arm.

I smiled politely and turned my attention to staring out of the window. Oh it was going to be a long, long day.
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