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VS Dirk!

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Chapter 4: Cynthia's POV

I started to not care about Steven anymore. It was Friday and I looked at my emails, one of them said: “Would you like to be the Champion of the Pokemon League?”

I was in shock, how did they know that?! “No... am I dreaming?” I rubbed my eyes. Nope. I was NOT dreaming. “I'm not... dreaming?” I stuttered. I decided to reply to the email:

“Yes... I would love to... but my Pokemon are not strong enough...”

I waited happily for a reply. “Hmm... what now?” I tapped my fingers. I looked over at Crina, she was fast asleep. I sighed happily at her. I got to see where Flint was, and to ask him if she could babysit her. I wanted to go outside to see the meteorites in the Veilstone park. He said yes, and all of my Pokemon followed me outside and walked to the meteorites. I was used to Celestic Town, it was so small, but sadly, we moved to Veilstone. It was okay, just a little bit large.

“Wow...,” I said while walking up to them. “They are so interesting...”

Suddenly, a person in an odd suit appeared. “I see you like them... no?” He said, his voice was deep and cracky.

“Umm... yeah,” I hesitated.

“Prepare to be defeated!” He chucked a poke ball and let out a Weavile.

“Interesting... never battled one before. Go Riolu!” Riolu stepped in front of me and glared at the Weavile.

“Go first, little lady.”

“Riolu, use High Jump Kick!” I commanded.

“Interesting... it knows that?” He smirked. Weavile jumped out of the way and used Poison Jab. It nearly poisoned Riolu. Riolu was knocked to the ground.

“Riolu, no!” I growled. She started to glow.

“Eh? Is it evolving?” He blinked.

“She is...,” I mumbled.

“Luu!!” She punched his Weavile really hard and it fainted.

“Well done, return.” He returned Weavile and let out a Honchkrow.

I growled at him. “Go Gible!” Gible walked in front of me. “You go first.”

“Alright,” he chuckled. “Use Aerial Ace!”

“Use Dragon Claw!” Honchkrow flew into her, but her claws slashed Honchkrow before it could touch her.

“Now, use Roar!” I commanded. She used it and Honchkrow went flying into the man, knocking him down. She, too, started to glow.

“Gabite!” She smiled.

“You will pay for this! Some other time!” He snapped his fingers and disappeared in a flurry of Golbat.

“That was odd...”




“Let’s go home, I’m really sleepy...,” I yawned and we all walked home.



Dirk is the man (he is Cyrus's brother), he seemed to have jumped her. And he's the one that sent the email, to see if she could defeat him or not. Also, it was before Cyrus started Team Galactic. Dirk disappeared after he started TG.
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