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Cynthia VS Aaron!

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Chapter 21

“Lucian has been acting odd lately,” I mumbled, reading the newspaper. Nothing interesting was happening, since we have no TV yet, I thought I would read it so I can get an idea about the weather. Lately, it has been mostly sleeting and raining. Then again, it is March. “I must admit, snow in February was odd…”

I hated talking to myself… I had no one to talk to. I sighed. (I guess my Pokemon count, I do not know. It is not as if they can talk back to me).

I then had an idea! What if I just approached him and ask him something? I wonder if it would hurt to do that. “Great,” I got off my bed and walked to the kitchen because I was starving to death and bored. “I wonder how we’re supposed to battle. There are only five of us…” I had the most ultimate, stupid idea ever. “I have an idea…,” I smirked. “GUYS…! Come in the kitchen please!!!” I called loudly. One by one, they finally made it to the kitchen.

“What is it…?!” Lucian had the weirdest look on his face. He must have been masturbating or something, judging by the look on his face. I backed away slowly. His face turned innocent. “Oh, sorry,” he blushed.

“Anyways… I had a plan on how we can battle each other. I hate to match up on types though… So I’ll battle Lucian and Flint, of course. Bertha and Aaron can battle each other, too. But really, it’s whatever you four would like.”

“What if we take turns… battling you maybe; I mean, you do look like the strongest of us,” Flint replied.

“Hmm,” I mumbled. “That sounds like a brilliant idea,” I grinned. They all agreed with him and me.

“Thank you,” we both replied. They welcome us.

“All right, let us go outside…!” I pointed out the door. They all nodded and we walked outside into the sunshine. It was unusually warm for April, in my opinion. I breathed in the nice, fresh air. “Let us begin… Aaron, you start!”

“Go, Combee,” he commanded and threw a poke ball to the ground. A cute little honeycomb-like bee thing with three heads and wings appeared. It melted my heart, it was so cute!

I wonder what he’s planning on doing. Maybe it’s about to evolve, it does look like a female to me,” I thought. “Go, Riri, use Close Combat!” I commanded. Riri grunted and run up to her, kicking and punching her (supposedly).

“Quick, Combee, use Air Cutter!” He smirked.

“Not so fast,” I smirked back. “Riri, use Extremespeed while using Metal Claw,” I grinned. Riri grunted happily. She ran around in a circle with the metallic spikes on her hands turned into claws. I grinned again as the Combee was literally torn up by Riri. I thought it had fainted. It flew back up into the air and it started to glow. Aaron was in utter shock. Perfect: it has a double weakness to rock now. “Stone Edge, now Riri!” I commanded. Her eyes turned a bright blue and stones surrounded her. Vespiquen tried to avoid the stones but Riri was able to control the rocks using her aura. Vespiquen fainted.

“All right Cynthia!” Lucian hollered. “Woohoo, go Cynthia!”

“Go Little Sis!” Flint grinned brightly.

Aaron and Bertha were in utter shock. Aaron shuddered like crazy – as if in utter disbelief. “N-no way…,” his eyes were as wide as saucers. “All right, go Mothim!” He threw a poke ball and out came a predominantly brown moth with orange and yellow wings. “Mothim, use Camouflage!” He commanded. That was a smart move right there.

“Riri, Ice Punch,” I simply commanded. Riri’s fists turned into white and blue glass-looking ice. She growled and punched Mothim, but it didn’t seem too effected by it like I thought it would. I would have to figure out what type it is soon, before it defeats her.

“Silver Wind, Mothim,” he commanded with some ferocity in his voice. I think he was slightly angry. Mothim quickly fluttered its wings and a silvery powder blew into Riri’s face. She grunted slightly, using Dig to get out of the way.

I used this to my advantage. “Riri, use Poison Jab while jumping out of the hole!” I smirked. Mothim and Aaron looked confused. They could never figure out where she would be, but I could tell. Experience tells me that she is right underneath Mothim. “NOW!!!” I yelled. She roared out of the hole and jabbed the Mothim about a million times, it seemed. “Finish it with Blaze Kick!” Her leg began to become fiery and kicked the Mothim and it fainted.

Aaron was silent… he had nothing to say… I think he was scared of me. I only had used one Pokemon and he had used two. I don’t think he could ever defeat me – only when pigs fly. “Return Mothim…,” he said solemnly. “Go Drapion,” he weakly spoke.

“Riri,” I smirked. “Use Dig, please.” Riri growled and dug a hole underground.

“I don’t think so either,” he grinned. “Drapion, use Brick Break!” His voice seemed to be a lot peppier than before. Drapion’s huge arms swung at the ground, causing the whole earth to break a part, sending Riri flying into the air. She fell to the ground and fainted.

“Great job, return,” I grinned and Riri walked back over to me, so she could watch. “Try your luck on this!” I threw a poke ball to the ground and out came Gabby in her full glory. It was like she was shining in the sunlight. I had recently scrubbed off all of the dead scales off her, hence why she looked so beautiful. Everyone was a bit dazed at this. “Gabby, use Earthquake!”


Aaron’s POV

“Come on, Drapion, use an Ice Fang!” Drapion’s fangs turned a light blue and ice shot out of his fangs, it looked like lightning. Her Garchomp roared and flew out of the way.

“Gabby, Dragon Rush!” She smiled. Its whole body shined a bright blue, brighter than any sky. Drapion just stood there, not even moving out of the way. I think, if I’m not mistaken, it causes a person’s Pokémon to freeze up in fear. There probably wasn’t anything I could do except watch in horror. Drapion couldn’t take the attack at all… he fainted.

“Great job Gabby,” she praised her Garchomp. It walked up to her and nuzzled her. She rubbed her Lucario’s head and it growled happily. I wasn’t sure what to do… I used to be a crybaby, so I sniffled a little. I couldn’t believe I had lost. I must be the weakest trainer in the world it seemed like. Lucian and Flint walked up to me.

“Hey, it’s OK,” Lucian smiled at me.

“You’ll be all right,” Flint nodded. Bertha was busy talking to Cynthia. Flint walked over to Cynthia.


Cynthia’s POV

“Hey Cynthers,” Flint walked up to me. “When are we going to finish? I have a date in about an hour,” he grinned. I think I knew exactly who he was talking about.

“You have a date with Candice? Oh, all right then,” I smiled while replying. “How about we take a break guys? Flint has a date,” I nudged him. He looked flattered. “Aww hey, I was joking big bro.” He flicked my nose. “Ow… hey!” I sneered. “That kind of hurt.” He snickered.

“Yeah, I’m starving!” Lucian grinned. Him and his big appetite… it’s scary, really. He can eat two whole fishes, a huge bowl of ramen, a huge slice of apple pie, a whole bowl of ice cream, etc; I could go on and on…

“Lucian, you could eat a freaking horse if you want to,” I replied jokingly. “Anyways, Bertha said she wanted to battle me next. Flint, you go ahead on your date, have fun!” I grinned.

I somehow I knew Bertha would be stronger than Aaron…
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