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Kurai Hime [暗い 火王女]

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When Hinata wants to become stronger to protect those she loves, she runs. But, is that the only reason she ran? She comes back four years later totally different. Can one Uchiha help her find love...

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Hinata,Sasuke - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2009-10-04 - Updated: 2009-10-04 - 545 words

Sorry for my poor spelling. Enjoy ^^
Darkness. I may not seem like the kind of girl that likes the dark but...there are sids of me that no one has ever saw before. The side that loves all the blood that spills from my victums' body. The side that thinks of the most evil plots to kill everybody that ignores me and fails my demands. The side taking full control over my once sane mind.

Maybe that's why I'm running away from my village at about twelve midnight during a snow storm the day after my birthday. No body would have guessed that Hyuuga Hinata would be ecsaping from her spoilled castel full of loving Hyuuga clan members. As if. The Main House is a jail cell waiting for me to die so Hanabi or Neji could take over that rotting clan.

I gazed back to the window next to the one I jumped out of. "I wish you luck, Hanabi-Imoko." She's strong; she can take care of herself without her big sister fighting her battles for her. Tucking a long stran of dark indigo hair behind my ear, I contined to sprint across the sleeping village to the Main Gates where they will be waiting for me.

I traced my figures along my sharp fangs. They grew a half an inch last night. It didn't hurt that much. I took one last look at the calm city which I grew up in. All the memories with Hanabi, Ino and Sakura while having our annual 'Girls Night Out'. My teammates Kiba and Shino, protecting me like I was some kind of royal gem that was too good for anybody to look at in a wrong way. Kurenai-sensei helping me with a new justu after new justu untill I was ready for the Chunin Exams. The cheers of the few Hyuuga memebers who didn't give up hope on me. All of my memories flashed before my eyes as I untied my head band, kunai in my right hand. A scratchy sound echoed in my ears as the kunai slashed the medal plate of my head protecter.

"Ahh, there you are, Hinata-chan," A fimailar snake-like voice rang out.

After dropping my last bond to my home, I turned my iced-over eyes with my body to stare into the yellow eyes of Orochimaru. On his right, Uchiha Sasuke, a fellow tradior, was standing with a smirk and his pale arms crossed under his broad chest.

"Sasuke-kun, I'm presume you know Hinata-chan," Orochimaru said again, glacing over to Uchiha then back to me. Uchiha nodded while I growled, my fangs glistening in the full moon.

Orochimaru seem to notice them as I felt his ice cold hands grip my chin. I growled louder this time, and again showing off my fangs while my eyes glared at his smirking face. "It seems they've grown in already." He dropped his iron girp, still inspecting my face. "If she keeps devloping this fast, she might surpass you soon, Sasuke."

Uchiha glared at me. I smirked at him. "I will win, Uchiha. And when I do...I'll kill you," I said with an evil smile. Orochimaru looked over at us from his retreating back. Even he knows I'm not playing around.
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