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Finally, I'm alive!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2009/10/04 - Updated: 2009/10/05 - 15000 words


  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) rocker4lifeSAM 2009-10-05 12:49:18 AM

    oh my, im not gonna lie that was reaaaalllllyyyyyy long.
    but very good.
    cant wait for an update

    Author's response

    Ha ha yeah, I know :)
    Sorry if it caused your eyes to like..get stuck in one place XD

  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) MyFamousLastWords 2009-10-05 11:17:43 AM

    It was long but I like it! Freakishly they remind me of people I know! Dx

    Thanks for using my band!

    Looking forward for the next update or else I'll get a fucking portable camel toe.

    War out, F oxox.

    Author's response

    Ha ha your velcome! I am talking like ze Russian today :) Vell, anyvay.. LoL

    Now I'm done XD
    I really felt that your band would fit into the story the most, quite honestly. Man..this next chapter is gonna be killer, just like my weight training today!


    P.S. Camel. Toes. Are. BAD!
  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) IeroMyHeroMCR 2009-10-05 08:53:43 PM

    AH HA i'm alive too :) Gosh this was soooo long ... but but sooooo amazing! I love all their characters so much (Jermey... lol)!!!! I saw your email and i will reply!!!! But... it's like 1 here and i'm super uber tired great chapter and YOU BETTER UPDATE SOONER MISSSY!!!!! I think most of my stories kinda died cause of so much fucking school :(

    LUFF YOU!!!!!!

    Author's response

    Woo! I was waiting for you to read it :) I missed choo! But even more I missed writing so much. I'm taking a creative writing class, so my creativity should be up and running sooner or later XD

    Luff youuuu!

  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) Larka 2009-10-06 02:03:01 PM

    ok this is tomgirl567, my account wouldn't work! D: still!
    that was awesome! and long! i loved it! Mikey and Taylor would be cute together! :D i have to go my bus is coming! i know! it sucks! more plz!

    tomgirl567 :S

    Author's response

    Ha ha wow, that's a lot of !'s :)

    I'm glad you luffed it XD

  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) shehadtheworld12 2009-10-06 08:42:36 PM

    Ahaha that was long, amazing, and hilarious (: Good ole' ficwad xD

    Looking forward to the new chapter, and the new band. Taylor is so crazy! Hehe, I'm sort of like Maggie, I don't immaturity lol. Just luffs it!

    Yay you used my strangest-place-you-have-put-your-finger question, [btw I watched that interview after I reviewed the first time, Oh ze yes].

    Sushi! Well I just eat California Rolls, but still (:

    Peace and chicken grease.


    Author's response

    Immaturity is only funny up to a point, really. I try to stay on the line :)

    Thankies for reading, m'dear!

  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) doyleangel 2009-10-07 01:25:52 PM

    wow, great chapter. It was super long lol. I tend to read these and work in between stuff and it took me three days to finish lol.
    But still, great chapter. That interview was hilarious while having some seriousness to it.
    Also, I think Amy and Gerard totally need to hook up lol
    Mikey and Taylor too. I don't care if she's a lesbian

    Author's response

    Ha ha I think so too.. but I dunno, we shall see XD
    I've got a bunch of surprises for the next few chapters, so don't you worry about Taylor and Mikey ;)

  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) sickly_ill 2009-10-07 09:45:11 PM

    Shit, dude. That was the longest chapter I think I have ever read. But I liked it. Good you're back! I just updated too. It sucks and short, but more is to come. I've just been really bust with high school and stuff with the Drama Club and Production of the school's fall play called Picnic. I"m on costume design and set building for the play, and i'm in the DC. So I'm busy. Anyway, update soon!


    Author's response

    Yay! I was wondering when I'd see that wonderful name in here :) Ooh, you're very VERY busy, missy! LoL Sadly, I haven't been that busy... I just had MAJOR writers' block >.>

  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) -AnotherGuessWho- 2009-10-08 11:12:10 AM

    Ahhh, I loved that update! (: The interview had me laughing for a while xD Taylor and Mikey would make a cute couple and I wonder how it'll work out . .
    Keep up the awesome work xD

    Author's response

    Why thank you, miss!
    Now YOU have to hurry up and get betterrrrr!

  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) -AnotherGuessWho- 2009-10-09 11:21:31 AM

    Dude I just realised you're on Twitter?!
    I'ma totally gonna follow you xD
    I'm mizzmishmash btw (:
  • Caught Up In This Web

    (#) areyounormal 2009-11-10 03:58:37 AM

    That was amazing and funny. Even though it was long, it didn't feel long, if you know what I mean?

    Great plot device to use an interview to learn more about the band!

    Excellent! Sorry I was late reviewing.

    Sas x

    Author's response

    It's alright, Sass-O-Frass :)
    At least you read it, taking valuable time out of your busy schedule of singin and drumming and writing, eh?

    I luffers yewww!

    The next chapter should be up before December, if I'm lucky xD

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