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Chapter VI

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i looked at the house in front of me and took a deep breath. "well here we go..." i walked up and knocked on the door. all most immediately i heard a dog start barking which queued a baby to cry which set off a little girl to scream "mommy! mommy!" i wondered if i was at the right house when the door opened up.

"hello," said a very stressed looking woman with a baby in her arms and a child clinging to her legs.

"ummm, hi, is jon here?" i asked grabbing my hands. a nervous habit of mine.

"oh yes he is, he's up in his room, please come in," she said moving out of the doorway. "please make yourself comfortable while i go find jon," she said gesturing to the couch.

"thank you," i said taking a seat. almost instantly a chihuahua came out of no where and attcked my foot. "OH MY GOD!!" i screamed jumping up on to the couch.

"HAHAHAHA!" i turned around to see jon leaning against the wall for support from laughing so hard.

"shut up!" i said throwing a pillow at him.

"hey, hey, hey, no need to resort to violence," he said holding his hands up.

"well if you didn't laugh at me," i pouted.

"but you're scared of scooter," he pointed out.

"whatever, i wasn't scared. just... surprised."

"oh excuse me sir, my bad," jon said bowing.

"psssh... well should we go?" i asked.

"yeah!" he said looking excited. well now i know it's not a pity date or anything. he is actually looking forward to this.

"awesome let's go!" i said.

later that night...

is it cliche that our hands actually met in the popcorn bucket? even if it is is it weord i found it oddly sweet.

"that was the best date i have ever been on," said jon hugging me.

"r-r-really?" i asked.

"yes. it was the best." then he kissed me. i felt my cheeks flush and i started to stutter incoherently. "haha, spence, you are the best, and the cutest," jon said kissing me again.

best. moment. ever.

Brendon's POV

"ohmygod..." i said.

"you see what i'm seeing right bren?" asked ryan.

"are you seeing spencer and jon kissing?" i said.

"exactly what i'm seeing," he said.

"well spencer has some explaining to do..." i said.

ha, i'm so sorry i didn't get this up in time... forgive me, and forgive me for it being so short. i'm so sorry.
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