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So Fix Your Eyes And Get Up

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Mikey's POV. This is where the fun begins (:

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Mikey's POV

"So Gerard, what kind of direction do you think the new album is going to take the band?".

It was the day after we'd finished our tour. We were all on our bus, tucked into the living area couch at the back. I thought we were parked outside some random hotel, but I couldn't be sure. Burgundy had just left in a rush to pick up the support act for our next tour. Last night, there'd been a huge party to celebrate the end of the tour. We'd all been completely beat, with the exception of Frank. I swear that guy has sometimes got to be on something illegal to have any energy. But we'd had a quick interview scheduled with some local magazine before we left the area. We hadn't been told about it before she'd arrived, and most of us were barely dressed, and had bed hair.

Frank, who was sitting next to me, had fallen asleep on my shoulder. He'd stayed awake most of the night and was still completely dressed. But a few minutes after we'd sat down, he nestled into my side and started to snore. I was in my boxers and an old Iron Maiden shirt. My hair was fluffed up all over the place, and I looked like I hadn't got any sleep. I didn't even want to think about what Frank and I must've looked like to the outside world.

Ray was playing his Gameboy in the corner quietly. He looked wide awake, if a little bored. The fangirl just seemed to annoy him when she asked him a question about his guitars. She'd stayed away from him since then. I decided that she was probably afraid of his 'fro. She couldn't help staring at it in awe and horror a few times. Bob was sitting on Gee's other side, in some sweats, a shirt and beanie. He probably looked the most decent of us all, even though he was completely hungover and resting his head in his hands.

Our peppy little reporter, who barely seemed out of high school, didn't seem to notice any of us but Gee. She was all smiles as she shuffled closer to him on the couch. He hadn't bothered to get dressed, and was wearing his skeleton PJs. His hair was messed up all over the place, and some eyeliner from last night was smudged around his eyes. The reporter seemed to think he was some kind of god.

I groaned inwardly at her last question. Gee was relishing in the attention as to answered her, seeming to put some thought into his answer. The rest of us all knew he'd answered the question a dozen times. I shook my head and managed to catch Bob's eye. He'd glanced up, and looked a little irritated. He smirked and rolled his eyes. 'I hate fangirls', he mouthed. 'I hate her' I replied. Bob shrugged and mouthed 'Same difference'.

I chuckled and returned my attention to our little visiting fangirl. She was scribbling eagerly in a notepad, agreeing with whatever Gee was saying. It was strange to see her on our shady and messy bus. We'd pull the shutters down, thanks to the hangovers Bob and I were suffering from. Our interviewer was a small blonde girl, wearing a hot pink tank top and a pale pink mini. She stuck out like a sore thumb, and was incredibly obnoxious. I couldn't wait for her to leave.

Finally, she looked up and seemed content. "Well, thanks for that, guys. Can I have a quick photo for the article?" she asked cheerfully, and started to pull a camera out of her bag. I started to protest, Bob groaned and leant to hide behind Ray. Before we could disagree, we heard a click. Dang.

Gerard started to show her out, thanking her for visiting us and saying how much of a pleasure it'd been. What a manwhore, I thought. "Thank the lord that's over" Ray sighed with relief, and closed his Gameboy.

"I know, could she have been any more annoying?" I asked. Ray shrugged and Bob looked thoughtful.

"Her type should be fed to alligators.." Bob muttered. I laughed quietly and Ray grinned in agreement. Frank started to stir against my shoulder and yawned loudly. "Whaadamizz?" He mumbled incoherantly. "Again, in English, dude?" Ray requested.

Frank sat up and stretched. "Did. I. Miss. Anything?" he asked clearly as he rubbed his eyes.

"Apart from the psycho-fangirl's interview ending, no" Bob replied before standing up and wandering off. "I need more sleep, stupid fucking interview anyway.."

Ray nodded and started to make his way to the bunks. "Yeah, I'm making the most of this mini-break we're getting, even if it's on the bus" he announced.

Frank was curled up on the couch again, blinking his eyes shut again. I rested for a few moments, contemplating what I could do. Distantly, I could hear a coffee maker on. I was about to go and investigate when I heard the Ghostbusters theme playing loudly from the bunks. My phone.

"MIKES! ANSWER YOUR FUCKIN PHONE ALREADY!" Bob complained. I could hear Ray grunt in agreement as I raced to answer the call. I crashed into my bunk and grabbed my cell. Glancing at the caller ID, I could see that it was Burgundy calling.

"Oh, hey Burg! What's up?" I asked. If I had my times right, she should've just met Vampire Crush and would've been heading back already.

"This isn't Burgundy, dude" an unfamiliar woman's voice replied. In the background, I could hear some idle chatter.

"Umm . . who's this then?" I asked in confusion.

"It's Cait, Vampire Crush's bassist..umm.. Burgundy is kinda.. unconcious right now?" She sounded pretty nervous and unsure.

"WHAT?!" I shrieked in panic. Before the answer came, somebody ripped open my curtain and grabbed the phone. "Take it outside, dude!" Ray exclaimed, and started walking to the mini kitchen area. I wailed in protest and could hear Bob whining. Ray handed me my phone, and I flopped down into a chair at the table. "Hey? Sorry, what did you say?"

Cait sighed. "I punched her . .sorta. Long story. Anyway, we're stranded at the Starbucks outside the airport, with car keys and no idea what car hers is. Can you get somebody to pick us up?" she sounded a little resigned and helpless. I gulped; this probably wasn't going to end well.

"Em, well . . I think most of the techs and roadies are completely hungover . . so I guess one of us will have to come and pick you up, that okay?" I suggested the first idea that popped into my head. On reflection, it wasn't a very good one but it was all that I had.

"Yeah, sure.. can you hurry up? I don't think it's a good thing for Burgundy to be out cold for this long.." There was a note of displeased worry in her voice, but I didn't pay any attention to it. I was too busy taking in her words.

My forehead creased. I was worried about Burg, she was one of my closest friends on tour. "How long has she been out for?"

"About 10 minutes, maybe a little longer? I didn't even punch her that hard.." Cait said defensively.

"Yeah, I see what you mean.. okay, I'll see you in about 15. Just give us a chance to get dressed" I agreed before hanging up in a hurry.

"Who was that?" Gerard asked. He was sitting in the seat across from me, drinking coffee and looking curious. I hadn't noticed his arrival in my state of panic. I threw myself out of my chair and answered him as I rushed to my bunk to get dressed.

"One of the guys in Vampire Crush. She punched Burg and she's out cold. We're picking them up at Starbucks" I explained as I yanked on some jeans. Gerard laughed loudly.

"For real?! Wow, doesn't look like things will be dull with them around.." he sounded amused. "I'll get some clothes on, we can borrow a roadie's car"

I contemplated what Gerard had said as I pulled on some shoes. Ths tour certaining was starting to seem interesting. But whether it was a good or a bad thing, I didn't know.

Ahhh, I'm proud of myself for getting round to writing this (:
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