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Lycans and Vampires and Death. Oh My!

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Rachel gets taken to the castle.

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The chapter is longer. I think it's the longest one so far. Almsot freaked out yesterday cause my internet went on strike and so did my dad's mobile. But they've both statred working again...odd. I think they wanted to elope together and ran away for a bit, decided they missed us an came back. XD Thats my story and I'm sticking to it. :P

Rachel's P.O.V

No, no, no, no, no! This can't be real!!! Things like that just...they just don't all!!!.......Well except in movies but thats the brilliance of it. They're just movies. Nothing more. My whole body was shaking.

Were-wolves do not exist! I must be mistaken. Yes! Thats it! My eyes are playing tricks. I shut my eyes tight, rubbing them hard. Upon opening them I found the situation to be the exact same as it was.

It just can't, no, no! I refuse to belive.

My brain was reeling with everything that I had just saw. Thoughts rocketed and bounced around in my skull.

There were 3 people, 2 wolves and a dead body. I could feel the bile rise in my throat. I leaned over and threw up violently behind some trash cans. I feel to my knees. My stomach aching. The woman was next to me, standing over me, holding my hair and rubbing my back as yet more vomit came out. When I eventually stopped, she helped me stand up and handed me a tissue to wipe my mouth.
"Better?" she asked. I didn't say anything. I stared at her in fear and shock. She had blood dribbling down her chin. She noticed what I was gawping at. I blinked and it had gone. She hadn't seemed to have moved.

The taller guy hissed at her and she fliped him off without saying anything. I saw his jaw clench. She held onto my elbow gently, making sure I didn't fall over. I felt wobbly.

I looked around taking in my surrounding. The taller guy was holding the cute shorter guy back. The shorted guy looked terrified, he was struggling to get free.
"Lilz!" shouted the taller guy. Hold on! I've seen these two before. I've not seen the shorter guy though though. I had the same strange compulsion to walk over to him though and touch him. Make sure he's real. Just like I wanted to with the shadow. Even though I had no idea if she had anything to do with this, I still asked.
"Is the shorted guy the shadow I've been seeing?" I whispered. Even though he shouldn't have been able to hear me, the shorter guy blushed a deep red. The woman nodded.
"Lilz" growled the taller guy.
"Patience baby" she replied. The guy rolled his eyes, he seemed really impatient. I watched him with curiosity for a minute. He looked up at me, our eyes met. They looked black as coal. I shuddered and looked away quickly. I could see the woman shaking gently with
silent laughter.
"Could you look at me for a minute, please?" she asked. Her tone was serious but her face expressed amusment. I looked into her eyes. The seemed locked together. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't look away.
Oooohhhh pretty colou-

Frankie's P.O.V

Gerard eventually let go of me, after Lilli knocked Rachel out. She caught Rachel gently and picked her up bridal style. She walked over to us, carrying Rachel.

"What do we do know?" Lilli asked quietly. My answer came rushing out. My words getting tangles into the next.
"Wetakeherwithusandandandshecanlivewithmeandand" Gerard's hand clamped over my mouth, stopping me from talking.
Gerard shook his head.
"Hell no" he growled.
"If anyone found out, namely the Elders, what would happen to us?" His eyes lingerd on Lilli when he said 'us'.
"We would be destroyed, naturally. But I still think he's right" Lilli said matter of factly.
"What?" asked Gerard in disbelief.
"You can't deny it Gerard. There is something odd about this girl, in a good way though. I'm willing to risk my life for her. To give Frank the chance of having true happiness with her. They're drawn to each other. You can't tell me you don't see it" She said defiantly. Looking Gerard directly in the eye. Apart from the Elders he was the highest up on the boss scale. Everyone listened to him. No one defied him. But she did, from day one they hated each other. To the point that they actually fought each other. She's still got the scars on her leg from where his fangs dug in to her skin. If he wanted to he could destroy her in an instant.
Gerard shook his head, refusing to beilieve what he had said.
"No. I will not allow y-"
"Allow me?" she cut across him.
"I do as I please as you damn well know. You can scare and control everyone else in our clan but you will not have control over me" she spat. They didn't fight often but when they did it was usually big. He satred at her, not knowing what to say. He could try and control her, making things worse. Or he could give in and help us.
"Fine" he hissed. "Don't expect me to be part of it. Get your self killed for all I care" He turned around, picked up the Lycans and left. The darkness of the alleyway swallowed him quickly. She handed Rachel to me.
"Congratulations" she sniggered. Her eyes brimmed with black tears. She quickly brushed them away.
"I'm fine" she said firmly before turning around and into the alleyway. I followed her, holding a un-consious Rachel.

The darkness swallowed us quickly and as if on que. Gerard stepped out of a doorway, blocking our path.
"Lilz" he began. She didnt flinch just stepped around him and kept on walking. He turned around quickly chasing after her.
"Lilli?" he asked quickly. She gave no indication she had heard him.
"Lilli-anna?" she whispered. This time she stopped and turned around. Gerard just stopping in time to avoid bumping into her.
"Yes?" she asked coldly.
"I'm so-"
Lilli cut across him.
"No your not. I don't want to hear it. And if it's okay with you, oh fearless leader, I'm going to go die now. For all you care" she spat at him. She turned on her heel and began walking awya again. Quicker than before. His eyes flashed with fury.
"Lilli-anna Maria Elizabeth Way!" he screamed. She froze on the spot. Turning around, her eyes burning bright red. Did I mention the changed colour with her emotions? Weird huh?
"Don't you ever, Gerard Arthur Way, use my full name again. And incase you ever feel the urge to again you should know that it's Mrs Lilli-anna Maria Elizabeth Way to you" Her voice was barely above a whisper, it dripped with venom, almost literally. Hey eye swere blakc and her fange had grown. the sign that were going to attack. We don't normally have fangs only when we are feeding or attacking, which I suppose is essentially the same thing.

I let out an innvoluntary giggle. They both turned to glare at me.
"Yes?" they both said.
I giggled again. "Oh nothing...its just that this is exactly how you two were when Lilli joined this life. I do believe it is more or less the exact same words she said before you began fighting and then made out for the first time" I began laughing again, harder this time.
Gerard rolled his eyes. Lilli giggled a little. Her eyes were back to electric blue, the colour they were when she wasn't showing her emotion in them and her fangs were still there but only slightly.
"Still doesn't take back what you said though" she said flatly. In one swift movement Gerard had taken hold of her arm and rolled up the sleeve of her hoodie. He brought his lips to her skin and his lips brushed it gently. Lilli hissed, on her arm was a mark were his fangs had nipped her skin. When you truley love someon the mark doesn't fade. Until you stop careing about them. Lilli looked down at the mark skeptically and Gerard watched her face the entire time. The mark stayed where it was, as white and as fresh looking as it was when he had made it. An hour had passed and the mark still hadn't faded. Time passes quickly for us. I guess thats what happens when it's endless. Gerard hugged her against his chest. Her head tucked under his chin.
"Do you forgive me?" he asked. Gerard rarley showed his fear but it was evident in his voice that he really was afraid that he'd lost her. I felt sick, embarassed and happy all at the same time. Sick because well that was really soppy. Embarassed because...well...I feel as though I've intruded on there little moment. And happy because they had made up. At least I think they have. Well...there now making out like horny teenagers. I cleared my throat, alerting them to the fact I'm standing right here! They pulled away from each other. Gerard smirked at me and Lilli just smiled sheepishly. I rolled my eyes at them. Gerard got the Lycans he had dumped in a trash can and we began to hurry back. They would be waking up soon.

We walked back in silence. I was just about dancing with excitment. I'd never been this close to Rachel before. Gerard opened the sewer. Lilli jumped down first. Her purple hair flying about wildly. I let Gerard go first. No human ears would be able o pick up the quiet thud of his landing. I took a step back making sure they couldn't see me. I lowered my head, leaning in to kiss her pale pink lips. I was almost there, I could feel her cool breath wash across my face.
"Frank! Get your cute little ass down here now!" shouted Lilli.
"Hey" whinned Gee.
"What?" came Lilli's "innocent" reply. I rolled my eyes. Only made up 5 minutes and it as though none of that happened. I could practically see them mock glare at each other. 3...2...1... Right on que Lilly giggled.
"Here I come guys!" I shouted down.
"About time" came Gee's mumbled reply. I rolled my eyes again.

Although eveything seems light-hearted now, if the Elders of Monroeville ever find out, it's death to us all.

The middle bit went completely different and longer then how I had it written down. Lol. Hopefully it doesn't suck. And yeah I know Lilli's a bit of a Mary-sue but I'm trying hard to make her seem less like one.
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