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Mikey's reaction

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I know it says Third POV, but this chapter is mostly in Mikey's POV, as will the next one be (most likely) though it'll switch back and forth between Gerard, Mikey, and Frank some times. :)
- - - - - - - - - -

"Mikey, I said I was sorry!" Gerard yelled at his brother, who was storming up the stairs. He'd been trying to explain to Mikey about him and Frank.

"Fuck you!" he screamed back. He slammed his bedroom door shut, locked it, and curled up on his bed. He was crying, though he didn't really know why. No, that's not true. He knew why. It was all Gerard's fault, he told himself. He didn't want to believe that what Gerard had said about him and Frank was true. He just couldn't. But somehow, he did. And that's what made him angry. He screamed into his pillows and kicked out at nothing. He knew he was acting immature, but he didn't really care at the moment. It was all he could do without physically hurting Gerard.

"Mikes, open the door," Gerard said, his voice muffled and pleading. Mikey screamed again and this time managed to kick himself onto the floor, where he lay sniffling and sobbing and silently cursing his older brother.

"Go away!" he cried, pulling a pillow off of the bed. He bit into it, savoring the pain he felt in his teeth as they gnashed together, unintentionally tearing a gigantic hole through the fabric. He groaned and threw the pillow across the room, spitting out tiny feathers. Leave it to him, a boy of fifteen, to bite into a down pillow. He lay there, on his hard-wood floor, gathering his loose emotions and shoving them back into the bottle where they were kept. He rolled onto his back, staring up at his recently painted black ceiling. It had taken him for forever to talk their parents into it. They argued that black was too dark a color, and that it would look weird compared to the rest of the house, which was painted white. Except for Gerard's basement, of course. The only colors down there were brown for the hard-wood floor above his head and the bricks around him. Sighing, he sat up. He could tell by the shadow beneath the door that Gerard was still standing outside it, waiting for him to open it.

"Mikey?" he asked timidly. With a start he realised that his older brother was crying, and for a fraction of a second he felt bad. He cleared his throat and stood up, then opened the door. Gerard threw his arms around his younger brother, hugging him tightly. Mikey hugged him back, if only to get him to release his grip. "I was so worried, Mikes," he whispered, and Mikey asked why. "Because I thought you hated me." This made Mikey feel guilty. He had hated Gerard, but only because he'd thought he was lying to him. They separated and Mikey shook his head.

"I could never hate you, Gee. Grandma would kill me." Gerard chuckled, wiping away a stray tear.

"So.. you forgive me? For what I said earlier?" Mikey nodded, even though he hadn't really gotten over the little fact that his big brother and his best friend were dating. It wasn't because he thought it was disgusting. It was just too much to grasp at that exact moment in time. Never mind about how Bert would react when Gerard broke up with him. Mikey got the feeling it would be violent.

"Yeah, I guess. Erm.. Is he coming over today?"

"Only if you want him too. Like I said, Mikes, we're not going to be all over each other all the time. I've got more respect than that." Mikey nodded. He knew Gerard would be true to his word and only show Frank affection when they were in the privacy of his room. It was the way the Way brothers were raised, and nothing would ever get in the way of that. Their Grandma would absolutely beat them to death. Okay, maybe not to death.. but you get the general point.

"I guess it's okay.." he said slowly. Gerard smiled and hugged him once again before trotting down the stairs two at a time.

"I love you, bro!" he called up, dialing Frank's number. Mikey didn't understand why he didn't just walk next door and get him. Frowning slightly, he turned around and walked back into his bathroom. Yes, he had his very own bathroom. It was connected to his room, just like Gerard's was. The Way family lived in one of the biggest houses on the block. It didn't mean they were rich or anything, just that they came from a very wealthy family. Nobody ever seemed to understand that part.

Downstairs, Mikey could hear Gerard talking enthusiastically to Frank, his voice ocassionally getting high pitched over something Frank said. He rolled his eyes and stared angrilly at himself in the mirror.

"Michael James Way, you will be nice. You will not make fun of Gerard and his gayness. Er, biness, whatever. You are a nice person, no matter how bratty you seem. You love your brother. You love your best friend. You will not make any gay jokes, so help me God," he muttered to himself. He repeated this a couple more times until he felt a little better, and then jumped into the shower.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Downstairs, Gerard was scurrying around the living room, tidying up. He didn't know why he even bothered -Frank already knew that the Way household was always messy. And Frank didn't care. His house was by far the messiest on the block. Well.. unless you counted Mr. Eldena across the way, who was a major pack rat and collected everything in sight.

He heard his brother running the water upstairs, and debated whether or not he actually wanted to take a semi-cold shower. Would Frank really care if he smelled a bit dirty? The answer was no, but Gerard did, and so he threw the remaining trash into the garage where it would be taken out later, no doubt by Mikey. He wrote a quick note telling Frank where he was and taped it on the outside of the front door, so that Frank knew to come in anyway. Then he ran downstairs and proceeded to clean his dirty self.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mikey heard the cold water before it hit him -if that was even possible. He braced himself for it, scrubbing his ear-length hair as fast as he could. He only endured a minute or so of the freezing water before shutting off the shower. It was a good thing he had the bathroom fan on. It helped warm the room up a little bit.

He climbed out and wrapped a towel around his skinny waist, and q-tipped his ears out, somewhat brutally. He wasn't what you'd call a clean freak, giving the state of his room at the moment, but he was a bit obsessive with his hygiene. It just couldn't be helped; his being friends with Frank, who didn't really care what he looked or smelled like (as long as it wasn't like anything dead) took a toll on him. A big toll. (But I'm not going to get into it at the moment.)

Ignoring the obvious signs that someone else was in the house, Mikey walked downstairs and into the kitchen, his intentions to get a nice, hot, cup of coffee. It was only when he heard someone cough that he spun around, his hand instinctively moving to cover his privates. When he saw it was just Frank, he moved his hand and turned around, pouring a little bit of creamer into his coffee cup. "Hey Frank," he mumbled. Frank smiled and walked over to him, hopping up on the counter so he could look at him.

"Hey buddy. Erm, did Gerard tell you yet?" he asked innocently, as if he was afraid Mikey would get all offended and yell at him. Mikey nodded. "Oh. Well erm, I just wanted to say that-"

"I don't really want to talk about it," Mikey whispered, just loud enough to stop Frank mid-sentence. Frank frowned slightly, then nodded his understanding.

"Okay. I'm sorry I brought it up." Mikey didn't say anything, just poured the coffee into his mug.

"He's downstairs, in case you're wondering."

"Oh I know." When Mikey glanced up at him, Frank added, "He left a note on the front door. I considered going down and scaring him, but-"



"I don't want to hear about it." Frank frowned again. Mikey glanced up and saw the frown on his face, and took a sip of his drink. "I'm sorry, it's just.. I'm still trying to get used to the two of you. I don't want to prentend I'm okay with it, because honestly I'm not. But maybe I will be one day. Just not today." Frank nodded and crossed his arms, and Mikey walked back upstairs. He'd been keeping his emotions bottled in as tightly as possible, because he didn't want to snap. If he did, Frank would most likely take it personally. That's just how Frank was, no matter how laid back he seemed all the time. And then Gerard would certainly find out and beat his ass, but playfully. It didn't really matter -Mikey was a bit on the fragile side.

He closed his door softly and locked it. He didn't want anyone to walk in, and he knew that Gerard and Frank wouldn't knock to warn him if they were going to come up. He let his towel slip off and laid down on his bed, thinking. I don't want to be here. I really don't, he thought. But what would I do if I went out? I can't go over to Ray's, he's out of town. Definitely not Bob's. Fuck, what do I do? Groaning, he downed the rest of his drink and stood up, walked over to this closet, and pulled out a somewhat clean pair of jeans. He tossed them on his bed and proceeded to pull out a Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt and a pair of boxers. Still undressed, he walked into his bathroom and combed through his hair. Biting his lip, he examined his face up close. Oh, God.. He had what looked like the beginning of a zit on the end of his nose. Growling softly, he got rid of it. Er, sort of. It didn't really work, to be honest. He only succeeded in making his nose red.

"Mikey!" Gerard yelled through the door.


"Do you wanna come to the movies with me and Frank?" He thought about it.

"Um, that depends. What's playing?"

"We're gonna go watch that Twilight movie, the one that just came out." Mikey made a face. That movie was so gay! All the girls at school were talking about it, and quite frankly, no, he did not want to go watch it. But.. there wasn't really anything else to do. So he shrugged, even though they couldn't see him, and said he'd be out in a minute. "Alright, but don't take too long, okay?" Mikey told his brother to shut up, and then asked if they were driving. No, he said. They were going to walk. Mikey groaned and threw on his clothes.

Okay, I know that was probably a really crappy ending, but I'm trying to write short chapters (plus I have to leave) as opposed to my long over-three-thousand-words chapters I usually write on my other account. So.. readreviewandrate por favor? I promise to write more soon.
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