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And Sweet Avalanche

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Concert time!!!

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"No you have to believe us. Vicky! Why else would I be covered in mashed potatoes? VICKY!" But she was already gone down the hall. Gabe didn't know what else to do. Vicky was mad at him for blaming innocent girls for his uncleanliness. The sad part is, it really did happen that way.

"Dude, Ry, who were those girls? They cause more trouble than we do." Gabe questioned in astonishment.

"I don't know man, they were gone before I could ask for a name."


"Ready Pash?" Ezra asked, practically screaming over the crowd of people while clinging on to the arms of both girls.

"Ready!" Pasha screamed back and the 3 girls pushed and fought their way to the front of the stage. They wanted a good look at the people they were about to hear.

Hey Monday was on stage first. None of the girls knew who the band was but after they finished their set Darcie knew she would be buying the CD. Next up was Metro Station. Everyone knew who they were. I mean come on it's Miley Cyrus's and Mitchel Musso's brothers. How could you mistake them in a band? Then it was Cobra Starship. The first thing Gabe said in front of everyone at the concert went something like this...

"If the girls that pelted us with food are here, could you please explain to Vicky that it wasn't just us messing around? She thinks I'm lying!" Gabe had this really cute pouty face played out on his lips and Darcie couldn't resist him.

"It was us!" The three girls stepped as far forward as they could and held up their hands. "Sorry for getting you in trouble. We had no idea you were gonna be here. Sorry to say this but, we barely even know who you are, well until now." Ezra was her usual sweet self as she explained this to Gabe.

"I told you Vicky." He whined, then turned back to the girls. "I wanna talk to you after the show. Please, we'll find you." And with that he started their first song and after a while finished with their last. Darcie, was getting antsy.

"I need to do something..." she paused with a look of pure mischief on her face. "Let's sneak backstage! I mean, it should be pretty easy, right? Three gorgeous girls, what could go wrong?"

"Umm oh I don't know, getting caught!?" Pasha replied.

"That shouldn't be a problem with your looks. The security guard would only be obliged to assist you backstage." Ezra said as she batted her eyelashes at Pasha who, of course, was pulled into action. As All Time Low performed, the girls snuck their way to the side of the stage and started plotting their entrance.


R&R please I need some ideas. Do they get in successfully or do they get caught? Please help me out here. I'm at a block.
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