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Chapter two

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Its been fifteen minutes since I came into this classroom, and already Mrs Smith was yelling at me.

"Lauren Idol, you are in this classroom to work, not draw on your notebook!"

Why can't she just leave me alone, she knows however hard she tries, she has never gotten one piece of work from me, and I'm not about to start now.

"Excuse me, are you listening?" asked Mrs Smith

"No, no I'm not, why am I suppose to be?" Shit! Now I'm really going to get detention! Nice work you dumbass!

"Alright then Miss Idol, if this is how you want to behave then you can come back after school today for detention. Oh don't look at me like that, you won't alone. No. Mr Iero here also has detention."

Mr Iero? Who was that? Not that I cared or anything.

"So we'll be detention together then huh?" asked a deep male voice. I could only guess that this was the Mr Iero, my stubborn History teacher was talking about.

"I guess so.'re 'Mr Iero' then?" Why am I addressing him like a teacher, he has a first name.

"Yeah, but you can call me Frank."

Frank. Frank. Frank? Wait a minute, Frank Iero? Oh my god, where did I know that name from? Frank Iero? Calm down Lauren, why don't you just ask him?

"Frank Iero? Why does that sound so familiar?"

"Oh erm...I'm actaully in your Math class, I'm after you in the register." He looked hurt, like I was suppose to know who he was or something.
So the rest of History was in silence.

After the bell had gone, I decided that I would apologise to Frank for not remembering who he was.

"Erm Frank?"

He looked round. "Yeah?"

"I'm really sorry, about before, about not knowing who you were and stuff..."

He looked at me for a moment. I hated it. I can't stand people looking at me.

"Don't worry about it." He went to turn away but turned back again, "Hey, do you want to sit with me and my friends at lunch today?" Why was he asking me that? Did he actaully want me to sit with him, or was he just trying to get past the awkward stage we had earlier? I couldn't sit with him, I had my own friends, not that they cared if I was with them or not. Still, I had to say no.

"Sure, I'd love to." What are you doing!? Why don't you ever listen to yourself?

"Cool, I'll wait for you after Math then, yeah?" He smiled. He was actually smiling at me. He did want me there.

"Yeah. Great." I smiled back. Oh my god I never smile. This day is getting weirder by the second.

I couldn't stop thinking through all of English, why Frank asked me to sit with him at lunch. Maybe it was a joke, and they weren't actaully going to let me sit with them.

Stop thinking that Lauren, why are you always seeing the bad stuff in things?

Why do I always talk to myself in my head? I'm going insane.
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