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Oh my god that film was so scary. I couldn't take my hands off Gerard during most of that film. And he had his arms around me, holding me because I was so scared.
I genuinely was scared, but I loved that I got to hold onto Gerard. He smelt gorgeous.

As we were walking home, this must of been about 11:30, Gerard pulled me back so he could just talk to me.
"I see you were pretty scared back there, huh?" Laughed Gerard. I loved his laugh. I could listen to him laugh all day.
"Yeah, it was pretty scary, I guess."
"What? You couldn't let go of me during the entire film, you were so scared!"
We laughed for a moment, but then his face turned serious, something I hadn't seen much since I met him.
"Erm, Lauren, I need to talk to you when we get back to our room, is that okay?"
"Yeah, actually, I need to talk to you too."
"Cool, I guess."
My heart was beating so fast at this point. Was he going to tell me he had feelings for me?
Oh come on Lauren, wake up, like that's ever going to happen!

Gerard P.O.V
During the movie, I loved that she was scared, mainly because I got to hold her, but she was holding me too, even if she was holding on for dear life.
On the way home, I told her I needed to talk to her. Now that I've said that, I have to tell her how I feel.

My P.O.V
When they got back, everyone said goodbye and went into their rooms. Mikey and Frank were talking about what might happen between Gerard and Lauren.
"They're gonna have sex!" Yelled Frank
"Is that all you ever think about Frank?"
"Er, yeah! Do you not know me at all Michael?"
Mikey rolled his eyes at him.
"I wonder was actaully is going to happen though. I mean they both said at they're going to tell each other how they both feel, but I don't know, I rekon that they won't say anything"
"That is going to happen. Come on, Gerard's never told a girl how he feels, he hasn't had a proper girlfriend since the sixth grade. I don't know about Lauren though. We don't know her well enough to know whether she's gonna back out or not."
After this they decided that they wanted to go to sleep. Which they did.

Meanwhile back in Gee and Lozzy's room...

"So, Gee, what did you want to talk to me about?" Lauren's heart couldn't beat any faster if it tried. She thought it was so loud, people in space to hear it. She was so nervous about what Gerard was going to say.
Gerard, on the otherhand, melted to the fact that Lauren called him Gee, he loved that, which made him love her more.
" see....erm...the thing is...erm...I really...errr...I" He has said it, there's no taking it back now. He can't say it was a joke, it would make him look stupid and it would make her look stupid, which he didn't want to do.

"Oh my"
"Anyway...erm...can we get passed this for a second and tell me...what you wanted to say?"
"Erm..yeah...well...actually he he...I you...too..."
They had both said it. Both were as red as a can possibly be.
They didn't know what to do next. Lauren was staring at her green conversers. Gerard was moving towards her and lifted her head up with his hand.
They both stared into eachothers eyes for a second. Then Gerard moved in closer until his lips were locked with hers. She pulled back after a few seconds, but went back again and they were kissing for what seemed like hours.
Both of there hands were entwined with eachothers.
Gerard then moved his hands to Lauren's waist and she put her arms around his neck.
Gerard moved him and Lauren to the wall behind them and slowly went towards the floor...

Gerard was now ontop of Lauren and had his hand put her top trying to undo her bra.
Lauren, was running her hands through his hair and moved them down to take off Gerard's top.
Gerard picked Lauren up and, still with their lips locked, carried her over to the bed.
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