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Lauren P.O.V Three weeks later
It's been three weeks since we went to New York. Three weeks since me and Gerard got together. Three weeks since we had sex for the first time.
Gerard has been acting really weird since that night at the club. I don't know why, and when I ask him what's wrong, he pushes me away. He won't tell me anything.
Alicia has been great, I've told her what's wrong, she tells me not to worry for now.
Alicia, Jamia, Krista, Katelyn and Lyn-z all live in New Jersey as well. Turns out we actaully go to the same school!
Alicia is now going out with Mikey. It's so cute. They make such a good couple.
Jamia and Frank are together. They've only been going out a week though.
Krista and Ray are also going out, they've been going out three days. I set them up! He he, go me!!!
And lastly, Katelyn and Bob are going out. They've been going out since that night at the club, same as Mikey and Alicia.
Lyn-z says she going out with someone, but she won't tell us who. I thought that was weird.
I don't like Lyn-z that much. She spends more time with Gerard than I do. But I trust him though. He would never hurt me.

Gerard P.O.V
I am a bad person.
I had a little too much to drink at the club, and I ended up making out with Lyn-z!
I never wanted to honestly I didn't! I never want to hurt Lauren, but since making out with Lyn-z, I've been going to her house when Lauren isn't staying over.
Yes we have had sex a few times. I feel so terrible. I love Lauren so so much. But Lyn-z is...different. I can't stop it, but I really want to. But if I do, Lyn-z might tell Lauren everything. And I really don't want that.
I have been acting differently around Lauren. When she asks I push her away. I don't blame her if she dumps me. Of course I will fight for her.

Lauren P.O.V
"Hey Alicia, can you come over, I feel pretty lonely."
"Sure, hey do you want me to bring the other girls?"
"Erm...can you just bring Jamia. I feel closer to you too than I do the others."
"Yeah of course, see in you in 10"
Yes Alicia only lived 10 minutes away by car. I can't belive I'd never seen her before.
Before she hung up the phone, I told her I'd meet her at the park instead.
First I needed to do something. A test.
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