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Chapter IX

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[eyelinerroxx has signed on]

[meowmixxy has signed on]

eyelinerroxx: yo jon

meowmixxy: hey.

eyelinerroxx: is spencer still upset?

meowmixxy: yeah :( i can't get him to leave his house.

meowmixxy: he stays holed up in there all the time.

eyelinerroxx: that's what brenny does too :( i'm worried.

meowmixxy: you know i was beginning to think that this wouldn't last but....

eyelinerroxx: i know. brendon's mad at spencer but he's really depressed about it too.

meowmixxy: spencer's not mad at brendon at all tho! he just doesn't want brendon to hate him.

eyelinerroxx: they need like an intervention...

meowmixxy: yeah..

eyelinerroxx: hey jon, i think i have an idea....


"brendon pleaseee!" i said.

"why?" he asked laying in his bad, with his pillow smothering his head.

"beacause i really want you too!" i said waiting on him to say something. "brendon... please? for me?"

"aarhhh... were are we going?"

"oh brennyboo thank you! i promise it's worth it." i said watching him get up and grab a hoodie. com'on jon, i've done my part now do yours...


"spencer hon, wake up," i said shaking him slightly.




"baby, pleeeease," i begged laying down next to him. he rolled over and snuggled next tome, his hair smelled like strawberries.

"only for you, and for you only," he said looking me in the eyes.

" i love you."

okay, i'm gonna leave you hanging there... evil? no, i just haven't thought farther than this.
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