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Gather 'round piggies and kiss this good-bye.

by bubbly-gum

How Gee and Lilli were transformed. And a suprise visitor causes panic.

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Another up-date, woo! And it is long over due, sorry. Lots of random stuff going on right now. But I think it's settled down now. Here's hopeing. Enjoi! xo

Gerard's p.O.V

Rachel or Rach as she now insisted we called her, has been here for 3 days now. Any normal human would have tried to escape by now. Or screamed or lashed out. Or something to that effect. But not this one. She doesn't ask questions, just sits and talks to Lilli and Frank quite the thing. Perfectly happy in our company. I've asked Lilz quite a few times if she has anything to do with it but she always denies it. I don't belive her though.
What the fuck is up with that!?!? How is it possible for Rach to be so fucking calm??? I for one refusee to talk to her. I am taking no part in this what so ever. I'll keep the secret and I'll act human in-front of her but anything more is where I draw the line. If they find out, they being the Elders, I will gladly hand over the girl without a moments hesitation. Frankie would hate me from now till the end of time. Lilz...I'm not sure actually. She would hate me for a while, definatley. We already have argued over this a few times. It would obviously become worse. But I honestly couldn't say wither she would never ever talk to me again. I really hope not but she is so stubborn. Too much for her own good.

I took the last drag from my cigarette. They don't actually do anything for me, never have done but they taste good. I sighed, feeling bored and neglected. Lilz looked up at me when I sighed. I gave her a small smile before standing up and getting my sketch pad and pencil. Lilz stuck her tongue out at me before going back to raiding our wardrobe. She was looking through it for some more clothes more Rachel. It has been too dangerous for us to leave here. The Lycans knew we had 2 prisoners of war and a kill. Our side had been interogating them but they've said nothing. So later on today Lilz was to try. Which I wasn't overly happy about but the Elders commanded it. No one can argue with them. They have an aura about them that demands silence, obedience and respect. Even humans can sense it, it's that strong.

My mind wandered back over the years and I began thinking of my vampire birth. An Elder created me. I was the head knight for the King at the time. I rode a great black stead. One day during battle I was brutally injured. Medicine was so poorly developed that I was deemed unfit for service and left to die. Cold, alone and scared shit-less. The moans of the dyeing and the wind whistling through the valley was all I could hear. When I heard a voice whisper in my ear asking me if I wanted to be saved. It would only cost me a few days pain. Then I would be completely cured. I was in too much pain to care. I quickly agreed not thinking there would be a catch involved. There was no one else here that it could be, most of the moans had stopped now. I was just one barley living body in a sea of the dead.

Eventually I saw who the voice belonged to. Well one of the three people now standing over me. They were talking quickly. One looked really old. His snowy white skin crinkled and creased with a thousand different lines. His eyes were a startling red colour and I began to feel that maybe death was better than what I was feeling about these people. The worst part was his lips were smeared with blood. I heard a giggle. I felt so scared. Never in my 27 years, at the time for I'm quite a bit older now, had I been so scared. I heard another giggle, it came from a woman. Who I later found was called Caprina. She defected to the Lycans and smashed Frank's heart into a million little splinters. There was another guy standing there next to her. He had short black hair and his eyes were a deep brown colour.
"Pay attention Frank! You too Caprina! This is how you transform someone" said the old looking guy. He blinked, his blood red eyes had turned pitch black. He grinned, showing off his 2 inch long, razor sharp fangs. I shrank back, eyes wide, heartbeat beating as thought it was going to burst out of my chest and run off. My breathing was erratic and my ribs protested at having to move slightly. I had heard many tales of vampires, never believing them though. They were just tales to scare little children into going to bed when they were told. I tried backing away. Which failed. He grabbed my leg and yanked me back towards him. I think my leg was broken, him yanking it made the already unvelieveable pain worse. I was biting my tongue trying not to scream. I could taste my own blood. I was biting too hard but I didn't care. My ribs ached and blood ran down my face. The vampire laughed and descended on me. His fangs easily piercing the delicate flesh of my neck. Fire ripped through my veins. I screamed a blood curdling scream. I passed out, the noise of my own scream and Caprina's and Frank's laughter rining in my ears. I stayed passed out for the whole thing, like everyone does but they feel it happening. I didn't. I never felt the pain which was described as being so bad not even screaming helps.

Hmmm...skip quite a few years and we get to my first encounter with Lilli-anna Maria Elizabeth Way or Lilli Merri Beth Bowen. She had shortened her own name. She hated it being so long. I smiled to myself as I remember the first day I saw her. She was only 17 when I met her. Striking blue eyes, long dirty blonde hair, pale skin and very skinny. Being a vampire fattened her till she was just the right weight for her height, 5'8. She was an orphan who had been abandoned by her father when she was very young. Her mother had died recently. She had a younger sister and being penniless they had to leave their house. Eventually she found work in a whore house along with her sister. I asked her once why she never went to a poor house. She told me the poor house was worse.

I know there was something about her. I never wanted to leave her but I had to. I was leader of the Vampire Army. Not through my own choice either. Front line fighting. Thats why I was chosen, for my leadership skills and fighting abilities. I hated it!

I could never stay away from Lilli-anna completely. I'd sneak in on her nights off and watch her sleep. Her younger sister was called Emmeline, who she shared a room with occaisionally. I tried to limit my visits as the Elders were becoming suspicious.

At the grand age of 24 Lilli-anna became one of us. I never inteneded to change her but I couldn't do nothing. One night when I came in as usual. Before I had even opened the door I knew or rather smelled something was wrong. Blood, and lots of it. I opened the door to find Emmeline dead. She had been stabbed several times. Her eyes were open, her face frozen in shock and fear, and her long straight blonde hair was matted with blood. I heard a heart-wrenching scream. A figure was standing over lilli-anna. One hand was clamped over her mouth, the other was holding onto a dagger, poised and ready to kill. Fear and rage froze me in place as I watched in slow motion as the figure brought the dagger down and stabbed her heart. She cried out, screaming and writhing in pain. Tears rolled down my face. Her hands were clutching at the dagger trying to remove it. The guy was laughing. Before he even had a chance to move, I ran over, grabbed his head and broke his neck. I let his body falled and kicked it aside so I could help Lilli. She was barely alive. She looked up at me, eyes streaming with tears and she looked terrified.
"Shhh" I cooed.She let out a strangled sob.
"This is going to hurt but it'll save you my love. I promise". The words were out my mouth before I had time to register what they really meant. I grasped the dagger and slowly pulled it out. Blood poured out my from the wound and I gently pressed against it, trying to stop the blood. Her skin looked waxy and I knew she could die at any minute.
"I'm sorry" I whispered before plunging my fangs directly into the weak pulse on her neck. Her blood was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted. She screamed once more before passing out, just like I had. I wrapped her up in the blanket, picked her up carefully and fled back to the old lair. The Lycans found it a few days later so we moved to where we are now. She never told me how bad the pain of transformation was. I'd ask her and she'd shake her head. I remember the first day, her screams echoing around the castle. She wouldn't stop. I tried being there but I couldn't stay. it tore me up to see her like that.

The Elders were mad at me of course. In fact mad isn't the word for it. But once they saw what she could do. Well I was spared...just.

When an Elder creates someone They are supposed to get powers beyond the normal realms of what some vampires have naturally. I didn't. I got some of their powerful aura. I was stronger than an average vampire. And my emotions were fucked up brecause the Elders barely feel and they passed some of that onto me. Thats why I seem so cold and remote most of the time.

It becomes weirder though because whn I changed Lilz, she got the powers. Her freaky eye thing as she calls it. Never in recorded vampire history has that happened.

She can read people's emotions, put people in trances or just control them depending on what she wnats them to do. Or just plain knock them out. Also if she's feeling a strong emotion the colour of her eyes change. In-voluntary ofcourse.

Weirder still it doesn't work on me. Ha! If she tries to control me it doesn't work. It feels like more a suggestion than was it Frank describes it?...Oh yeaj.
"A primal need to do whatever it is she want you to. Your body does it even if your brain is screaming something different. there is nothing you can do to stop it...It's fucking brilliant!"

I sighed again. Opening my eyes, even though I hadn't notice they were shut. I looked over at Rach and Lilz, they were locked in some girlie discussion, occaisionally giggling. It was like they were conspiring seeing as I would catch them glancing at me and more giggling would ensue. I flipped to a new page in my sketch book and began to draw the two of them. their foreheads together, grinning like maniacs.

Lilli-anna's P.O.V

I felt bad for controling Rach. Well not completely. I kept her calm, from escaping and from asking questions. I never made her trust us though. I let her build that up on her own.

Rach was slowly coming out of her shell. She told me she doesn't like Frank. I felt sorry for him cause I knew how much he loved her. It was hard on him being patient because he doesn't have much of it. I always saw how pissed off he was when I caught his eye. I saw the love and lust and happiness but also the pain and sadness. It felt worse because I couldn't help him. Gee keeps telling me to keep my nose out, that it is fuck all to do with me. He keeps telling me he hates her but I think deep deep deep down he does like her a little bit. Gerard is at least trying to make an effort to talk to her. I almost laughed at them though. Rachel is a puzzle to Gerard (he doesn't know I'm keeping her calm and whatever) and Gerard creeps Rachel out. It had to be one of the most awkward conversations ever. I smiled at the memory. Wondering how long it would take for Rachel to love Frank. How would we turn her without pissing off the Elders. If we can keep her a secret that long.

I left Rach raiding mine and Gee's wardrobe. Everynow and again she would give the odd giggle at what she had found.

Gee saw me walking over, he sat down his sketchbook and pencil down. He opened his arms and pulled me onto his lap. I sat with my legs over one arm-rest and my back resting on the other. I twirled a strand of Gerard's soft hair around my finger. I let it go and it flicked him on the nose. He pulled a face because of his hair tickling his nose and I giggled. I sighed happily and snuggled into his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and I flet his lips kiss my hair gently. I loved moments like these. We watched Rach holding stuff up and pursing her lips in thought. It was like we had a pet human.

Our door knocked loudly in a strange pattern. Only one person knocked like that. We both froze. Only one vampire knocked like that.
"Hide her, please" I mouthed, begging. He bit his lip, and for a moment I was convinced he was going to refuse. He nodded. I pecked his lips quickyl and ran to stand behind the door, waiting for Gee to hide her. Gerard whispered they had to hide for a bit and that she had to stay as quiet as humanly as possible. She looked terrified but nodded. Once I were sure they were hissedn, I plastered a smile on my face and opened the door.
To reveal...
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