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Chapter 2

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"brendon wake up!!"

"huh... whhaa?"

"brendon wake the fuck up, we're late for school," spencer said pushing me off the couch.

"did you ever go home last night?" i asked.

"nope, i crashed on your floor, kay with you? hope it is cause the deed is done," he said going through my clothes looking for something to wear.

"yeah, i don't care. FUUUUUUUUUCCK!" i said bolting up.


"i've got a test first period," i said smelling my shirt to see if i could wear it again.

"pssh well you can forget that shit," he said grabbing his bag.

"ugghh, let's go..."

i walked into the school and spencer had left me for his class. i might as well walk slow, i've got nothing to look foward to. i looked down to unwind my headphones from around my ipod and next i know i end up on the floor looking into the gorgeous eyes of ryan ross.


my day goes from worse to worse.
one, i woke up late.
two, i got screamed at for waking up late.
three, i got rammed head on by someone in the hallway.

the silver lining? it was brendon urie.

"oh man i'm sorry," he said after staring at me. "here let me help you up," he said grabbing my hand. my hand...

"it's, it's, it's okay," i said queitly.

"no," he said shaking his head, "it's not, i'm sorry i ran into you." i looked in his eyes and they were amazing.

"yes, it is," i said. what else could i say?

"you wanna ditch school with me?" he asked


oh my god! where did that come from? did that come out of my mouth?? just i asked ryan to ditch with me..

he.. he.. he really asked me to do something with him.. well say something you idiot! you don't want to screw this up like everything else in your life!

"yes, i'd love to," i said. he raised an eyebrow questioningly, i searched my brain for what i had said wrong, love? fuck...

"you look.... confused," he said.

"oh, no."

"well then," he beamed, "let's go!"

i didn't have time to write alot... it'd mean alot to me if you reviewed though ^^
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