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Chaoter 2 Brooke And Dash's Night In

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Dash has pulled babysitting duty and It's up to Brooke to make him wish he hadn't

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After five minutes of Max and Ruby Brooke had other plans as she curled her lip and started screaming again and Dash was already about to have a mental breakdown.
Dash(Screaming) Shut up you little brat I'm trying my absolute hardest here.
The screaming made Brooke cry even more as Dash left the room angrily looking through the phone book for a pizza parlor his girlfriend Lindsay Becket worked at.
Dash(Dialing the number) Come on Linds please don't hate me, for the love of God don't hate me.
Girl: Mario's Italian Village Lindsay speaking and how may I help you?
Dash: For starters you can tell me what you're wearing.
Lindsay(Smiling) Dash you're ten years old what do you care?
Dash: I've seen Violet do this plenty of times, but all right make me a pie with hamburger and pepperoni, motz, and lastly two 21 ounce bottles of Pepsi.
Lindsay: Great so I'm looking forward to our date tonight, what about you?
Dash: Uhhhhhhhhhh well I can't because I'm in charge of the new sister my ogre sister made, and she's not the movie going type as a newborn.
Lindsay: That's fine why don't I help you babysit?, I mean it could be fun just like a little girl we'll have someday.
Meanwhile Helen and Bob came home and saw scribbles of a seaside on their walls, their curtains broken, and a missing Brooke.
Helen: So who do we blame for this one Bob? The baby, the sitter, or the sister who turned him into a sitter?
Helen and Bob(Together) The sitter definitely the sitter.
Dash: Great so I'll see you when you get here Linds, I'll be the one with my hair pulled out.
Helen and Bob slammed open the kitchen door and cleared their throat angrily as Dash smiled innocently up at them.
Dash: Hey guys so how was your date?
Helen(Gritting her teeth and pointing at the curtains and walls) Ask- us- that- again- Dash- now- where- is your- client?
Dash: Ummmmmmmmm my guess is decorating the walls somewhere else.
Bob: Well our guess is you're grounded until you find her, and even then you have two weeks and any arguments will make it three.
Dash(Grumbling) Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man this is all Violets fault, I mean she's the one who left Brooke the human artist and homewrecker here.
Helen(Shoving flour into Dash's hands) Go find my daughter Dash or so help me God you're going to be a really unhappy camper.
Dash grumbled as he climbed the steps tossing flour over his head until he found footprints and heard giggling from the bathroom as Dash ran in and caught Brooke.
Dash: Come on you meany, little, bratty, newborn child, mom and dad are going to be great to me if I can get you back in one piece.
Brooke giggled as water seeped from the sink and overflowed in the hall as she raised her arms giggling like it was a game then stuck her tongue out at Dash.
Dash(Turning Brooke upside down) Look Shrimp you will apologize for what you did, I know you can't talk but now's a better time than any to learn.
Dash looked in his hands and saw no Brooke as he got red in the face and caught her on the shower curtain rung stretched out like Helen.
Dash(Grabbing Brooke) All right you little troublemaker time to get you into some serious trouble, mom and dad are going to bug when they see this.
Dash had no idea how things were going to go with Brooke as she flexed her fingers out and lightning struck him and he fell to the ground as she took off using Dash's powers given to her by Violet.
Dash: This is so not worth 10.00 an hour, I mean she's faster, stronger, cuter, and smarter than me.
Brooke was heard giggling from Dash's room as he picked a toy train up from Jack Jack's room looking to throw it at his bratty sister.
Dash: Here kiddie, kiddie, kiddie I have a present for you, you little brat.
Dash found Brooke in his room as a little lump under his covers giggling hoping not to be found as Dash snuck up on her and whacked her with the toy train and threw her in a pillowcase.
Dash: Take that devil munchkin, now who's the tough girl or guy in this house?
Brooke got angry and grew Bob's muscles as she ripped the pillowcase and slipped out waving as Dash angrily flipped the pillowcase over to see she ripped it.
Dash(Throwing the train at Brooke) Try that on for size, you may be able to stretch, grow muscles, run as fast as me, grow invisible, and shoot lightning, but you can't escape cuts.
The train hit Brooke as cuts surrounded her and blood was seeping from them until her skin formed over the cuts and the bleeding stopped and she stuck her tongue out at Dash again.
Dash: Boy she thought of everything didn't she?, now let's see what else you have for me.
Dash threw a knife at Brooke as a purple ball Dash knew as Violet's forcefield surrounded her and the knife bounced off Brooke to the floor as Helen ran up clutching Brooke in a hug.
Helen: Aww my sweet, sweet, sweet, sweetie pie are you all right?, Dash is mean isn't he I mean honestly throwing a knife at her Dash what were you thinking?
Brooke stuck her tongue out at Dash a third time as she snuggled Helen and Helen smiled leading Brooke to her baby food and Dash found a pizza box awaiting him with a very angry looking Lindsay.
Dash: All right in my defense none of this was my fault, the little munchkin has more powers than I know what to do with, and we have Violet to blame for that.
Brooke giggled at Helen's funny faces as strained peas were shoved into her mouth and she clapped her hands swallowing them.
Helen(Smiling) That's my big girl now open wide for another helping of strained peas munchkin.
Brooke opened wide as the spoon went into her mouth and Helen grinned forgetting how easy it was to feed Violet.
Helen: At this rate I'll have her bathed and ready for bed when Violet gets home from her date, then sissy and you are going to have a sleepover.
Brooke finished her peas and was still hungry and she saw Dash's pizza as her body stretched out of the high chair and she slithered like a snake up to the box grinning.
Lindsay: Honestly Dash throwing a toy train at her, the poor thing is probably crushed because of you?
Dash: Trust me she's not crushed, if she was I'd be a happy camper but apparently she can't be hurt thanks to Violet.
Lindsay(Giggling) Looks like the little tike wanted some pizza, let's see how she handles it shall we?
Brooke swallowed the pizza slice whole and burped due to the soda she stole from Dash's bottle and everybody awed as Brooke put her dimples on.
Helen: All right you little showstopper time for a bath, then we can get you changed for bed and wait for sissy to come home.
The front door slammed as Brooke bounced up and down like a rubber ball on Helen's palms and Violet walked in as Brooke's eyes lit up and Violet grinned evilly.
Violet(Looking down at Dash) I take it you and our newly acquired newborn sister had fun tonight?
Dash(Sarcastic) Ohh yea we had a blast, she got me grounded for three weeks, used all her powers on me and my pizza, and lastly she was a screaming psycho until mom and dad came home.
Violet(Slapping Brooke five) That's my girl, now he knows how it feels when I had to watch him and how he trained Jack Jack to do the same.
Dash: Yea well I hope you enjoyed your last date because I'm not taking care of the unruly munchkin again.
Violet(Smiling) Yea that'll be the day, see mom and dad trust you just like they trusted me when I was your age to watch her.
Dash: Please say I blew your trust tonight guys, I mean come on I was on the phone all night, I let her draw on the walls and ruin the curtains, what kind of trust is that?
Violet: The same trust they put in me.
Dash: But anybody else would have put little or no trust in me after tonight, what gives mom and dad?
Helen(Taking Brooke's coveralls, booties, shirt, and diaper off) What gives is we know how much you hate Brooke so now you've gained her as a job.
Violet: Yea and besides how could resist her angel face, I mean her dimples alone are enough to make you want to give her anything she wants.
Brooke looked at Dash and hissed like a cat as Dash gave Violet a I know she hates me look and Violet cackled following Helen to the tub for Brooke.
Helen: All right sweetie let's get you cleaned up all right?
Brooke was placed in the tub with suds surrounding her as she giggled and started splashing as Helen saw a mini Violet in Brooke.
Violet: It's really creepy how Jack Jack caught on to being me mom, I mean he doesn't even give himself a second thought anymore.
Helen: Well this is what you wanted for Dash, a girl who acted exactly like you did when you were a baby, a crankbutt, a cute little angel around parents and other adults, and a girl who learned her powers at an early age to boot.
Violet: Was I really this bad when I was a baby?
Helen(Nodding) We went through sitters like a tike goes through candy for you, I finally had to quit my job as a house realtor to stay home with you.
Brooke giggled popping sud after sud that floated above her head as Helen smiled at her.
Violet: it's really great to see Dash has to take full responsibility of her when you guys aren't home, it gives me time to have a life when he's stuck babysitting.
Helen(Grinning) Yea and he'll get the bags you had when you were stuck with him day in and day out crying his little heart out until dad got home to comfort him.
Violet: Not to mention how he trained Jack Jack in the art of torturing the babysitter, but now I can train Brooke in the same way he trained Jack Jack.
Helen: And with a fellow crankbutt on her side Dash doesn't stand a chance with Brooke.
Violet(Cackling like a witch) I know and now he has to deal with the neediest of all needy munchkins Brooke Analise Parr.
Helen and Violet calked as Brooke giggled splashing suds onto her tummy and laughing hysterically at them sticking there.
Violet: After this sweetie the fun can begin, I rented some videos for us, brought us some ice cream, hot fudge, and whipped cream, along with all my candy we are never going to sleep.
Helen: Can I join in the fun too?
Violet: I don't see why not, I mean she's never had a mama, and sissy night before has she?
Helen(Tickling Brookes armpits) Nope but she'll start having one tonight, and Dash will have a great time with a sleepy Brooke tomorrow, while you and I prom shop, and your dad goes to the office for the day.
Violet and Brooke giggled as Helen rinsed Brooke off and Violet and Helen closed their eyes as Brooke did the same and Violet put shampoo in her hair and rinsed it.
Helen: All right Vie go get her sleepover clothes and things, I'm going to dry her off and we can both get her dressed for bed then it's party time.
Violet ran off to get Brooke's supersuit for pajama's, Krenger for a stuffed animal, a diaper, and a nightgown that had Violet and Helen's face on it with matching slippers then ran back to the bathroom.
Helen: You're perfectly dry munchkin now let's get you dressed and then it's party ahoy.
Violet laid Brooke down ad powdered her butt then put a new diaper on her and Helen slipped the nightgown on as Violet slipped the slippers onto her and then stood her up with Krenger tucked neatly under her arms.
Helen: Well looks like we're ready for sleepover fun, just let me slip into my PJ's, you slip into yours, and then we can enjoy the night just the three of us.
Helen dashed off to get dressed as Violet led Brooke to her room where we see an entertainment system bigger than any entertainment system, a computer, a cell phone on the bedside table, and every gaming system imaginable.
Violet: Well it's not home but I like to think of it as a second home, now let me get changed and the party can begin with mommy here too.
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